Saturday, 10 November 2012

What a doc

This one goes out to my og homeboy dave. miss you buddy, hope to be over for a visit this time nec year.

i g/s'd some daemons for dave before he split again a couple years back, and ive got the photos for y'all pleasure. thanks for the reprint dave. first, a little preamble:
we all got into the hammer in the early years of high school, like form 1 or 2 i think. there were the three of us to start with, myself, dave, and charlie, who later went on to become charlie st clair - and by the way charlie, come on and play fantasy again man. you've proved your 40k point, and those doc of yours are still just as gnarly in 8th :p
eventually our nerd coven grew in size, and we would have weekend long battles on living room floors, snooker tables, jeremies living room and ol futchers bargain nerd basement.
after a few years, charlie went to high, and we all started to find other priorities. ah teenagers. it got a bit intermittant, but we kept at it, charlie i think by this point being a gw man. fast forward a decade and here we all are.

over the years we;ve all had various armies, but i think daves been into chaos in its various forms for the entire time. he decided to revamp the doc for his first etc outing i think, but here we are. i did the scuptin', he did the painting. first some tzeentch heralds

everyone knows tzeentch loves pancakes. next the nurgle herald, or ol flaps, as i like to call him

i used an orc body as an armature, cold one hands as hands, and a spawn head. i also did one on a palanquin, that dave has never painted, or used. boo dave.

little nurgling on the back cooking up some snacks

and the base part, pinned for easy painting and transport

apparently wasnt allowed as a guo stand in at the etc either, ah well, i enjoyed sculpting it immensely.
did a few nurglings too

good thing it was only a few stands, not 18. stupid plague wind. did some plaguebearers too, on the subject of nurgle

started with some new letters. boy do they have a lot of flash. ghoul heads, horns from letters, and voila

did some seekers too, weeks before gw released theirs

and thats the lot. this is the second to last set of gsing ive got for ya'll, i hope you enjoy the learning curve lol


  1. hey it's Big Bird! Good thing Obama won, otherwise Dave would have to find a new Tzench herald...

  2. Hot.. I still treasure these, even if the edition change forced them to the bench.

    Also, I do hope you'll make it over nec year. Otherwise I might have to come fetch you.