Thursday, 29 November 2012

swoard of khaine: round 5.2

so 39 degrees in melbourne yesterday, and greg and i got a game in tonight for our campaign. just so all the top 4 dudes had played each other, to make it official we had the TO come over and sit in. we're both running the usual lists, though this one still has reagan in it. apologies about the photos. we play battleline, greg goes first

gets a desert wind off, i stop the casket. then in my turn i monkey a big foot, if it, nail all but the chariot champ and lord with two hits, then lose foot, and my l4 is now a l1 with brain bursta lol. one lobba gets 4 wounds on the right hand kitty

gregs left horse archers fail a charge into dd, and he starts to move to plan b here - move backwards and try raise stuff

left hand chariot goes after the horsemen, i move up. reagan tries his luck on the closest kitty, but cant nab final wounds with shooting. fair enough. reagan does some lurking. chariot kills a few, doesnt vape em out

so kitty goes into chariot, and overruns thusly. i think he fails a swift reform with the archer bunker here

reagan goes into the 10 archers in the building and phases em out, lobba delivers a king hit to the left hand kitty, and it is taken off. single troll kills a couple, is out of los of chariots, and stays put. this goes on for a couple turns

i get the trukk and trolls in, but cant overrun into chariots. reagan continues lurking after a casket - i think - plus spirit leech from titan reduce him to one wound. poor fella

he gets reagan, but more of his army crumbles. single troll goes into casket and wins. whoop

and thats how it ends up, 14-6 to the greenskins. youll notice no stalkers this game, the one turn he didnt roll a one or two, he then rolled a misfire and they went back into the sand. apparently this is the only time they havent actually come up. you spoil me greg.

so last round is 15/12, gonna be a nail biter of a finish.
working late shift at work tonight, so hope to get all my sculpting finished to show ya'll tonight lol.
and once again, best of luck to everyone at the nz masters this weekend. looking forward to seeing the results. go get em gang!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


So been kinda busy since last week, heres the math; akaname show + flatmates 30th last friday / 35 degree saturday + hangover x new guitar = inactivity. its so god damn HOT in my room. sob.
since then, ive had a couple of friends from home arrive over here, so havent really had much time to get stuck in.
in saying that though, heres some quick updates:
have built both lobba and dd. am currently half way through sculpting lobba. dont want to post photos till its all done.
got hundreds of mag strips last night -thanks jvdvl - so have started to finish magging up the lizos
am starting greenstuff work on crushers. got to do waaghtillery first though
no progress on the slann to far apart from basic armature. again, dont want to post photos till ive done.
have a game lined up on thurs with greg. loooooooong story short, but basically him and i have to play a 2400 pt ong vs tk game for the campaign we are in, with the to coming over to watch, so all the top 4 dudes have ended up playing each other. long story, but batrep coming up of that on fri.

so yeah, hopefully get the lobba finished tonight, but therell be a batrep coming up soon regardless.

also, all the best for everyone involved in the nz masters! would totally come along and watch if i were still in the country.
not to jump on the prediction bandwagon, but given i was asked to name my top 5, and in no particular order, ive got my top 5 money on: sammy the conqueror, jvdvl, the rat king and rat prince, and either ant's bretts, or td's doc. and yes, even though he seems to have semi retired, do not underestimate locky, hes as sneaky as destiny church, and twice as untrustworthy :p

but have fun guys, hope to see heaps of batreps, and win or lose: khorne is the winner on the day!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Nerd exchange

So while greg and i didnt get a game in last night, we did catch up and have a yarn about the state of things, warhammer wise.

couple of things that came up, firstly, it turns out we're both doing the same kinda thing when we roll out to clubs to play - recruiting nerds. if the last couple years back in nz taught me anything about w/h, its the importance of having a posse. the more you collect, the greater the amount and breadth of games you'll have. so we decided to proactively throw the net out, and see what we could dredge up lol.
problem is melbourne is a lot bigger than welly, and while the majority of fantasy players in oz reside in victoria - apparently - there are a lot of clubs scattered about.
so we eyed up the garage at mine, and decided we could fit at least 4 tables easy, more like 6 at a pinch. ive already got a table tennis table, plus an outdoor table that needs a board on top to game on. mean, so thats two tables. just need to start buying/making terrain. mean.
also chatted about a 5k vs 5k game, and thats in the works too. big pong table, you see

