Sunday, 30 September 2012


great news gang!
not only did i get the last of me lizos assembled yesterday, ready for undercoating and good to game, but just got the word that my mate greg is prepping for a 2500pt tourney, and was like tues, wed or thurs night for a game? - as his better half has plans those nights, so i was like all three!
Co-hobbie-tation.. get it? lolol im so sorry
so got three batreps coming up for ya'll vs tk, not an army i play against a lot, and greg is a very good player, so should be some good laffs ay!
ill take lizo tomorrow - dying to give them a crack, ong wed, and woc on thurs for the home game.
now to add 100 pts to all my lists....
heres greg's list:
Tomb King on chariot with Golden death mask, armor of fortune, great weapon, shield…
Liche high priest Level 4
Liche Priest Level 2 death
39x Skeleton warriors Muso, Standard
10x Skeleton Horse Archers
20x Skeleton Archers Muso, Standard
7x Skeleton Chariots full command
3x Skeleton Chariots muso, Standard
Khemrian Warsphinx Fiery Roar
Khemrian Warsphinx Fiery Roar
3x Sepulchral Stalkers
Colossus extra hand weapon

Friday, 28 September 2012

Nec minute: d13th edition

ah, the dreaded 13th.
heres one of the reasons my woc struggle against the rats. also one of the reasons i decided not to run 3 warrior blocks anymore. and yes, that is a twin tower list. not that it really mattered lolol:


                  gosh, im glad thats over


shirts off, essentially.

The case for ronald reagan

brothers and sisters,
today i'd like to discuss something close to my heart; a very special fella named ronald reagan.

not that ronald reagan ya dingus. hes a dick. a tiny dick.

im talking about my arachnarok, who is also named ronald reagan. just a quick background before we talk nerd -
when i was living in holloway road, we had a number of orb spiders who would make their homes out the back on the washing line. i had a particular fondness for these type of spiders, and would try and befriend them, by putting food in their webs, and generally hanging out.
yes, i need a real pet. understood. anyway, id name them all after former us presidents, and the spider i enoyed the most rapport (?) with was ronald reagan. and thats why mine is named ronald reagan. anywho..

when the ong 8th ed book came out - after i wiped away my tears of joy and changed my undies - i had a good pore through, and came to the conclusion that yep, roks are pretty good, but with a rare section like the greenskins, there were better choices. 290 teef seemed a little expensive.
so off i went along with the rest, whinging about how local comp wouldnt allow double trouble rare till we started using scgt comp, as it was sposed to be that way, cos its exactly 600 pts lol. when i finally got to use it, i was massively underwhelmed by their performance. back to the drawing board.

internet wisdom offered me little insight, apart from the ol sorcbun horde, no brainer - and blorc one at that stage LOLOL - as if.
so i thought hey, i like the look of this rok. its got 8 wounds, s5 and t6 isnt bad. 4+ as is pretty good for a monster - aint no hpa tho. stubborn and itp are double edged swords tho, cant flee from charges, and stubborn 6 is like the worlds most reliable goblin. ws4 is sweet as though, and 8 poisoned attacks, not to mention the 8 spear crew and thunderstomp, theres some serious scr beating potential. then theres the venom surge. situational - as i would never want reagan in combat with a s5+ character - but has its uses.
swiftstride, strider and terror are all useful, but m7 isnt so much.
bit of a point sink though, this single model is more pts expensive than 23 ahw sorcbuns with fc. but what the hey, ill give it a hoon, i thought.

soon enough, i signed up to 2400pt campaign tourney, ong vs skaven vs dwarves. taking a rok vs dwarves and skaven didnt seem so smart, but i wanted a trial by fire. then like a bolt of good fotune from the blue, ol jd came through with a loaner and we were on.
the 1st game was vs dwarves, and the rok did a lurk for most the game and did little. didnt die though.

the second game of that tourney is shown in the earlier post 'Monsterous Opposites', which was a narrow loss for me. but if you go back and take a look at the rok's progress, he did a pretty fucking good job of killing slaves, crats and war machines. esp if you recognise my opponents army.

