Monday, 19 August 2013

Lists & paintinz & gamin' - oh my

good evening everybody, ben here for one of them infrequent updates!
as suggested in the title, got some thoughts and pics for all 3 parts of our beloved hobby, although the gaming is batrep-less for now.

firstly though; the nztc. who's excited?? shirts off warhammer will be there in force, with some of the mightiest titans of the shirts off family ever to have graced your gaming table attending. more on that later. whats your point then?

well, its about national identity, and national pride. now im not one for either of those - at all. being a media studies graduate taught me national identity is a myth, and i dont give a fuck about sports of any kind, so am not down for national pride in the slightest.

however; nerds of new zealand! i beseech you! the nztc title must remain in new zealand.
why the sudden change of heart? and why the worry? the aussies came last last year? and its still 6 months to go!
as your australian correspondent, i bring ill news my brothers; after failing to get their hands on both the vicc and etc spots, the australian nerd high council has convened to send some of their finest to our shores in an attempt to win the next best thing - the nztc! headed by the ginger thunder himself, hoen's heroes are a fine assortment of filth lists, nerd stench, tiny shorts, and australia's sexiest general. you laugh now - and rightly so, but this lot know their shit, and dont think twice about taking hard as fuck lists. theyve got your lists from last year, and are already plotting to wreck your hobbies.

sure, they're no shirts off warhammer, but thats not the point. the point is; sharpen your swords! kit out your dprince! and generally bend your list till it breaks! we all must work together to send the australians home in shame again! or ill never hear the bloody end of it!

right, so ive been painting the empire still. painting the characters atm, but everything else has had a second coat and is ready to wash:

will get some close ups once its finished. also got a couple woc chariots in the post, and decided to mag em for both regular and gb chariots, for the ultimate thrifty general. get it all positioned, dab of paint on the hooves for a registrations point for drilling, and voila:

might have to get a couple of these ma's painted up for 2600 pt tourney - axemaster, think i might take the woc for that one, but still not 100%. never am lol.

been playing some practice games with em, the new and improved list led by ol rotbeard. as a fairly new owner of a dprince, its amazing how much of the lifting they do in games. although i did learn to respect metal magic and repeater xbows vs greg, even with a 2++, 2d6 hits is 2d6 hits + xbows. i think it was a roll 1's day. but he is really good at purple sunning dragons, despite james's dodging one and winning him the game. but he really loves other nurgle stuff, well, he loves purple sunning em lol. makes it a much better match up vs nurgle doc for me.

 he doesnt like banner high elves though, or frost phoenixes. didnt die, but neither did anyone else.

i also have been having a good paw through the lizo book, and have a few ideas. am trying to mainly use what ive got already, but like i initially thought its worked out well. havent had a game with em yet, but heres what ima start with:

slann, bsb, modify miscast, know all sig spells, +2 channel dice, channelling staff,

priest, l2 beasts
scar vet, la&dragonhlem, halberd, egg of quanco

3x10 skirmies
14 skirmies
41 skink cohort, muso& poison

26 tg, fc
5 cold ones
2x3 terras
2x5 chams


depending on how the laserdon goes, the cold ones can swap for another one. i quite like the idea of that many attacks coming out of 5 dudes though, and laserdons are metal bait as much as cold ones.
the channelling slaan (schlannelling?) combo is too good to miss, modify miscast by 1 could be useful, and while i like the high magic + contemplations synergy, i think its worth giving deliberations a crack, something for every situation there. he sits in the big skirmie unit with the l2, stop those awkard pred fighter situations with the tg.
plus the main event, double wild formed skink horde with javs! not fun, thanks for that one dave lol.
still lotsa chaff, poison, and a bit of everything. got an alternate one with the scar vet on a carnosaur, without cold ones and 4 less tg, but they kinda seem like cannon bait. we'll see. one list at a time.

thats all for now, i gotta gets painting empire! why the rush? we shall find out shortly....

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Shirts off hobby update

so ive been waist deep in real life lately, with a thick layer of warhammer on top of that, bringing it to shoulder height. but never fear, my beard is still dry. i do start to regret not painting more while i wasnt working, but what can ya do? paint more! and do paint maths! but first,

i call laserdon!
whos excited? i am! glad i put the brakes on my own lizos a few months ago, anticipating saturdays release. from whats floating about, nothings gonna change too dramatically for me, i had a problem with a spare amount of points in my latest list, and by the sounds of it, my poor slann will be costing and doing a lot less. plus i needed to buy terraz anyway. so glad i waited for the plastics - haha mal - im fairly certain ill pick myself up a laserdon,even if those shitty stats are true, but we'll see how it pans out on sat as i hold the new book in my quivering hands on the train home.  just need to finish up a skrox unit, touch up a slann in a nice way, and base the whole lot. + the new stuff. stoked

been playing a bit lately too, as i get more woc stuff done. got three more chariots to paint - oh yes - and a box or two of avatars of war warriors on the way. still got knights, ol rotbeard the dprince, and dusty chim no 2 to paint. still, the woc have been enjoying fighting gregs delves and his bad dice immensely. not so much my greenskins, who had a terrible game against em, thanks to bad dice of my own. but mainly been painting lately. speaking of which!

remember how i had the beginnings of an empire army?

well, theyz found a new home soon. so i put together the usuable spares, and actually been painting

and painting

i swore id never paint red again, but i swear now ill never paint state troops either. theres also 9 demis, 2 wizzies, a hurry cane em, walter, and more archers on the way to be painted too. madness! but theres more on the way than empire... oh god is there more on the way. more on that later
i also assembled and undercoated a pair of pump wagons

 but you'll have to use your imagination for now, cos my phones dead HANH!
also got a pair of gw spiderbosses ready to paint too. they have the stupidest legs in existence, look like silly little crabs. ill give you silly little crabs!
you remember ol rotbeard the dprince?

aaaaaages ago, when he first showed up on the doorstep mewing for food, he was missing an arm. but he did have an exhaust from his backpack, and a hand, although im not sure whose hand it was. so i took him inside and gave him some biscuits and cleaned him up

but instead he got all mucky! ol rotbeard! you rascal. he still wasnt happy though, and much to my frustration, continuously fell into the hole. worried for him, i thought; how do raise a mucky lil daemon prince anyway? so i turned to the source of all knowledge; the internet!
apparently, dprinces arent happy without wings, so after another aaaaaaaaaaaages of snuffling about

i found him some varghiest wings. magnetising em was a piece of cake

and look whos a happy fella! but dont rub that belly, its rotten. still not quite finished painting him, but not far off. be sure to give him a pat if you see him on the battlefield, but be nice to him, as he is my baby.

so thats it for now, ive still got a belated convic report from grag to come, although im not sure if i have the time or inclination to edit it, mr no punctuation greenfield. but yeah, clocking is ticking on that empire, hoping to get a good swathe of it done in the next fortnight if not all. then onto finishing the woc, ong, and lizo. did i mention the delves? yeah, i gotsta paint them too, once im reunited again with them - thanks sammy!

stayed tuned for more soon, and hopefully more frequently once i finally get a new phone.
and good luck to all the nz'erz at the etc, take some shirts off over there, make sure you shake hands with dave, and pace yourself mal :p