Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Does khorne accept crushed skulls?

Well i hope he does, cos those skullcrushers of his are here to stay in my lists.
didnt realise they were rare though,  not until i had already made two sets of movement trays lol
also i need 4 in the unit, and have 3. its 83 for one finecast model, or 91 for another 3. sigh
heres the new list! not much change!

L4, mot, charmed shield, 4++, disc, puppet

exalted, mot, bsb, 5++, enchanted shield
exalted, mot, disc, asf sword, stream of corruption, golden eye
fire l1, scroll, 3rd eye

3x5 wolves
16 woc, m&s, boef, mok, halberds
17 woc, mot, fc, shields
24 marauders, mok, muso, flails

warshrine, mot
4 skullcrushers

so yeah, straight swap out for trolls, added another kmar, along with 3rd eye on l1 for some hilarity. just cannot bear to drop the hellcannon, esp after its performance vs skaven below. same goes for warshrine, sure it doesnt win games by itself, but its very handy to have. plus, its great for stopping cannonballs aimed at h/c lol.

will give it a run asap and batrep it tho, as soon as poss lol


  1. I like it bro. Heaps of threats. But you know me, not a hellcannon fan. Knights FTW.

  2. i know, and knights would be harder pts to get too. although its heading down the 'no easy pts' path.
    its more a case of i have to have those crushers asap, and ill figure out another list when the book drops lol