but the other thing we came up with, is the idea of a nerd exchange. did anyone else billett international students when they were in high school? well we were all about it at my school, and i figured, the idea could be transposed.
basically what we're thinking of offering, is wargaming weekend exchanges. maybe just a couple dudes at a time to start with - form an orderly line now - but either over a tournie weekend, or just a regular one.
greg and i have 6.5 armies between us - he plays dwarves - two tables, and thats just the posse so far lol. we can put people up for that weekend, guarantee you as many games of w/h as you wants, and all it would cost are tickets to and from, a little bus and food money, and grog. we both live pretty close to everything, my house in particular is flanked by fish and chips stores, and across the road from the local pub. mal's eyes light up.
but yeah, key idea here like any exchange program is reciprocity. so bear in mind this is just an idea for now, but if anyone is thinking they are keen, let me know.

also, have earmarked this weekend for crafts and hangover, so hopefully get some updates up on sunday. need to greenstuff my crushers, finish building the new lobba and dd, keep going on the slann, and keep painting this lizos. what a list!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Woc blocks do the monster mash

Word up brethern, got last nights batrep for ya'll. first up, 2001 views! whoop!
now me and greg rolled a battleline, with him going first.
hes taken his de this time, doing the monster mash. l2r hes got 20 xbows, 40 frenzied corsairs in the centre, another 20 bows with l2 metal, 2x5 harpies - proxied by slayers lol - hydra, master on manticore, and dlord on dragon, both with all sorts of tricks, and 2x5 shades.

greg moves up, shoots some dogs. i stop searing doom. i move up, he flees with both units of harpies from khorne warriors - kwar - and the rest of my line moves up to match pace. khorne marauders - kmar - are wary to stay out of charge distance of flying monsters, cant quite get los to l2 and dlord to 3rd eye his searing doom. he scrolls a gateway, and stops a big fireball, h/c does nothing.

so i dont know about you guys, but me and greg were pretty keen to see 4 crushers vs 40 frenzied corsairs. in they went. he may have got a searing doom on the kwar, but it were all the shooting this turn that wiped em out. crushers lose one in the first round, but kill about 14 in return, corsairs hold. monsters start eying up the kmar. uh-oh..

reformed the kmar to face the left, and popped l1 out the back. twar and w/s lined up to prevent any monster charges. discman torches half a unit of xbow with his breath weapon. 2nd round of combat, crushers get +1a buff from w/s, kill another 14 or so, break and catch em. outnumbered 10 to 1? no worries

greg sends some harpies to block the crushers, while the kmar prepare to get wiped out by all his monsters

and they do. manti overruns into twar, dragon overruns into l1 - phew - and hydra reforms. his harpies and xbows flee from some charges. i get a 9 s6 gateway on the hydra and take it out, while the unit champ takes the last manti wound before he dies. dragon eats the l1, and overruns into the h/c, who had failed a rampage and moved a whopping 14"

turns out it was in a rush as it seems to like the look of gregs dragon. pashing ensued,

twar reform and kill the manti master, while discman and crushers make their presence known and do some charges.

dragon pashes too hard, and accidently kills the hellcannon. l4 then gateways the dragon off, over a couple turns.

crushers and discman kills some xbows and harpies, while greg throws 10 dice at a big searing doom, killing the discman, but i puppet his l2 down the hole.

dragon tries to make his mark by breathing on twar, but they pass the -3 ld check to charge building and do so. kill the shades in there, while the crushers charge the left hand side, and paste some more archers after dealing with the harpies. l4 takes the final wounds offa his dragon, leaving dlord on foot

and yeah, that basically it. victory to the woc! and what a maiden game for the crushers, killing around 65 elves this game. i think ill keep an overall tally for them from now on lol.

up next, some progress on the lizos

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Listy list lists: round up

figured it was high time to put all my current 2400 pt lists in one post, also for my quick reference lol.
first up, ong:

orc warboss, stubborn, 4++ armour, shield, +1 to hit swoard
orc l4, scroll, ii

blorc bsb, 4++, shield
sorc l1, head
blorc boss, fencers blades

5 spiders
32 boys, fc, shields
25 sorcbuns, fc, ahw

6 trolls
2x1 w chariot

2x lobba
2x dd
2x mangler
2x pumpers, s5, 4d6 m

this is subject to change post swoard of khaine finals.

