Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Hola brethren, 
back from axemaster last weekend in hampton, well done to ivan for taking it out, and thanks to nick for running it.
i unfortunately, did not have such a great run of luck this weekend, but spoiler alert aside, lets see what happened. also a little thin on photots, so just bear with me. my list is in the previous post. firstly, they encouraged you to bring baked goods, so - and im sure im not the only nerd who spent the fri night before baking with his missus - we converted some biscuits

and a special one, just for greg

first game was dawn attack vs aaron graham and his he. aaron is the current no 1 over here, and after seeing his he monster mash list at convic, i was in for a treat when he rocked up with - what he described as - a subpar list. certainly not a list to sneer at, he had a l4 on death with the book of hoeth, a loremaster with the ambush item in a unit of 20 archers, 10 archers, 3 rbt, 16 wlions, 10 helms with a prince - no banner of the world dragon - and 20 somehting pguard in 
the centre

aaron goes first and wisely hides behind a hill, for the most part. i if a foot t1, cascade, but dodge the hole and halve the helms. shooting doesnt do much. he then moves up into a stupid forest, and helms overrun after charging a spiderboss, exposing a flank. 

risky business with the pg ready to counter if my trukk goes for it. i go for it and smash em, but reform, and he obligingly fails a stupidity test with his pg in the fungus forest.

 i then foot the wlions and finish off with a dd, and hand my orcs around. was ready to get the trukk in the flank, but he threw a purple sun backwards -  really? you can do that? - and decimated em, so handed them away 

and it ended up a 10-10 draw

second game was blood and glory vs johannes and his we. he was rocking triple treeman - one ancient as general, bsb with doom arrow, l4 life, 4 units of gg, 6 treekin and an eagle or two. blood and glory conditions were once you were broken, your opponent gets full pts for your army, less whatever you had killed. good times. johannes goes first

shoots some chaff, dodges rocks, feet, and flying gobbos. two very very disappointing shooting phases and a regrowth leaves me staring down the barrel of all three treeman.

 i assassinate his l4 with a spider boss, and the savages and a chariot go into the ancient and win, but fail to catch him by an inch. in return they are pulverised by treekin, and the trukk loses its banner to another treeman, bringing me from fortitude 5 to 3 and winning the game.

 not before i had pasted his bsb with a foot, and taken another banner, if only i had caught that treeman!!!!!! 17-3 against

by now i was quite drunk, and drew the jabe-erslythe and his beastmen. he had three l2's, one of which was slugtongue. flying doombull, a little chaff, gor horde and besti horde. heres what slugtongue killed before the game started

and i sobered up immediately. all on the left flank too, so i couldnt soften or delay the gor herd. for the 3rd game in a row i if a foot t1, cascade, but dodge the hole. kill a tonne of besties, and then roll a 1, and he smashes my already halved trukk. should have bailed out the characters into the savages.

  i chaff the besties all game and shoot them down to a handful, then the gor herd goes into the savages. 

hilariously it was a draw, but he wins the grind eventually. 

death snipes my l4, then sends the doombull into the trukk, doom and darkness ftw and its a 20-0 against.

needless to say i was crying in the shower on sat night.

game 4 was against vaughn and his ogres. watchtower. vaughn was an excellent dude, and i enjoyed this game a lot, despite being another immensely frustrating game. he had 2 kitties, some gnoblars, 6 yhetees, gutstar with bsb and scragg, blaster, stonehorn, 4 belchers, 3 mournfang and 6 bulls. he goes first and i clench a little, knowing full well how tough it would be to get the guts out the building

i cant get a hand off to try block the guts, so i know how this game is about to play out. guts go in, i throw savages against em until there are no savages left.

  i get a mangler through his yhetees, then a chariot and a pumper to finish the job. get a foot on his bulls, who flee through the mournfang and panic them off the board too. not bad. his blaster misfires t2 after killing a doom diver, rendering it a chariot. 

i kill the blaster, belchers and stonehorn eventually, and trollguts ftw when i shoot everything at the tower, and bounce off his regen. 

savages get wiped out, and there is only bsb on one wound, scragg, and 1 gut left on one wound. i send the trukk in.... 

and cant kill any of them. and yes, i sent the characters in and allocated my attacks correctly. i just couldnt kill em. he gets the watchtower and its a 13-7 against. sigh

game 5 is against beastmen again, and im praying to mork for just one win. my opponent had 3 chariots, med sized bestie unit with a l4 beasts, 10 hounds, 9 centigors with gorros warhoof (?), a giant, and 5 minis with a doombull. battle line, and he goes first.

he goes straight toward the gap in the centre between the two buildings. i foot a few besties, and clog up the centre hole with a pair of manglers. he then charges his centis through, pop both and get wiped out. i chaff up stuff, fail animosity on my spiders though, who have to charge.

i take care of his hounds, kill a chariot, make another flee, and do 5 wounds to the giant. chaff up the minos.

  he gets a transformation off and pastes my spiderboss, overrunning into the trukk. in my turn i dispell it, flank with savages, and paste em.

