Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Woc blocks do the monster mash

Word up brethern, got last nights batrep for ya'll. first up, 2001 views! whoop!
now me and greg rolled a battleline, with him going first.
hes taken his de this time, doing the monster mash. l2r hes got 20 xbows, 40 frenzied corsairs in the centre, another 20 bows with l2 metal, 2x5 harpies - proxied by slayers lol - hydra, master on manticore, and dlord on dragon, both with all sorts of tricks, and 2x5 shades.

greg moves up, shoots some dogs. i stop searing doom. i move up, he flees with both units of harpies from khorne warriors - kwar - and the rest of my line moves up to match pace. khorne marauders - kmar - are wary to stay out of charge distance of flying monsters, cant quite get los to l2 and dlord to 3rd eye his searing doom. he scrolls a gateway, and stops a big fireball, h/c does nothing.

so i dont know about you guys, but me and greg were pretty keen to see 4 crushers vs 40 frenzied corsairs. in they went. he may have got a searing doom on the kwar, but it were all the shooting this turn that wiped em out. crushers lose one in the first round, but kill about 14 in return, corsairs hold. monsters start eying up the kmar. uh-oh..

reformed the kmar to face the left, and popped l1 out the back. twar and w/s lined up to prevent any monster charges. discman torches half a unit of xbow with his breath weapon. 2nd round of combat, crushers get +1a buff from w/s, kill another 14 or so, break and catch em. outnumbered 10 to 1? no worries

greg sends some harpies to block the crushers, while the kmar prepare to get wiped out by all his monsters

and they do. manti overruns into twar, dragon overruns into l1 - phew - and hydra reforms. his harpies and xbows flee from some charges. i get a 9 s6 gateway on the hydra and take it out, while the unit champ takes the last manti wound before he dies. dragon eats the l1, and overruns into the h/c, who had failed a rampage and moved a whopping 14"

turns out it was in a rush as it seems to like the look of gregs dragon. pashing ensued,

twar reform and kill the manti master, while discman and crushers make their presence known and do some charges.

dragon pashes too hard, and accidently kills the hellcannon. l4 then gateways the dragon off, over a couple turns.

crushers and discman kills some xbows and harpies, while greg throws 10 dice at a big searing doom, killing the discman, but i puppet his l2 down the hole.

dragon tries to make his mark by breathing on twar, but they pass the -3 ld check to charge building and do so. kill the shades in there, while the crushers charge the left hand side, and paste some more archers after dealing with the harpies. l4 takes the final wounds offa his dragon, leaving dlord on foot

and yeah, that basically it. victory to the woc! and what a maiden game for the crushers, killing around 65 elves this game. i think ill keep an overall tally for them from now on lol.

up next, some progress on the lizos


  1. Woah.. those skullcrushers were the jam yo.. nice!

  2. yeah, not bad ay. just warming up lol

  3. I'm a little surprised that all his heavy hitters ignored them. Dragon + Manticore vs Skull Crushers...Now that would be interesting.

    Looking at your line it was the direct attack with over run to your hellcannon but I guess 40 corsairs vs skullcrushers was the more epic option.

    Keep the reports coming! (ie hurrry up and play more warhammer :P)

  4. well that de list hasnt got many drops, but i think he intended on ignoring em and go for some epic biffo. i doubt theyd stand up to the monster mash without some jam involved lol
    im trying! gregs busy, and ive got too many crafts at the craft buffet