Thursday, 13 September 2012

Speed freaks on the cheap

so i lurve w/h right, but i hate spending loadsa cash (not just on w/h, on anything)
although its not particularly common, one thing that grinds me gears hard is w/h that costs more in real life, than in the book. classic example is the gobbo chariot. 50 pts, but 60 - last time i checked - bux. wtf is with that?
another gripe i have - bought my walking stick to work today to wave around - is existing models that look shit. specifically for me, manglers and pump wagons. not to mention the price. its like being drunkenly ripped off by a pair of fugly strippers.
unfortunately for me and my wallet, all three of the above have been fairly regular editions to my lists since the new book. what to do?!?!
ill tell you: thuggin' on a budget.
i ordered a pair of boar chariots from the internet via dave, and had some spare wolf riders lying about.
in fact, you could probably get away with one boar chariot to make two gobbo ones, would need a little bit of plasic card, but i digress.
so out of these two boxes, i made 2 wolf chariots, 2 pump wagons, and 2 manglers. admitedly there were some other spare bits involed, but for the most part thats all you need.
just used spare shields to build up the front and sides of the chariots, add a little plastic card and more spare shields, and you'll have enough spare bits to build some pumpers too. used ogre bull standards as outriggas, and the front part of chukkas for the spikey bits.
like so:

granted the old manglers dont look particularly exciting, but hey, they're the first thing to die remember?
also, the 2/3 of the gobbo crew on the chariots are detachable, perfect for wound counters. the old fanatics also come off the manglers to represent when they've gone wild.
the makeshift models dont stop there! 40 bux for a piece of shit 35 pt chukka? how bout:

cobbled together like a true greenskin, had the bow leftover from my squiggadon (steg kit), and made the tripod from one of the spare giant weapons. not that i ever use chukkas nowadays anyway lol.
who doesnt love budget warhammer?
and 303 views now! you flatter me

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