L4, mot, charmed shield, 4++, disc, puppet

exalted, mot, bsb, 5++, enchanted shield
exalted, mot, disc, asf sword, stream of corruption, golden eye
fire l1, scroll, 3rd eye

3x5 wolves
16 woc, m&s, boef, mok, halberds
17 woc, mot, fc, shields
24 marauders, mok, muso, flails

warshrine, mot
4 skullcrushers

same as before. havent given this a run yet, will do so tomorrow night

slann, bsb, cupped hands (hadoooogen) shadow, loremaster, +1 pd

skink priest, scroll
scar vet, burning blade, la & es, curse charm
scar vet, cold one, firefly venom, la & cs

2x11 skirmies
2x12 skirmies
23 sw, hw&s, fc

19 tg, fc
11 cocs, fc

2x5 chams
2x sallies

im starting to think here that i could swap the tg out for 4 terras, and 30ish skinks in a cohort. more on that later.
and finally, empire:

gote, fpa, s, bwh, fear sword, 4++, stubborn hat
l4, light, scroll

cote, fpa, es, dawnstone, bsb
whunter, bop, gw
wp, ha, cs, bwh
wp, ha, gw, oa, ii
cote, peg, fpa, shield, lance

38 hals, fc, det 5 archers,
10 icks, fc, steel standard

3 dgk, muso
2x cannons
32 g/s, fc, gleaming pennant, det 5 archers

same idea, but with a 4th unit! and no hellblaster

ive got a vc and de lists too, but no point adding those, dont have the vc, and de are in nz for now.
hoping for a write up of mals 3k tourny this weekend later this week, some crusher and lizo updates, and a batrep or two for this weeks blogging.

swoard of khaine: round 5

so while everyone else back home was off clobberin' each other with 1200 pts yesterday, i was playing the first of the final 2 rounds of this 6 month campaign, 2400 pts now. essentially the same lists with ronald reagan along for the waagh. and ill make sure i explain my acronyms.

first up was vs he. he had lr2 12 archers, 18 white lions -w/l - block of spears, more archers, a l4, l2, and 2xl1's all on light, seer staph, banner of sorcery, the 'pick two spells' item and destroy spell scroll in there too, then two units of 14 ish swoardmasters - s/m -, one with the cancel frenzy/hatred banner, 6 dragon princes - d/ps - and 3 eagles in the mix. so lots of tricks, solid list. we set up, he goes first.

now in my turn, and after reagan cops a few wounds from a s7 banishment,after stopping another attempt, i do my moving, spiders dickmove - d/m -the d/ps to block up that flank. shooting does little, he destroys foot of gork - fog - with a scroll.

now in his turn i get to thinking about how banishment was getting cast twice a turn. we talked about how his item allowed my opponent to picks spells pre game. i asked to show me where it says he can have duplicates, but he only had the army book on ipad and didnt show me. i presume it wasnt there cos then we moved onto general, and he specific faqs. nothing there, so we went through the rule book, and essentially argued about what it said there, for a while.
now all this was taking ages, as was - i felt - my opponent in his turns, so i suggested we approach the t/o for a ruling, on the table next to us. he listened to the situation, both sides of the arguement, looked at the rules, and immediately came to the same conclusion as i, they could have multiples of shems, but not banishment. he also had a duplicate pha's too.
we both - at least i thought we both did - accepted the ruling, but as soon as we continued, my opponent refuses to change his spell selection retroactively, citing it would have too much effect now that we were underway.
well you can look at the photos and decide for yourself whether that was the case, but i was not amused. at this point it appeared to me that this was a win at all costs situation for my opponent, and i also recalled we had had this very same argument in our first game, even before setting up, about having duplicate spells, which he was corrected on. so from this point i decided he could have the game, and proceeded to sink the black and play warhammer in reverse - ie deliberately making bad charges, decisions, and leaving flanks exposed, as you'll shortly see
ive played a lot of warhammer, a lot of tournaments, but never felt the need to do this. i think in future ill just move backwards. but from here:

 i hand of gork - hog - reagan up to get double banished to bits. you want some points? here you go

 d/ps flee from a chariot charge earlier and end up off the board. a fleeing eagle blocks the s/ms from charging savages for now, but i set a chariot up for the other unit to kill and reform. and yes, i see the obvious trap for the trolls, ill charge those archers in a bit for you, dont worry buddy.