next round was vs skaven again. however, my opponent deployed his grey seer not on a bell, not in a bunker at the back of the board, but in the front of a big slave unit, here:

so off i went, on an alpha strike mission to assassinate his grey seer with a giant fucking spider. not the most discreet assassin in the warhammer world

but damn it all the venom surge came through! haha! dead seer, t2. from there it was sweet as. no d13th for ben!

last game was a 3 way, and i seemed to have lost the photos. i had to set up in the centre. needless to say, i got horribly horribly smashed, and somehow managed to deploy in a swastika that i didnt even notice till later. anyway, the rok stayed off in reserve this game and avoided the slaughter of the rest of my army, but came on later, caused some havoc up the back

so after that performance, i was sold. against my better judgement i impulse bought my very own rok next time i wandered past the nerd hole, and thus ronald reagan was birthed into the warhammer world.
since then, hes been in every 2400 ong list ive written. a magnet for cannonballs, hellblasters/organ guns and stone throwers alike, reagan laughs at your puny attempts to kill him! haha!
his hobbies include mangler and chariot support, lurking, going walkies with gorks hand, terrifying hordes of s&t3 troops, being a nuisance, eating warmachines and getting baked.

no idea how he can use the lighter though.
as mentioned earlier, the biggest use i have for him, is the synergy he brings to the table with the other fast stuff i field. a fairly simple equation. however, dropping him frees up tonnes of pts in the nasty nasty rare section of the ong book, but would ruin the very synergy ive been fine tuning for months.
as stated, the balance is fast stuff vs easy pts. reagan, the trolls, sorcbuns, and the trukk are all fairly similar amounts of pts - and bar the trukk - any three of those units can still operate after the loss of one.

so yeah. im a big fan. he always has a place in my list, and usually does a good job of whatever hes told to do. please note i am not advocating the use of rok mounted gobbo shaman lords. if you're doing that, you're either fluffy, or imho, you are doing it wrong.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Rats off to ya

so we have rats in the garden, i see em running about at night.
all the cat can do about it is piss on the floor, it seems.
however the other night, after my flatmate had cleared out the garden, i was out picking beans, and noticed not a foot away from the compost, this:

i had no idea the rat problem was that bad. god i hate fighting against skaven, although ronald reagan usually has a good time lol.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Delves on shelves

alright, so we've talked about ong, woc and lizo so far, but what about the dark elves? i hear you cry.
here are my dark elves, all lined up nice for an unsuccesful trademe pic. i deliberately highballed the auction, hoping it didnt sell lol. ah ben.
anyway, started this back in 7th, hence the 15 driders, xbowmen and rbts. most of the painting and gsing is quite old, and some of it is shit. you can see the recent unpainted additions of welves, cauldron and corsairs to get more in line with 8th. i never clocked in anywhere as many hours with this army as i did with my ong or woc, but not to say i wont in the future. gotta take some empty model cases back home to grab em, whenever i make it back next.
so lets get our trolley and take a look on the shelves, get some ingredients for a 8th de list.

here some closer pics of the shades. corsairs with xbow arms, gs hoods, scarves, and cloaks, trying to hide the amount of armour on the models. ill take 14!

driders, you say? well i have a bunch, but only use 5 at most. unless you're into that slippery pts denial delf shenanigans. mine are the usual glade rider/corsair/xbow/spearmen kitbash

harpies. if you're harpy and you know it clap your claws. im not a dad, no. 2x5 for me please, never mind the shitty gs wings. the idea was sound, but execution lacked somewhat. this is before plastic 40k gargoyles, given the choice id have totally kitbashed the wings from that.

cauldron. gotta get that. the gw one is old and fugly imo, so i made one. got some old metal welves from a bring and buy table, a reaper mini for the hag, and dreadfire portal. voila. fits on a chariot base. kinda

and then theres welves. who doesnt love a billion s3 poisoned attacks? it was all going well, till it came to the boots. heres a blue tack mock up

and the finished ones. should have gone the hard way and used an armature for the feet, but didnt cos i was all excited, so now some have ugg boots, some have regular boots, some are quite shit. kinda disappointing, given how happy i was with the rest of the model. straight kitbash with corsairs and nettes

and thats my delves. miss you guys, hope uncle sam is letting you out of the box now and again
oh and 505 views now! you voracious nerds you

