Monday, 24 September 2012

Listy list lists: Lizo

a little breakfast alliteration for ya'll.
im kinda loathe to post this now, as my lizos still havent arrived after over a week, and the tracking number was thrown out by my parents. believe me, if i could've fit a single skink more in my warhammer suitcase when i came over, i would have lol.
anyway, fate tempting aside, heres the latest lizo list of mine. bear in mind i got around 2.5-3k worth of stuff, and thats all i have.
also, i know cascading failed charges with skink pew pew filth is all well and good, but its not fun to play against, and its not the etc. so:

slann, bsb, cupped hands (hadoooogen) shadow, loremaster, +1 pd

skink priest, scroll
scar vet, burning blade, la & es, curse charm
scar vet, cold one, firefly venom, la & cs

2x11 skirmies
2x12 skirmies
23 sw, hw&s, fc

19 tg, fc
11 cocs, fc
2x5 chams

2x sallies

2399 pts

so yeah, the main potential change here is magic lore. i reckon shadow works in reverse to the usual light buffs, plus has stuff to deal with big nasties/armoured fist lists. loremaster is great. i can throw a sneaky steed on my scar vet cold one to deal with enemy warmachines etc if the chammies suck/playing empire.
cocs arent that great without buffs, agreed. but they are a tough pts sink, along with tg. both of which would benefit greatly from any of the shadow hexes in cc. in saying that, throw a miasma, then a spaz razor, we are golden lol.
other options here are the usual suspects, light, life or beasts. want to try shadow first though. also have some spare krox and an ancient steg. and a few skinks. we'll see how it goes.
and as soon as i finish typing this, i get the email that my lizos have arrived at reception!

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  1. You know how I feel about this matter.. Too many saurus/tg, not enough pew pew skinks.

    Unit of 40 skinks ftw!