Thursday, 6 September 2012

Hurro Dahlinks

Nerd brothers and sisters, welcome to my blog.
Those of you who know me are either groaning or grinning to see my venture into the world of warhammer blogging, those who don't, let me assure you that you're in good hands.
a touch of crassness, a little unnecessary cussing, some blistering warhammer insights, and some sexy greensstuff pixxx to round it off, my word.
Lemme ask you, if you started a new job, and could only access a pitiful amount of w/h blogs - and no forums - you'd start a blog right? well i did, and thats my mission statement. fucking new jobs.
First up, gotta change these bland as shit banners, then ive got quite the backlog of greenstuffery pix for ya'll, historic like. Not my greatest work, but my first. we all love learning curves.
Not that anyone is reading this right now, but will update later tonight


  1. G'day Ben,

    Sam told us about your blog on his one, so I had to follow it. Was a real shame to hear you'd gone to the Land of the Wrong White Crowd, but I'm sure you're having fun, what, with the higher wages, sun, international touring bands and beaches full of bronzed nubileness. Still, I bet it's not a patch on Hataitai in a southerly.

    Hope you get a lot of good gaming in, and write about it here.


  2. hey Tane,

    good to hear from you man. yep, youre right on the money there matey, plus more besides!
    yeah, moving into a place this arvo with a proper table tennis table, just gots ta chuck the nerd net out. plenty of tournies over here, but melbourne is huge, and i dont drive lol
    good to hear from you tho, thanks for tuning in