Monday, 24 September 2012

Listy list lists: Lizo

a little breakfast alliteration for ya'll.
im kinda loathe to post this now, as my lizos still havent arrived after over a week, and the tracking number was thrown out by my parents. believe me, if i could've fit a single skink more in my warhammer suitcase when i came over, i would have lol.
anyway, fate tempting aside, heres the latest lizo list of mine. bear in mind i got around 2.5-3k worth of stuff, and thats all i have.
also, i know cascading failed charges with skink pew pew filth is all well and good, but its not fun to play against, and its not the etc. so:

slann, bsb, cupped hands (hadoooogen) shadow, loremaster, +1 pd

skink priest, scroll
scar vet, burning blade, la & es, curse charm
scar vet, cold one, firefly venom, la & cs

2x11 skirmies
2x12 skirmies
23 sw, hw&s, fc

19 tg, fc
11 cocs, fc
2x5 chams

2x sallies

2399 pts

so yeah, the main potential change here is magic lore. i reckon shadow works in reverse to the usual light buffs, plus has stuff to deal with big nasties/armoured fist lists. loremaster is great. i can throw a sneaky steed on my scar vet cold one to deal with enemy warmachines etc if the chammies suck/playing empire.
cocs arent that great without buffs, agreed. but they are a tough pts sink, along with tg. both of which would benefit greatly from any of the shadow hexes in cc. in saying that, throw a miasma, then a spaz razor, we are golden lol.
other options here are the usual suspects, light, life or beasts. want to try shadow first though. also have some spare krox and an ancient steg. and a few skinks. we'll see how it goes.
and as soon as i finish typing this, i get the email that my lizos have arrived at reception!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Swoard of khaine round 3

alright, so 2k here for round three as per previous post.

a variety of non brb missions, this first being 7 tokens worth 200 vps each, and nothing else in terms of vps. had to move over it to grab, and that unit held on to it unless it dies or flees. couldnt charge over one to pick it up either
matched against a de list, with a shadow l4, assassin, asf bsb on foot, 20 ish xbows behind the building, 30ish spears next to the building, 15ish bg, 7 coks, hydra, rbt, and 5 shades off screen to the left of my spidies. he goes first after i vanguard the spiders up to grab a counter, and his coks grab one also.

his bows jump in the building, shades kill a couple spiders who flee and drop their counter. on the right, my chariot sneaks up, grabs a counter, then spends all game in the corner of the board, out of 24" of the building. what a dick. manglers move up to the jaws theme song, and my dd halves the cold ones.

he cant quite kill either mangler, and off they go, killing the final coks who had two tokens, the other (combined with a foot) halves the bg, and drops the hydra down to one wound. spiders rally and go and stand in front of the shades for more target practice, and to block a charge on the lobba till i handed it out the way. love that trick, cos it dont count as moving.

then he pits and shoots the shit out of my trukk. i if an ere we go, killing more of the trukk and a couple bg, who finish off the unit, before getting trukk'd to death. savages line up to kill some spearman, and i hand the trolls over to chase the hydra round. by now he has 2 tokens, one with the shades and one with the xbows - which i wasnt going to be able to get. i had two on one mangler, one on the other, and one on a chariot.

spears come in and get the bash. i nab his bsb and eventually the unit. hydra moves to grab the token, and the trolls charge and kill it, taking the token lol. i hand the character unit around to try and avoid getting shot more. the spiders are down to one model who hasnt fled from the shades, then i turn the dd around and kill all of them with one shot. lone spider then takes the token. what a dick lolol

characters jump into the sorcbuns once they're done with the spears, trolls menace the xbows. i cant quite grab the centre token that the dead mangler dropped.

but im on 5 tokens to his 1, and its a 16-4 win to the orcs. waaagh victory conditions!
nec game was against the dreaded he player there. this was a straight battleline. he had a l4 with high magic, noble bsb with reavor bow, noble on steed with stuff, 12 wlions, 5 dprinces, 16 ish smasters, 2 eagles, rbt, regular chariot, big spear block, and big block of flaming archers.

