Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Rats off to ya

so we have rats in the garden, i see em running about at night.
all the cat can do about it is piss on the floor, it seems.
however the other night, after my flatmate had cleared out the garden, i was out picking beans, and noticed not a foot away from the compost, this:

i had no idea the rat problem was that bad. god i hate fighting against skaven, although ronald reagan usually has a good time lol.


  1. Get a cat. it pwns those rl skaven

  2. we do. but all it does is meow for no discernable reason, and piss on the floor

  3. 4 Demigriffs to the front is all you need for any Skaven problems....

  4. dont you have the same problem with your demis, jvdvl? meowing for no discernable reason, and pissing on the floor? :p