Thursday, 6 September 2012

Only ghouls and horses

Well. no ghouls, but who doesn't like dad jokes?
heres the first real gsing i remember doing, or at least bothered to take photos of. nevermind the fingerprints, learning curve and all.
pre 8th, i had a friend who had some old vc plastic horsemen, archers, and new gg &delf bits. i spent one afternoon rolling up green stuff and having a hoon, with very little time spent with gs previously, but many many hours clocked in behind a scalpel from stencilling.
the results:

and also some zombies from the spare skelly bits for a lol



  1. Ace bro, still its better sculpting than i can do, except for fur, i can do fur. Nice to see you blogging man, should be a great read.

  2. Cheers cuz, got a fair backlog of stuff to keep me busy posting lol