Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Listy list lists: ong

here i am talking about my woc and ong 2400 pt lists, thought id actually post the lists for yo perusals, just so we're on the same page.
C&C welcome, but remember - sans a pair of woc chariots and a giant - this is all painted and done, and all i bought over.
so comments like 'you should have 100 marauders. exactly, 100 marauders' are no good to me lol.
will post my approach and thoughts under each list.
first, the ong:

orc warboss - armour of destiny, stubborn hat, shield, sword of striking
l4, scroll, ii

blorc bsb, talisman of 4++, charmed shield
sorc shaman, lucky shrunken head
blorc big boss, spellbreaking shield

5 spiders
32 boys, hw&s, fc - thats right, regular orcs!
23 sorcbuns, fc

6 trolls
single troll
2x wolf chariot

2x manglers

so from the top;
warboss: 4++ and stubborn comes standard. experience has taught me well. 15 spare pts on magic items means +1 to hit sword is best use of pts. why take blorc lord level characters, when you can save pts and get hero ones instead - good one sammy
l4: well, we're playing warhammer, are we not? and yeah, ive got a nec minute: foot of gork edition in the works hur hur

blorc bsb: 4++ is pricey but necessary. hes a blorc to stop animosity, and armed to the teeth helps
sorc shaman: autoinclude, lets be honest
nudey blorc - animosity stopper. also redirector, chaff basher, and helps with the ol combat res. also a cheap and sneaky way to get mr in the unit, without having to fuck with shaman loadouts. DONT PUT YOUR L4 IN THE SORCBUN. very handy to have a spare blorc to deploy with the trolls in dawn attack too.

spiders: gotta have chaff. swore by wolves for ages, until i ran some spiders for a themed list, and noticed that sure, they dont have the same movement - but good lord i4 with poison? ive had games where instead of just dying - which i expect - they chase down broken skrox units, hold up bret units for ages, nab war machines, and generally dickmove around the place. aim low, and you wont be disappointed!
32 orcs: orcs dont have buses, we have trukks. and this is mine. add general, bsb and l4 in second rank, ive got a good solid point sink, where providing i dont get into combat too early, will hold their points.
compared to the sorcbuns, people see them as a softer threat, which when they charge often isnt the case. 3 ranks, 2 banners, charge + whatever res my characters and regular attacks generate + more often than not break steadfast, esp versus hordes. and then theres the waaagh! for +d3 combat res, but who even uses that since the new book came out. t4 & la&s helps the survivability compared to gobbos, and you can go ahead and charge me in the flank, im stubborn fool!
23 sorcbuns: another autoinclude. theres room to swap the numbers of orcs and sorcbuns around a bit, but i prefer to run em 6-7 wide rather than a horde, and add more boys to make the trukk sturdier. sorcbuns rule, we all know this

6 trolls: aka the 6 pack. ive had a unit of 6 trolls in every OnG list ive run since 7th edition, and am a stickler for them, in that quantity. 8 is slightly too big a footprint for me personally. sure theres a few hard counters to trolls, moreso nowadays with boef everywhere, but so long as you keep em near the boss, and pick your fights carefully - which you should be doing anyway - they are golden. until you have dawn attack game, then they're a liability. thats also the reason i dont run two units anymore, well that and the brass orb/pos/etc. but s5, stomps, fear and regen more than compensate for i1. better ws than gobbos too
single troll: aka mrs gartroll (lolol if you went to high school with me) thanks internet, these guys are a fucking nuisance as chaff. keep within 12" of the trukk till its time to throw in front of someones deathstar, or to munch some enemy chaff. not a bad use of 35 pts
2x wolf chariots: not to be an orc supremecist, but imho gobbos are only good for warmachine/chariot/monster crews (barely). was running a unit of two, but split them and am trying using them as chaff drops/redirectors etc - thanks sammy. split them up and they wont panic each other too, esp with my list, where theres very little to panic

2x manglers: autoinclude. everyone fears manglers, apart from new people, who will learn soon enough. thing is, ive run them in every single game ive had since the new ong book, and can count on one hand the amount of times theyve swung a game. most of the time they're the first thing to die, but thats ok. more on that later. and yes, theres a nec minute: mangler edition. hurrrrr
lobba: why not eh. better to have than not, especially when you king hit a furnace t1 lolololol
dd: autoinclude, esp given all the knight bus builds around. the redirecting is the main selling point, given how you roll the distance first, then choose direction. and yes, it has a base, so can hit multiple units if theres a couple an inch apart. but then you have to roll a d6 for hits, sigh.
rok: aka ronald reagan - more on that later. now im a great fan of reagan. he's killed more cats than curiosity, and im not talking about supporting contras.
as far as monsters go, its not too bad, but anything s4-5+ is a bad idea to charge. 8 wounds is awesome, as is stubborn, but ld6 is as risky as wearing jandals to play a game of rugby. not that i would know about either.
ive got a whole seperate post lined up for reagan, but in a nutshell i fully rate him, especially with hand of gork for slippery spider shenanigans, and multiple other fast threats.

so ive spent a lot of time tinkering with this list since i moved to oz, in lieu of gaming. every time, i come to the opinion that there is nothing to change. my thinking - since the new ong book - is there is a trick to balancing blocks, and scary impact hit supporting units.
for a while i ran the double trouble/speed freak lists - 2xdd, 2xrl, 2x p/w, 2x mang, along with 2x2 w/c. seemed like a good idea until i realised it bled points, as i expected to throw away the pumpers, chariots and manglers.
since then ive been trying to tie up easy pts, which leads me to my latest thinking, about why this list is immutable.

seems like the easy swap is reagan right? imo, the fast stuff as it stands is such a force multiplier, that if i dropped reagan, the manglers would die quicker, and vice versa. having a pair of single chariots adds to that equation too, but at the moment its at an optimum level for me. all my chaff (spiders, manglers and chariots)die, and im giving away 265 pts to allow reagan to slip through somewhere sneaky relatively unmolested, while my opponents target the manglers, and my blocks get into position. and bear in mind this is worst case scenario. best case, it all gets through, you misfire, and its impact hit havoc. lololol

shit, this was a long post! slow day at work. will do woc list as a seperate one
oh, and 210 views now, thanks guys! you keep it up, and i will too


  1. Very much looking forward to your FOG "Nek Minute" update. I've been on the recieving end of that too many times!

    List looks solid and has performed well. Also yay for not Horde Sorcs!

    And btw you need 100 marauders. exactly, 100 marauders.

  2. good man, the one i have in mind is one of the better ones lol. although, we didnt take photos of that game with the t1 fog carnage ay?

    hey! cheeky bugger. ima get that shirt off

  3. I think the "best" one you've ever done wasnt vs me. The best one vs me was when I first tried the 2 Wlion horde/Dragon list at your last flat...dont think we took pics :(

  4. all good. yeah my favourite one took up a whole chapter in someones book of grudges... no more hints!

  5. Hehehehe...Hagan.......Hehehe