Friday, 7 September 2012

Pour out a lil liquor

for my homies that didnt make it.
make it to oz, that is. i had a lot of warhammer for some reason. lolol, some reason.
this post is for them. thanks for being my long term investment guys, couldn't have gotten over here without you. keep yer wealth on yer shelf an all that. apologies for the photo quality.

first, the spare greenskins. my first, and longstanding army.
it was a book i found in the porirua library as a youngster, entitled 'how to paint fantasy models' or summin. lots of pretty classic -what later became - chaos stuff, and loads of ongs.
being no stranger to fantasy fiction at that age, i knew it were a greenskin, but one particular sculpt caught my eye, a gobbo with his robe up, and cock out, taking a piss. i kid you not.
nec minute - well more like 15 years - heres the spares worth sellin'

could have used those pump wagons over here, oh well.
oh look, 40k. i guess it was my fault for having such a horrible list, but i found the game quite boring in comparison to fantasy. plus the attraction was more sporadic.
hilariously i only finished painting them to sell em lol

i also had some dusty ol warmaster thatd been kicking around for years too. been nice knowin ya fellas


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