single troll fails stupidity, so i charge savages into s/m,knowing they wont win and othe unit will flank em, set the trukk up for the spears to overrun into its flank after charge single troll, and overrun the trolls so the w/ls have a lovely flank. go reverse warhammer!

 and there we go, theres the game you werent afraid to argue well past awkward to win. enjoy
im not even sure my opponent realised i started taking the piss, he prolly thought it was his lucky day

oh, and as it also turns out, this tourny gives away pts for fleeing units, something i didnt realise till right at this point. somehow a 15-5

so needless to say, i wasnt that stoked. then i had to play daemons. sob.

this time im missing some key photos, so pay attention lol. hes got l2r: 5 furies, fiend, 30 letters with -2 casting banner, tz herald with scroll, flicker and firestorm, thirster with all the bits, more letters with flaming swoard herald, 5 khorne hounds, a soulgrinder with lobba upgrade and another fiend. my spiders vanguard up

 some key stuff missing here, i set up on the backline hoping for time to foot and shoot. i get 3 wounds off the thirster , but all the feet are stopped.
furies charge spiders who beat em, charge fiend, die, fiend charges reagan and holds him up. soulgrinder gets 6 wounds off reagan with its lobba. he gets in my grill, so chariots and sorcbuns charge one horde, single troll and trukk into the other. trukk fails, so i hog it over the back. trolls and other chariot eat the hounds eventually.

its a bloodbath, and i lose by a little but hold. other letters turn to face the trukk but done have room to reform. thirster fails a charge into dd and acts nonchalant.

 in goes the trukk. sorcbuns are wiped out, as is reagan, by the herald. what may appear to be a very poorly photoshopped photo of my opponents hand is actually the hand of gork coming to take my trolls to safety and ld bubble. but most key is the dd, who nabs the thirster. good lads.

i do poorly in the letter combat, but hold, and get ere we go off in my turn. trolls get firestormed

 which completely tips the letter combat. i smash em in two rounds and reform after the instability. then manage to nab the herald and reform thusly. trolls head home the long way, but thats fine. i finally get a foot off in the last turn, but despite killing most, cant kill all the letters, and its a 12 -8. yay

last round and gregs gone home for parent time, so im up against de. the pts for this one didnt go towards my overall finish, so i guess the other two guys will get a sub game like this next round to even it out. anyway, my opponent had a tonne of xbows, some executioners with the asf banner bsb, hydra, cauldron, rbt, l4 shadow, 10 corsairs, block of flamings schpears, 15 black guard - b/g - and 5 cold ones - cok and 5 shades and a manbane/rune assassin. think i went first here

 dd gets one cok a turn, spiders all die from a s&s from shades. foots stopped. trukk goes into the trukkstop

 he kills one mangler and miasmas reagan to m5. doesnt roll pit but has spazrazor

 i move about, cant quite lobba the cauldron or hydra. regan moves across to menace

 now the sun behind me is about to obliterate the table, but the chariot hits the shades and nabs em, reagan hits the coks and overruns, trolls charge the hydra - hey, the pts dont count on this one - while the trukk exits the building.
at this point its worth mentioning the exploits of the single troll, who first tried to unsuccessfully assassinate the pendant l4 in the tower, then failed stupidity. i then hogd him around the back of the tower to try get the rbt, but he failed stupidity again. then i think he gets hit by a mangler, survives, but is ultimately shot to death by xbows. stupid troll.
i also start the mangler tally when the right hand one goes through the spears and exes. final score at the end

 i then charge corsairs with trukk, and spears with sorcbuns the following turn. the mangler has other ideas, and goes through b/g, spears and corsairs, wiping all then corsairs out along with a few trukkboys, and appears next to the hydra. sorcbuns make short work of the spears, and reagan heads round to be inappropriate. i hog the trukk away from hydra, who made short work of the trolls. dd hits bg down to about 6-7.

