Sunday, 18 November 2012

Listy list lists: round up

figured it was high time to put all my current 2400 pt lists in one post, also for my quick reference lol.
first up, ong:

orc warboss, stubborn, 4++ armour, shield, +1 to hit swoard
orc l4, scroll, ii

blorc bsb, 4++, shield
sorc l1, head
blorc boss, fencers blades

5 spiders
32 boys, fc, shields
25 sorcbuns, fc, ahw

6 trolls
2x1 w chariot

2x lobba
2x dd
2x mangler
2x pumpers, s5, 4d6 m

this is subject to change post swoard of khaine finals.

L4, mot, charmed shield, 4++, disc, puppet

exalted, mot, bsb, 5++, enchanted shield
exalted, mot, disc, asf sword, stream of corruption, golden eye
fire l1, scroll, 3rd eye

3x5 wolves
16 woc, m&s, boef, mok, halberds
17 woc, mot, fc, shields
24 marauders, mok, muso, flails

warshrine, mot
4 skullcrushers

same as before. havent given this a run yet, will do so tomorrow night

slann, bsb, cupped hands (hadoooogen) shadow, loremaster, +1 pd

skink priest, scroll
scar vet, burning blade, la & es, curse charm
scar vet, cold one, firefly venom, la & cs

2x11 skirmies
2x12 skirmies
23 sw, hw&s, fc

19 tg, fc
11 cocs, fc

2x5 chams
2x sallies

im starting to think here that i could swap the tg out for 4 terras, and 30ish skinks in a cohort. more on that later.
and finally, empire:

gote, fpa, s, bwh, fear sword, 4++, stubborn hat
l4, light, scroll

cote, fpa, es, dawnstone, bsb
whunter, bop, gw
wp, ha, cs, bwh
wp, ha, gw, oa, ii
cote, peg, fpa, shield, lance

38 hals, fc, det 5 archers,
10 icks, fc, steel standard

3 dgk, muso
2x cannons
32 g/s, fc, gleaming pennant, det 5 archers

same idea, but with a 4th unit! and no hellblaster

ive got a vc and de lists too, but no point adding those, dont have the vc, and de are in nz for now.
hoping for a write up of mals 3k tourny this weekend later this week, some crusher and lizo updates, and a batrep or two for this weeks blogging.


  1. I like the OnG, but want to see some single trolls. Not sure if the pump wagons need the upgrades (or if they're worth it over the trolls. Also, why the near naked blorc boss?

    WoC can wait for the new book, but looks like fun. I wanna know how the crushers do because the only ones I've seen in action weren't that great.

    Lizos: don't get me started, less saurus, more skinks.. they're the best. And no shadow, all metal..

    No idea on empire, all I've seen is mass gryphs and knights so far.

  2. Keep the Temple Guard mate, awesome models and I am so sick of Skink spam everywhere!! Would dropping the BO boss and make the warboss a BO solve the issue with animosity on the truck? Or does the bsb do that and hero goes with SO? I might sit down and try my hand at writing a Empire list and see how it compares. I like the GS like you though bro.

  3. well mrs gartroll was giving me nothing but headaches, so single troll is out next round. chariots fill the chaff gap, and pumpers replace the chariots.
    nudie blorc is an animosity stopper for the sorcs. plus good for challenges and extra res.
    i cant wait to try the crushers tonight either. ive asked greg not to kill them lol
    and yes, we all know how pro skink you are. never mind the fact i dont have anymore scorched brown or old blue wash, any new skinks will look a little different. not to mention painting another 30 of the bastards

  4. yeah, i like the tg models, and am half way through painting em, would be a shame to drop already lol. just really expensive, and i dont reaaaaaaally want them in combat with the slann in there
    animosity is sorted, blorc bsb in the trukk, nude hero in sorcbuns
    yeah, im a fan too. gonna cost me an arm and a leg tho lol

  5. You could change the set on the slann, make him ethereal, give him the fencers blades, and the aura of quetzl, -1 to hit in cc and ws 10, so most characters will hit him on 5 or 6 and then get a skink priest to cast ice shard or the re-roll 6's spell and he be fit for combat. add in a warbanner and he can belly flob charge things

  6. lolol, you beast mal. im way too cheap for that, was just gonna give him the 2+ ward upgrade against ranged attacks and pretend hes ethereal. already costed it into the swap for 30 skinks and 4 terras