Sunday, 23 September 2012

Swoard of khaine round 3

alright, so 2k here for round three as per previous post.

a variety of non brb missions, this first being 7 tokens worth 200 vps each, and nothing else in terms of vps. had to move over it to grab, and that unit held on to it unless it dies or flees. couldnt charge over one to pick it up either
matched against a de list, with a shadow l4, assassin, asf bsb on foot, 20 ish xbows behind the building, 30ish spears next to the building, 15ish bg, 7 coks, hydra, rbt, and 5 shades off screen to the left of my spidies. he goes first after i vanguard the spiders up to grab a counter, and his coks grab one also.

his bows jump in the building, shades kill a couple spiders who flee and drop their counter. on the right, my chariot sneaks up, grabs a counter, then spends all game in the corner of the board, out of 24" of the building. what a dick. manglers move up to the jaws theme song, and my dd halves the cold ones.

he cant quite kill either mangler, and off they go, killing the final coks who had two tokens, the other (combined with a foot) halves the bg, and drops the hydra down to one wound. spiders rally and go and stand in front of the shades for more target practice, and to block a charge on the lobba till i handed it out the way. love that trick, cos it dont count as moving.

then he pits and shoots the shit out of my trukk. i if an ere we go, killing more of the trukk and a couple bg, who finish off the unit, before getting trukk'd to death. savages line up to kill some spearman, and i hand the trolls over to chase the hydra round. by now he has 2 tokens, one with the shades and one with the xbows - which i wasnt going to be able to get. i had two on one mangler, one on the other, and one on a chariot.

spears come in and get the bash. i nab his bsb and eventually the unit. hydra moves to grab the token, and the trolls charge and kill it, taking the token lol. i hand the character unit around to try and avoid getting shot more. the spiders are down to one model who hasnt fled from the shades, then i turn the dd around and kill all of them with one shot. lone spider then takes the token. what a dick lolol

characters jump into the sorcbuns once they're done with the spears, trolls menace the xbows. i cant quite grab the centre token that the dead mangler dropped.

but im on 5 tokens to his 1, and its a 16-4 win to the orcs. waaagh victory conditions!
nec game was against the dreaded he player there. this was a straight battleline. he had a l4 with high magic, noble bsb with reavor bow, noble on steed with stuff, 12 wlions, 5 dprinces, 16 ish smasters, 2 eagles, rbt, regular chariot, big spear block, and big block of flaming archers.

as we all know, eagles are the natural enemies of goblins warmachine crews everywhere. so i positioned my chariots to try get counter charges on any future eagle rock'n, while my sorcs enjoyed a flames of the phoenix. he nabs one mangler, but cant quite get the other, and it goes through his 12 wlions on the left, 11 hits, 11 wounds, take your toys off. lone wlion hides in the building till gorks foot punts him into next week.

the left hand eagle charges the chariot, which loses, but isnt caught and later rallies. sorcbuns keep getting flamed, while vaul unmakes my warbosses ward save. get out of it vaul!

now here, both eagles charge my waaghtillery. both fluff, but win by one. both machines hold. LOL. chariots counter next turn and kill both eagles. LOLOLOL. meanwhile, sorcbuns keep gettin' flamed. dd pings a couple of dps off screen to the right, but dies to em later on. errone else moves up fer chargin'. sorcbuns square off against smasters, and i didnt rate my chances till gork gets his foot in the mix and less than half remain. much better!

trukk smashes through the smasters, didnt want to tempt fate with the sorcs. trolls go through the archers, despite the flaming attacks. helped that they failed their fear test, and were in a river for some reason.
sorcbuns get more flames. eek, getting pretty small now

his spears try to charge the flank of the trukk but fail. i reform to face and hand the sorcbuns out the way of the dps. chariot accompanies as not to give away pts. last turn i charge bolt thrower. end up winning 12-8. whoop!

last game is vs brets. victory conditions were capturing the three oasis's in the centre of the table, and that was it. opponent had lord and bsb with stuff, prophetess l2 on heavens, damsel l2 on life, 2x kotr, small gk unit, 2xtreb, 2xarchers and 3 peg knights. we vanguarded, he prayed and i went first.

my opponent had moved his pegs a lil too close, and i alpha striked a chariot on a 9" charge into em. did two wounds, won by two, and caught them. overran into archers. lololol. then dd'd half his gks. what a dick.

he counters the chariots with the leftover gks, with the general in there. wins and overruns. i charge trolls in the flank, spew 6 times on his general and take two wounds. i win combat but cant catch. trolls now spend two turns failing stupidity and standing an inch in front of the archers.
with a mutter about visiting the ladies room, his damsel jumps into the building, while the prophetess suicides onto the mangler in front of the big kotr unit, which then moves up. his gks and general rally.

with a cackle of glee my spiders charge the building - having just realised the wallcrawler rule the night before lolol - and eat the damsel, much to my opponent's horror. trukk charges the kotr unit, wins, but doesnt catch. it later runs off the table.

i hand the savages up here to keep out of los of last kotr unit, but able to get back to the oasis to claim it. trukk turns around, trolls are still menacing archers.

here everything turns and makes a move back towards objective. kotr get a long charge and nail lobba. dd has misfired to death by this point. his archesr makes the spiders flee off the objective

then, as i get a toe on all three objectives, gork throws a foot or two down, and kills 7/9 of the last kotr unit, who then dont charge, but contest the right hand oasis. arcchers pop out to contest the left hand one

but the central oasis is mine, and i win by it, making it a 12-8 win again.

not a bad showing for the orcs, would have been much bigger wins if it was regular vp based, but ah well, thems the breaks. happy birthday ben, heres some wins, love from gork, mork, and gorks feet and hands.
one more round next month at 2200 pts, then onto the final round in nov.
so waaaaagh! up next, a lizo list, followed maybe by some more historical gs pics


  1. Awesome work cuz, teaching those Aussies how to play Orcs brah!!!!

  2. 3 from 3 not bad, not bad.

    Also great to see your manglers do some damage. I was very suprised that you got past the Dark Elf and High Elf shooting!

    Ps-can you email my work email. I've moved offices and computers = lose my outlook saved contacts :(

  3. cheers gang.
    hah, yeah its not to say they didnt try shooting em, but with only one missile unit and rbt apiece, it was gonna be an uphill struggle.
    will do. its still the kb ay?