 trukk reforms. shooting takes care of more minis
a pumper catches the fleeing besties, and i shoot, foot and charge everything at the last mini - on one wound, and doombull...

but miss, scatter, and fail to charge with both, and its a 15-5. a win, but a frustrating win, with big points flapping in the wind. something of a motiff this tournament.

final game was battleline against vc. my opponent had 2x4 blood knights, one with flaming banner, one with blood keep, 8 black knights, 5 hexes, blender lord and baby vamp on horses, mounted wight king, loads of dogs and small skellie blocks. once again, my opponent goes first. i feel bad for my opponent, who was another awesome dude, but at his own admission played more 40k than fantasy, and was about to learn a harsh lesson about look out sirs. 

he moves up, i scroll a gaze on a mangler. i move up and chaff him up. foot and shoot some various cavalry, at the moment hes got all his characters in the blood keep banner unit for the ward, he moves em to the bk unit once the blood knights start taking wounds. my spiders actually do an excellent job and kill all his chaff. a spider boss heads for a fungus forest to fight some skellies

t2 i throw chariots and pumpers at the blood kngihts, dealing with them, then shoot enough black knights to lose a los for the vlord.
shoot a dd at the vlord, 3 hits, 3 wounds, 3 failed wards, dead vlord t2. what a jerk

i then snipe out his other vamp, and the army falls apart, and thats why theres only two photos. brutal. 19-1

ended up 22nd of 30something overall, my worst tourney showing for a while. disppointing, but thats the problem with this list (and ong) in a nutshell; if it works, it really works. if it doesnt, it really doesnt. and for some reason, it really wasnt working this weekend. its not like i made any ridiculous mistakes, although i shoulda chucked all my characters out the trukk vs jabe, it was just the most frustrating outcome for any wargamer - bad dice.

wah wah basically. good thing ive got all these other armies ay! but yeah, think ill be leaving the ong on the shelves for a while, in the meantime ill get up to speed with the lizo and shortly the new delves. then theres always the woc, and the return of ol rotbeard!
but stay tuned for more soon!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Whats up, shirts off?

lotsa nerding to be had lately, but not too much gaming.
it starts with the return of my long lost de!

thanks fer looking after & painting them sammy! and thanks for painting those other crushers too. i bet there are a few nz nerds glad to see the end of that cold one bus tho. im gonna repaint the old stuff of mine, but not for a while. i swooped back home for a couple days last week and grabbed em. heres the latest list

shadow l4, stab dagger, lifetaker, ii

hag bsb, cauldron
l2 metal, scroll

19 spears, shields, fc
2x10 bows - 1 muso
6 driders, bows & muso
5 driders, bows & muso
2x5 harpies

13 welves, muso&champ
12 welves, muso&champ
20 bg, fc, crimson death

2x rbt

good times. but you wont be seeing these guys on the table anytime soon, although i am tempted, theyre after the lizo on the list, and ive already assembled another box of skinks, terras, and lazordon lol. heres the latest list:

slann, bsb, loremaster high, schlannelling combo, modify miscast

priests, beasts, l2, scroll
scar vet, la& d/helm, halberd, egg

3x10 skirmies
14 skirmies
41 cohort, muso, poison

2x3 terras
2x5 chammies
5 cold ones, muso
25 tg, fc


still havent played a game yet, but gonna try the loremaster high to start with. maiden game is tomorrow vs gregs awful ogres. looking forward to getting it all painted up, butgotta finish that empire first! heres what that lot are looking like so far

nearly there. finally got the characters painted too, you can see them hiding out in the centre. just gotta do the highlighting, pen, banners, basing, everything. then the rest arrive! painting!

also been deciding on a list for axemaster this coming weekend. 2600 pts, and i ummed and ahhed for weeks. a bad game early on with the ong early in the testing period drove me into the arms of ol rotbeard and his forces, but just when i was about to flip a coin for it again, greg talked me off the cliff and its ong ftw!
does makes sense, given all the gribblies ill no doubt see at 2600, and i have played ong for ages lol. but first heres my list, the 'chaff flood shoot em up':

orc warboss, stubbs, 4+/4++, +1 to hit
orc l4, scroll, ii, opal amulet

blorc bsb, cshield, 4++
blorc, mr1, fear sword
sorc l1, head
2x gigantic spider bosses, 2+/2++ flaming ward, spear

2x5 spiders
33 boys, fc, hws
25 sorcbuns, fc, ahw

2x chukkas

2x dd
2x pump wagon, s5, 4d6

drop so much chaff you can put the trukk and savages wherevz, then chaff, shoot and foot everything. simple. totally orcish too. havent got a resub yet, so lets waaagh it up. ive got the pumpers and spider bosses on the painting table too

better get back to work on them. im happy with the scratch built pumpers, will take some better photos once theyre done. i really dont like the gigantic spider models, they are ridiculous, but i have two and there we go.
so yeah, ill try batrep my lizo game tomorrow so long as its not a total whitewash lolol. 
but expect more soon, notably a full tourny report from axemaster, c'mon artillery dice! hah! shirts off! waaaaaagh!!!