Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The empire strikes femur

whaaaaat up gang. hey 1209 views so far too! awesome!
so apparently, you cant post magnetic strips from nz to oz. stink. how did i order my gf9 mag bases back home then? fuckin' eggs.
anyway, heres the game vs gregs tks - with a brand spanking new paint job. we rolled a battleline. hes changed his list slightly, more horse archers, no death mask (phew), added a casket (eek), more archers, and different lord build - glittering scales + fencers blades i think. in fact, ill even go through deployment for once!

so on gregs side, l2r, 10 horse archers in my dz, 10 archers, 20 archers with l4, kitty, 7 chariots with +1m banner & lord, nother kitty, 3 chariots, casket in the forest, more horse archers, and 3 stalkers beneath the dirt.
my deployment l2r was icks with lord and wp, cannons, handgunners with l1, archer det, halberds with wp, bsb and l4, h/b and engineer, g/s with wp, and 5 archer det. like so:

greg sets up and goes first. this photo is after my t1. he manages 2/3 of one cannon crew with shooting, desert winds his chariots up a bit. i stop light of death.
my turn the archers nab a couple horse archers, one cannon nicks a couple wounds off one kitty, with h/b rolling a 28 and finishing it off. handgunners halve the small chariot unit, and the other cannon takes one wound off other kitty

greg sees that ive left my h/g flank open for some chariots, and we see the aftermath of that in the below photo. he also nabs the wounded cannon, but chariots fortunately dont overrun far enough to hit hals. phew
one unit of horses nabs h/b, the others dickmove the knight bus

knights kills horses and reform, g/s kill the other and do the same. archers turn to dickmove his chariots, and my remaining cannon misfires

kitty goes into the knights, archers pop a chariot from the small unit in a stand and shoot, but are wiped out when both sets of chariots charge em. fortunately he chooses to overrun with small chariot, blocking the lords unit off. phew. g/s heft their g/s and limber up for a counter charge. kitty kills a couple knights, i might do a wound or two, greg kbs out my wp

g/s hit solo chariot and overrun into front of big unit. remaining archers take off to try assassinate casket - which i manage to shut down all game thankfully. knights finish off kitty in a flurry of 6's, but gregs stalkers appear and nail the unit next turn. g/s combat he challenges out my gs champ, which goes on for a couple turns, but he survives and kills the chariot champ. the wp isnt so lucky tho, getting kb'd by his lord. one wound, rolls a 6. boo. despite the challenge and the lord chariot, g/s kill a bunch and win, res one more off i think. gregs stalkers also make an appearance, amidst much booing

bit of a missing photo here, but stalkers ping a few knights, but the rest get into the rear of the chariots. that and the g/s are enough to fully res em out, although a few knights get kb'd, and the g/s reform. his stalkers then roll 2 misfires - been waiting for that - and did 4 wounds on themselves, allowing me to banishment the rest off the table.

archers kill the last few knights, while general solos into heirophant unit, and tickles them. good thing im stubborn! greg cant quite get a kb off on him, and i cant make way to the heirophant, so it ends there, with a narrow win to the empire!

so after that, i immediately rewrote my own empire list, as this stuff of gregs is potentially up for sale, and im getting keener.. lol
heres the newest list:

gote, fpa, s, bwh, fear sword, 4++, stubborn hat
l4, light, scroll

cote, fpa, es, dawnstone, bsb
whunter, bop, gw
wp, ha, cs, bwh
wp, ha & s
wp, ha, gw, oa, ii

37 hals, fc, det 5 archers, det 12 h/g
10 icks, fc, boswiftness

2x cannons
32 g/s, fc, gleaming pennant, det 5 archers


2398. figured fear sword would help by making icks immune to it. mounted priest gets a charmed shield, one with g/s gets opal amulet, to try protect them from kb, essentially. bsb is vunerable to it, but can just go in bus and pop him in 2nd rank if need be. 5 drops too lolol.
so will prolly take this list next time im at gregs, see how it goes. sposed to be playing on thurs at mine, and final qualifying round for campaign is this sat too, so more batreps to come.

one other thing ive noticed is that i do a looooot of running on tuesdays, which is not something one usually associates with warhammer. have to sprint from work to the furtherest station at flinders in ten mins, then march back to the station post w/h, and sprinting to get the connecting train back to brunswick at flinders. its ridiculous! i never signed up for warhammer to have to run about!! lol, the lengths we go for our hobbies eh


  1. congrats on the victory.

    A suggestion for your list: swap the Witch hunter's great weapon for the option of intiative. Same cost, and gives i7 for that key first round of combat. with t4, 2w and 6+as, he needs all the chances he can get to roll the magical KB before getting cut down by the unit.

    Also, does the fear sword make the unit immune, or just the character? I know it will make any opposing unit ws1 if fail the fear test, but I'm not sure it gives your unit immunity.

  2. true. was hoping more for the sneaky kb on a stand and shoot, rather than in cc, and plus hes got mr2, makes him ideal for g/sing

    i would have thought that made the unit cause fear, and therefore immune to it? anyone else got any thoughts on that?