Wednesday, 14 November 2012

An empire in tatters

No, i aint talking about the U.S.
Finally, the stars aligned, and greg and i got a game in last night. hes running tks, with the casket+titan combo, whereas i was using the latest tweaked empire list, but essentially 3 blocks, 3 guns, and a tonne of characters. we rolled a dawn attack with greg going first.

next we see gregs jam making skills at work, as he picks up 10 dice for his bottom horse unit's shooting attacks on one of the cannons. jammy bastard then rolls this:

what arent 5's there are 6's, btw. and of course he rolls the 3 6's to nab it. this then sends the g/s archer det to flee for the rest of the game. his smiting archers on the other flank easily nail the h/b. sigh.
i move about a bit, do a couple wounds to a kitty, and banish a few of the top horses.

one of his kitties fails a charge, and the other backs off. his stalkers then come up, but roll average for once, and he only gets a couple icks. he also gets a vengeance off em, but starts miscasting and losing levels till hes a level zip in a couple turns

regardless, i go for a charge on closest kitty with the icks, but cant roll an 8. only lose 1 on the charge though. h/gs with surviving m/e charge horsemen, and halberds make it into stalkers. i didnt want to tempt his chariots with the g/s's, so i kept em on the backline. cannon does another measley wound to a kitty. hals crumble stalkers, h/gs fail fear and get moidered, while the icks pat their knees and make cat sounds.

but instead, and predictably - the chariots come in with s5 impacts, but i only lose a couple and hold. closest kitty goes for hals, who need a couple turns to kill it

i fail a long charge with g/s, another goddamn single wound on a cat with cannon. bubble speed of light, and my wp dies in a challenge vs his tk. i lose a few more of each unit, but nab kitty.

he takes out me last cannon, another ick, then the cheeky bugger puts a skullstorm through the hals, who flee. i do a wound in the gote vs tk challenge.

g/s fail another charge, i lose the last ick, but gote vs tk still goes on, hals run.

he also does a sneaky reform with the chariots to get even further from g/s. throws some horses in front which i kill. unscathed gote kills tk and survives the curse, and holds. go 1+/4++ stubborn eh. kilt the chariot in the last round

the last kitty goes into the g/s, who cant kill it over two rounds and flee. i forgot about the w/h rerolling wounds vs undead, and also that the g/s had the gleaming pennant. even if i remembered and got the kitty on account of it, i think greg still had the game. hals had run off the board with l4 and bsb by this point.

and thats all folks. 
next up, the latest empire lists, some lizo wip, and countdown to the first round of the finals for swoard of khaine this weekend. very exciting stuff, so stay tuned


  1. Nice bro...needs moar BS By the way, "h/gs with surviving m/e", HUH?

  2. thats 'handgunners with surviving master engineer' for the non acronym minded :p

  3. That answers one of my questions - the other is WTF is an 'ick'?

    Don't get me wrong - it was a good read regardless, but it's like reading another language for those of us not familiar with your shorthand.

  4. inner circle knight. come on guys, its the empire