Sunday, 14 October 2012

Wishy washy

hey gang,

sorry for the radio silence, failed a terror test on wed and didnt make it out to gregs for round two, but we'll play again this week hopefully. then real life kinda got in the way.
but its not all bad, ive managed to get a good chunk of lizo painting underway done this weekend, was up till 5am on sat painting lolol. got the cold ones on mag bases and a new movement tray, and put rubber metal sheets on the rus and tg. just waiting for the skinks skirmish trays to arrive and , and we're well on track.

been really impressed with the new shades too, was using old asurmen blue wash for the skinks, and the new nightshade (?) dark blue wash for anything russy, and the cold ones. much much much better coverage and depth with the new stuff. awesome.
just got the rus and another dozen skinks or so to go, and then onto phase 2 of painting yay lol.

other than that, been trying to get some more special guest posts, and also been thinking about army no 5. its between ok and vc at the mo, and despite the price difference and effort, kinda leaning towards vc at the mo. more on that soon.
anyway, stay tuned chaps, more updates this week


  1. i want to, but its gonna be waaaaaaay expensive compared to ok. got a fairly competitive & unusual list idea too