as we all know, eagles are the natural enemies of goblins warmachine crews everywhere. so i positioned my chariots to try get counter charges on any future eagle rock'n, while my sorcs enjoyed a flames of the phoenix. he nabs one mangler, but cant quite get the other, and it goes through his 12 wlions on the left, 11 hits, 11 wounds, take your toys off. lone wlion hides in the building till gorks foot punts him into next week.

the left hand eagle charges the chariot, which loses, but isnt caught and later rallies. sorcbuns keep getting flamed, while vaul unmakes my warbosses ward save. get out of it vaul!

now here, both eagles charge my waaghtillery. both fluff, but win by one. both machines hold. LOL. chariots counter next turn and kill both eagles. LOLOLOL. meanwhile, sorcbuns keep gettin' flamed. dd pings a couple of dps off screen to the right, but dies to em later on. errone else moves up fer chargin'. sorcbuns square off against smasters, and i didnt rate my chances till gork gets his foot in the mix and less than half remain. much better!

trukk smashes through the smasters, didnt want to tempt fate with the sorcs. trolls go through the archers, despite the flaming attacks. helped that they failed their fear test, and were in a river for some reason.
sorcbuns get more flames. eek, getting pretty small now

his spears try to charge the flank of the trukk but fail. i reform to face and hand the sorcbuns out the way of the dps. chariot accompanies as not to give away pts. last turn i charge bolt thrower. end up winning 12-8. whoop!

last game is vs brets. victory conditions were capturing the three oasis's in the centre of the table, and that was it. opponent had lord and bsb with stuff, prophetess l2 on heavens, damsel l2 on life, 2x kotr, small gk unit, 2xtreb, 2xarchers and 3 peg knights. we vanguarded, he prayed and i went first.

my opponent had moved his pegs a lil too close, and i alpha striked a chariot on a 9" charge into em. did two wounds, won by two, and caught them. overran into archers. lololol. then dd'd half his gks. what a dick.

he counters the chariots with the leftover gks, with the general in there. wins and overruns. i charge trolls in the flank, spew 6 times on his general and take two wounds. i win combat but cant catch. trolls now spend two turns failing stupidity and standing an inch in front of the archers.
with a mutter about visiting the ladies room, his damsel jumps into the building, while the prophetess suicides onto the mangler in front of the big kotr unit, which then moves up. his gks and general rally.

with a cackle of glee my spiders charge the building - having just realised the wallcrawler rule the night before lolol - and eat the damsel, much to my opponent's horror. trukk charges the kotr unit, wins, but doesnt catch. it later runs off the table.

i hand the savages up here to keep out of los of last kotr unit, but able to get back to the oasis to claim it. trukk turns around, trolls are still menacing archers.

here everything turns and makes a move back towards objective. kotr get a long charge and nail lobba. dd has misfired to death by this point. his archesr makes the spiders flee off the objective

then, as i get a toe on all three objectives, gork throws a foot or two down, and kills 7/9 of the last kotr unit, who then dont charge, but contest the right hand oasis. arcchers pop out to contest the left hand one

but the central oasis is mine, and i win by it, making it a 12-8 win again.

not a bad showing for the orcs, would have been much bigger wins if it was regular vp based, but ah well, thems the breaks. happy birthday ben, heres some wins, love from gork, mork, and gorks feet and hands.
one more round next month at 2200 pts, then onto the final round in nov.
so waaaaagh! up next, a lizo list, followed maybe by some more historical gs pics

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Nec minute: foot of gork edition

alright, you've seen the title, you can guess what happens here:


what dwarf blocks? this got a whole chapter in a certain book of grudges lol.
who else has got some foot of gork horror stories?