 chariot is shot to bits, reagan is charged by b/g, i cant stop the spazrazor or assassin, and down he goes. sorcbuns then kill them all, surviving with a handful left, which i hog away from hydra. mangler then goes through his exes

 while the trukk kills the cauldron and time is called. clear victory for myself, but we didnt count it up.

so that was that. final mangler tally - who lived, was 13 spears, 6 b/g, 10 corsairs, 8 exes, and some orcs. great value for 65 pts
dont know how the others did, but i doubt im in contention atm after my first game. ah well. went straight back to the drawing board though, as you do, and im gonna try double trouble for the last round:

orc warboss, stubborn, 4++ armour, shield, +1 to hit swoard
orc l4, scroll, ii

blorc bsb, 4++, shield
sorc l1, head
blorc boss, fencers blades

5 spiders
32 boys, fc, shields
25 sorcbuns, fc, ahw

6 trolls
2x1 w chariot

2x lobba
2x dd
2x mangler
2x pumpers, s5, 4d6 m

yeah, give that a go. dropped the worlds most inept assassin, the single troll, and the underperforming reagan is on the benches. also thought fencers blades would be more useful on the spare blorc, that m/r 3 shield hasnt had an effect yet
gonna build another dd and rl from scratch too, will show you how.
and no, not polystyrene ones this time

Thursday, 15 November 2012

How many poison shots?

allo allo allo, heres the lastest installment from everyones favourite cheeky darkie, Mr Mal Patel:

Ok so here in Christchurch there is a 3K tournament next week min comp, only one auto dispel item and TO twat stick for anyone who takes something too silly, so what to having only my lizardmen well the answer was pretty easy, this tournament is one of my favourites, I've won it for the last 2 years so it would be nice to win it again there's a nice little trophy with my name on it which mum would be proud of.
Its always hard to make a 3k list. I've got 2 schools of thought, you either add to your standard 2.4k or start from scratch. I went for option 1 as for the last year I have had lots of play testing with my ETC build. I it does miss some things.
So this is this the list I went for. Pretty much identical to what I took to Skitterleap but with some add on's Old-blood and Skink Hero and added some skinks with blowpipes.

1 x Slann (275) Lvl 4 Metal Soul Stone (free) Divine Plaque of Protection (30) Aura of Quetzl (40)   435
                Standard of Discipline (15) BSB (25) Focused rumination (50)
1 x Saurus Old Blood (145) Armour of Destiny(50)Burning Blade of Chotec (20) Cold-One (30)      275
                Obsidian Amulet (30)
1 x Scar-Vet (85) Cold-one (20) Dawnstone (25) Dragonhelm (10) Venom of the Firefly (10) 161
Great Weapon(6)Light Armour (5)
1 x Scar-Vet (85) Cold-one (20) Talisman of Preservation (45) Charmed Shield (5) 166
Great Weapon(6)Light Armour (5)
1 x Skink Priest(65) Lvl 1 Heavens Cube of Darkness (40) 105
1 x Skink Priest(65) Lvl 1 Heavens Ruby Ring of Ruin (25) 90
1 x Skink Chief (55) Sword of Might (20) Shield of Ptolos (25) Javelin (8) 108
12 x Skink Skirmishers with Javelins 96
12 x Skink Skirmishers with Javelins 96
12 x Skink Skirmishers with Javelins 96
10 x Skink Skirmishers with Blowpipes 80
10 x Skink Skirmishers with Blowpipes 80
21 x Skink Cohort with Javelins and Shield inc musician & Standard 119
21 x Skink Cohort with Javelins and Shield inc musician & Standard 119
21 x Skink Cohort with Javelins and Shield inc musician                  111
6 x Chameleon Skinks with Blowpipes 72
6 x Chameleon Skinks with Blowpipes 72
6 x Chameleon Skinks with Blowpipes 72
3 x Terradons 90
3 x Terradons 90
3 x Terradons 90
1 x Salamander 75
1 x Salamander 75                                                                                                                                                                
1 x Salamander 75                                                                                                                                                               
1 x Razordon     75                                                                                                                                                                
1 x Razordon     75  

So the plan.......................pew pew pew pew pew pew and shout "take it off" comes to mind. But down to some specifics, so I've added some banners as I'm little over auto-losing blood and glory. The new skink chief is there to add some ninja skills, I6 with str5 attacks for some punch. If he gets into the right position he could do some damage, I see him as a warmachine killa or ethereal runner. The Old-boy is there for some right killa action not sure how well he will do all solo, but will give it a go. The ruby ring and the Burning blade give me the flaming needed take out hydra and aboms.

