Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Listy lists list: woc

woc were my 3rd army after ong and de. i got tired of getting smashed in 7th with my ong, and started collecting de. after a while, i found de to be too much of a subtle knife for my orcish approach, and started the 18-24 month period of playtesting, sculpting and painting - thanks dave - the woc.

because i had so many spare ong models, i was determined not to make the same mistake with my new woc army, and spent ages proxying and playtesting - something id definately recommend for all ya'lls.
so apart from a few special choices and character builds, the list hasnt changed much since then:

sorcerer lord, mark of tz, l4, charmed shield, talisman of 4++, disc, puppet

exalted, mark of tz, bsb, talisman of 5++, enchanted shield
exalted, mark of tz, golden eye of tz, shield, disc, asf sword, stream of corruption
sorcerer, l1 fire, scroll

3x5 wolves
16 warriors, mark of khorne, halberds, muso & standard, boef
17 warriors, mark of tz, fc, shields
23 marauders, mark of khorne, flails, muso

6 chaos trolls

warshrine, mark of tz

so obviously tzeentch has gone around touching everyone, would have expected that kind of behaviour from slaanesh. right:

sorcerer lord: yeah you can get away with a l2 with extra spell and mot, but why not just splurge out on the deluxe version? +1 to cast on argueably the nastiest lore along with puppet means you're hoping for a solid magic roll, 2+/3++ with ignore first hit is immensely frustrating for you opponents - ay guys, and you lol at cannons. but beware howling warp gale/storm banner, cos a disc is movement 1. not making THAT mistake again. lol

exalted bsb: 2+/4++. enough said. base exalted stats arent that bad, allowing me to spend more pts on
discman: so instead of a disclord and l2.5, ive gone in reverse with sorclord, and disc hero. more 2+/3++ shenanigans, but only vs shooting/mms for the ward. a few tricks up his sexy sleeve - thanks charlie - with asf and breath weapon makes him a bit of a multitool. hes won games, solod stuff, and is the bane of warmachines everywhere. he does fall down though if i pick the wrong fight, am scr'd out, or flee when i shouldnt. oh and he hates kb - looking at you jvdvl
fire l1: scroll caddy, gives some mm options

3x5 wolves: chaff drops, road blocks, cheap as. i use em for frenzy triggers - keeping em in front of kwar and kmar to stop frenzy tests till i want to charge
16 kwar: autoinclude. hits harder than a bag full of frozen dicks
17 twar: another autoinclude. good solid unit, and sizeable point sink
23 kmar: perfect for softening up stuff, or winning against smaller units. l1 bunker, and not bad for less than 150 pts, which makes biffing them at stuff all the more palatible.

6 trolls: not that ive ever rolled anything bar +1 as on the eotg table for em, but i still hold out hope. a contentious choice, as stated before there are a lot of hard counters to trolls nowadays. i do still love em, those big slimy beasts. part of the reason my lord is on a disc now. was considering dropping em for some knights, but will wait to see if theres a new book soon

warshrine - doesnt do too badly, esp if youve got trolls in your list that are already stupid, and cause fear. but we all know why people pop em in the list, its amazing how much +1 s/t/a/ld or 4++ & stubborn can help eh. a tz one is also an excellent cannonball catcher, with a 3++ its great for parking in front of your hellcannon for maximum 'look out mr president' lolz.
also makes a great wagon train for loose wizards. ie i get my fire wizard solo while kmar flail about. park him an inch behind the w/s so nothing (eagles esp) can charge him, and continue to rotate as the game goes on. frustrates the shit out of your opponent too lol.
only thing is they're not that great in combat, and dies more often than not to scr and being caught. so careful now.
hellcannon: depending on who you ask, they are either awesome, or rubbish. i am of the awesome opinion.
sure, 1 cannon shot and there goes 205 pts, but on the other hand, pandemonium + hellcannon hit (not wound) you're in big trouble, mr. or i hit your wizard bunker t1 and it runs off the table. or i king hit your furnace/treeman/etc. as far as misfires tables go, its pretty good too. and base s5 loves hordes of anything. take your toys off. and thats just the cannon. people tend to forget how much of a beast it can be in combat also, providing you pick your fights. and who doesnt love a unit of grunz sneaking up on it, only for it to fail rampage, turn around, and pulp them. howd it see us?!?!

now i was crunching and tweakin', and soft points there to me are the cannon, and trolls. in fact i can drop them for exactly 10 nurg knights, fc. mmm, conversion opportunities...
but yeah, would pay to wait for any new book i guess.
this list does fairly well, and im used to playing it. it suffers most against skaven though, esp with wee warrior units. yes theres a nec minute: d13th edition
ive found it doesnt scale down too well though, just need to find some more 2400 pt tournies over here
will look at posting photos of both armies at some stage too

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