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sword of khaine campaign 2k list

i mentioned earlier about a campaign i enrolled in over here, 1 day once a month for 3 games.
did pretty well the first round, was horribly sick the second, this weekend is the third.
the points value started at 1400, then 1600, was sposed to be 1800 this time, but theyve bumped it up to 2k now, next ones will be 22 and 24 hundred. there were magic and army specific comp restrictions for the lower pt games, but now its all go (ie can cast foot of gork lololol)
heres my list. youll note the ward on the general, and ld9 now grrr

Ordak Skullmuncher: blorc warboss 160, talisman of preservation 45, stubborn hat 35, shield 3
 orc great shaman 165, l4 35, scroll 25, ironcurse 5

Black Orc Big Boss 90
Savage Orc Shaman 70, Lucky Shrunken Head 50
Orc Big Boss 55, BSB 25, Charmed Shield 5, Opal Amulet 15

5 Spider riders
27 Orc Boys 162, Full Command 35, Shields 27 -  Loyal Followers
23Savage Orcs 184, Big 'Uns 46, Additional Hand Weapons 23, Full Command 35 - loyal followers

6 Trolls -  Loyal Followers
wolf chariot
wolf chariot

2 manglers

again, a scaled down version of my 2400 list, but im happy with it, now ive gotten rid of the issues i had last weekend, mainly revolving round my warboss.
i had to name my general, and give him a little blurb too, that was something new lol.
also, the loyal follower business you see is a campaign thing, where the more they survive, the more rerolls etc the units earn. had to nominate 3 units of loyal followers at the beginning that couldnt change, and couldnt get any smaller than the original size they appear. not a bad idea, but didnt make much difference the first round.

i imagine ill be facing the he player there who seems to know whats what, am interested to see what the lists look like too. more batreps to come!

Outpost onslaught

and what an onslaught it was. this was a tourney hosted by a local club, rather than a big one, and i definately took a knife to a gunfight here. peer comp meant no resubmits, and having to scale back a larger army for a 1750 list didnt help. excuses excuses. as we shall see! sorry bout the photos too, iphone ones are better than nothing though.

game 1 was watchtower vs skaven. he had a l2 pp, storm banner bsb, 2 engineers, doom rocket and condensor, 3x20 rats, 2x20 slaves, 20ish sterm, 4 wteams - 3 flamers, 1 ratling - 2 doomwheels, 6 grunz and a wlc. think he rolled bless with filth and wither, and 2 w/l. i didnt roll foot, and went first.

when i saw the buildings i picked that side and proceeded to be a dick. sorcbuns in the tower, trukk in the trukkstop next to it, and both set in for the night. manglers got fried pretty quick, while spiders went round the back after the wlc.

i throw a chariot at the doomwheel to no avail, and mrs gartroll wanders off stupidly. in the right direction at least

i hand of gork the trolls up and pounce on some slaves, bidding on being able to pop em and reform.

his doomwheel gets too close and the trolls go after it too. the sorcbuns start getting picked off, before he loses 3/4 wteams in one turn of misfires. speaking of misfires, the wlc might have gotten 1/3 shots that didnt misfire before the spiders got it

he got a wither off, but couldnt kill anywhere near all my sorcbuns. trolls ate the first doomwheel, only to receive another in the rear. then i rolled a 6 in turn 4 and won 16-4

next up was meeting engagement with we. highborn on stag, hoda bsb, l1 with treesinging, mebe 11 wild riders, 34 or 37 gg, t/m and 2 eagles. he set up first and i praised gork, for it was mangling time. i then had my l1 and bsb start off the board, along with the chariot. so rather than setting right up on the starting line and bumrushing him, i had to start on the backline. boo. rolled foot tho hur hur

 he moves up a lil and i hog the savages up. t/m slinks up and tries to hide in the corner of the terrain from the manglers, but both go through him, one dying - couldnt be placed more than 1' from terrain - and the other clipping and carrying on, but the big wooden bastard stayed alive on two wounds.
the wrider bus got halved by gorks stinky as foot, but then decide to smush 12 savages as well

 both eagles stay alive on one wound before one gets the lobba. spiders d/m the other, sparing the dd for now. gg bus nails 5/6 trolls in one round. not even flaming

chariot flees from t/m, i hog the savages behind the gg and close in with the trukk. the last few wriders run away from the mangler