I've increased the number of chaff units, by having multiple Sallys and Razordon's they work much better by themselves rather then in packs. My opp is bound to be going first with the number drops I have, but the I will be able to redirect all the death stars and fun bus, with little chaf units. The Scar-vet and Old Blood are hard as nails and should be able to handle most things, these will be my chaf killas. I am worried about "board space" i'm not sure i'll have enough to work with for the little units to run around. But that will depend on terrain as well.

So that my plan, not having playtested it I'm not sure how it will all work out but I'm sure it will be fine. So will get some bat reps done for next week with lots of pictures etc. I will not be using any acromyns like Ben, as frankly I can't understand half the stuff he writes lol. It an open list tournamnet so we have to run through everything before hand, so there no point in any tricksy stuff.
What I don't want to face, lots of hard hitting horde units, 1-2 I can handle, 3-4 will be troublesome, so VC, Skaven and DOC will be tough, everything else should be fine. List of players goes up on Monday. So will now what the opposition will be.       

Catch ya later, and remember choose to roll 6's or :)     

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

An empire in tatters

No, i aint talking about the U.S.
Finally, the stars aligned, and greg and i got a game in last night. hes running tks, with the casket+titan combo, whereas i was using the latest tweaked empire list, but essentially 3 blocks, 3 guns, and a tonne of characters. we rolled a dawn attack with greg going first.

next we see gregs jam making skills at work, as he picks up 10 dice for his bottom horse unit's shooting attacks on one of the cannons. jammy bastard then rolls this:

what arent 5's there are 6's, btw. and of course he rolls the 3 6's to nab it. this then sends the g/s archer det to flee for the rest of the game. his smiting archers on the other flank easily nail the h/b. sigh.
i move about a bit, do a couple wounds to a kitty, and banish a few of the top horses.

one of his kitties fails a charge, and the other backs off. his stalkers then come up, but roll average for once, and he only gets a couple icks. he also gets a vengeance off em, but starts miscasting and losing levels till hes a level zip in a couple turns

regardless, i go for a charge on closest kitty with the icks, but cant roll an 8. only lose 1 on the charge though. h/gs with surviving m/e charge horsemen, and halberds make it into stalkers. i didnt want to tempt his chariots with the g/s's, so i kept em on the backline. cannon does another measley wound to a kitty. hals crumble stalkers, h/gs fail fear and get moidered, while the icks pat their knees and make cat sounds.

but instead, and predictably - the chariots come in with s5 impacts, but i only lose a couple and hold. closest kitty goes for hals, who need a couple turns to kill it

i fail a long charge with g/s, another goddamn single wound on a cat with cannon. bubble speed of light, and my wp dies in a challenge vs his tk. i lose a few more of each unit, but nab kitty.

he takes out me last cannon, another ick, then the cheeky bugger puts a skullstorm through the hals, who flee. i do a wound in the gote vs tk challenge.

g/s fail another charge, i lose the last ick, but gote vs tk still goes on, hals run.

he also does a sneaky reform with the chariots to get even further from g/s. throws some horses in front which i kill. unscathed gote kills tk and survives the curse, and holds. go 1+/4++ stubborn eh. kilt the chariot in the last round

the last kitty goes into the g/s, who cant kill it over two rounds and flee. i forgot about the w/h rerolling wounds vs undead, and also that the g/s had the gleaming pennant. even if i remembered and got the kitty on account of it, i think greg still had the game. hals had run off the board with l4 and bsb by this point.

and thats all folks. 
next up, the latest empire lists, some lizo wip, and countdown to the first round of the finals for swoard of khaine this weekend. very exciting stuff, so stay tuned