Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sticks n stones

this morning, id like to talk about something close to all of our nerd hearts: basing our man dollies.

so i recently arrived in australia with two fully painted and finished armies.
then i started tinkering with my woc list, and popped my L4 on a disc. thats great, but now i need to base this sucker.
my options are somewhat limited, as i biffed or gave away all my flock and gravel etc. do i want to lurk round the local gw and beg for a blat on their gravel? damned if ima shell out 15 bux for a pot of it.
previously i was using a mix of the gw gravel pots, and rocks from the fantasy basing kit.
i recall having this conversation with non w/h nerd friends, usually starting with
'so, you have to buy rocks?'
'are they expensive, these rocks?'
'why do you have to have rocks?'

anyway, this conundrum was solved by one of my flatmates, who is currently putting the finishing touches on his exhibition, opening nec week. he found a ratty as shit taxidermied deer head at the tip shop without antlers, and decided to paint it and plant a bonsai tree where the antlers were.
long story, but hes a visionary.
what id like to share with ya'll, is that he went to bunnings to get the bonsai etc, he bought a couple of tubs of gravel too. both pots are ideal sizes for basing, pretty much bang on sizewise to the gw stuff, and most importantly - $2 bux a pot.

So - before you go and spend your hard earned w/h budget on the gw basing stuff, i implore you to swing past a bunnings/plant shop and check out the selection there. its good shit, and its cheap as bro


  1. Good call cuzzy, did my entire display board and 6x4 foot board with sa bag of stuff from bunnings for 5 bucks. Yeah Yeah. Oh yeah....I made a display board..:)