 what a fucking egg. whyd i leave em there? i might have well just moved them off the board instead of waiting for a failed panic test. bear in mind at this point it was t5 and i had 0 points off him

 the gg turns around and clears out all the savages, leaving just the shaman. with a toooot the trukk smashes into the gg's rear and saves the day, clearing em out, and netting me a 10-10. you can see the last troll clutching 270 of his pts in his slimy as fist

next up is blood and glory vs woc. he had 2x5 wolves, 5 horsemen, tz shrine, unmarked chariot, tz l4, tz bsb with stubborn hat, 20ish tz warriors with halberds, 15 chosen. he rolled gateway and pandy, i rolled foot. he went first and i stupidly moved my spiders up way too far and took em out with his horses.

gorks foot came down and halved both his units. manglers both moved up to sweet as spots. looking good right?

then, disaster. savages failed a frenzy test and go for the flank of the warriors. jump on my own mangler and nearly halve my sorcbuns. trukk goes in the front, wolves jump on the other mangler - which only does 4 hits lol - and w/s charges trolls. dammit. one more turn, and idve sent the mangler through both units, then cleaned up. this did not happen.

chosen tear through single troll id hog'd up to block em, then hit the sorcbun flank. chariot comes in a turn later and breaks em. i smash all his warriors, but stubborn bsb and l4 hold on.

then he directs his attacks onto my warboss and gets him. no more stubborn, too much res with the chariot and chosen in there. trolls are still battling till he gateways em, and im tabled.

with the extra 800 vps for breaking me, this was a 20-0. thanks ld 8 hero level warboss! with no ward save! grumble grumble.
one thing that did come up that got me a little riled, was my opponent trying to not only cast gateway into combat - sometimes not even the wizards combat - but also out of combat. now i wasnt riled just cos i thought it was incorrect, but more that if its true, ive been cheating myself all this time!
it got to the point where i had the ol iphone out with the faq to check, but nothing.
it didnt matter tho, i scrolled it t1, then kept rolling boxcar dispels until the last turn where hed tabled me anyway, then gatewayed the trolls off.
so if anyone has any input into this, please advise!!!

Last game, and my 3 and a bit hours sleep are starting to show. getting a little cranky and sugared out. i guess theres a reason why you normally only play 3 games a day.
anywho, brets were next up. he had kb lord, a paladin or two, l2 beasts damsel, 2x knights, one flaming, one with summin else, grail knights with 4++ vs s5 and something else for +1 cr, some other toys, and a few bowmen. i find brets to be the least interesting army in the warhammer world, and never pay much attention to the lists i run across. that and the cd books are the only ones i dont have.

i thought this would be a cake walk, setting up. i rolled foot, he prays and i get to go first.
now, i picked this side for some building shenanigans, a technique ive used to great effect vs brets before. then for some reason, i didnt at all. i think i got a little cocky. anywho

insert jaws theme song here as manglers close in, and he cant do anything about it. spiders head round the rear

then its manglin' time. add a foot of gork, and for some reason i think i can not bother to dickmove in and out of the building

and instead set up a lovely overrun into the trukk. spiders and chariot nab archers

whoomph. there goes the trolls and lobba. oh well, im stubborn, ill just turn the sorcs round for a counter

chariot in the rear and spiders in the flank. sorcbuns in the other flank, ere we go is up, but its not enough. he kbs both my characters in the trukk, and chases both units down. i get the grail knights, but its nowhere near enough. 17-3 loss

i didnt enjoy this last game. i was tired and made stupid mistakes. i also found it hard to understand why my opponent had such a hard list, but was real unclear on some basic rules, and i felt i was taken for a little bit of a ride. for example his l2 had three spells. not to mention using clearly cocked dice, until i interjected and explained how i balance a die on top to determine if its cocked or not. not cool, and docked him a sports point for it for the first time in ages.

so overall didnt do too well. dont know where i placed overall either. still, better than no warhammer i guess. standing at the ripponlea train station at 7.30pm waiting for the train back into town, i realised i had been at that station exactly 12 hours earlier, to head off to the tourney. what a day.
still, this weekend is the next installment of the campaign, ill post my 2k list for it next up.