Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Shirts off progress + de

gidday team, 
still been beard deep in empire at the mo, got a few shoddy pics for yall! hooray! hopefully will get some better ones once its all done and together. for now tho;


as you can see in the background, just working on the walter and cane em at the mo. still got 10 more archers, 3 wizards and a priest, 3 pegs also. but the bulk of the army is all done! actually quite enjoyed painting it all, for once. so much so that i painted the demis in a week. and pretty stoked with how the lot of it came out too, she be popping once the basing got done, much to my surprise.

had a few games lately too, trying to get up to speed with the lizo with a swedish comp score 16 list for cancon practice. but before we get to that, lets talk dark elves!
a little behind the 8 ball on this one, already lots of comprehensive de write ups on the net. regardless, heres my 2 cents, and new list!
so whats changed? heaps! pts drops here and there, although increases in core. some of the new stuff is ace, some of it naff. some good items, some stink ones. sounds like any 8th book really lol.

there are definately some big winners here; l4 taking all lores is def no 1 in my book. awesome. and yeah, the new dark magic is pretty handy too. then theres the 4+as fast cav, the fact ANY unit (apart from shades & driders i think) can take a magic banner means youll be seeing a unit of flaming xbows a lot. black guard got the unit cap dropped, but well upped in price, making a horde w/t fc and ap banner over 500 pts. bolt throwers are special, 70 pts, and you can take 4 - which i now have MUAHAHAHA! - as are harpies now too, although they got a price upping too.
then theres the rare, literally bursting with options. one thing everyone will take tho, are warlocks. they are mint. fair amount of s4 poison attacks, not to mention the 4++ and built in 
 doombolts and soulblights. and fast cav. good times.

a few omissions there too, you might notice. we're gonna see more hydras on ebay than on battlefields now, not too much changed apart from the price, and the new version of regen. which sucks. if you can do 5 wounds on a t5 hydra witha 4+ as in combat, it dont get back up no mo' pa. no regen sucks. shame, now that they're special. might have some value in a monster mash list, but we'll see how it all pans out in a few months, once someones run one lol. just cos you can make a double kit, doesnt mean you should. although the kraken variant would make a hilarious character assassin.
theres also some contentious entries too. namely, the new cauldron. a definate nerfing of the previous version - aiint nothing free in 8th ed, it only gives a ward to whoever its sitting in -and unless youre a witch elf its not that great, and +1 attack is a bound spell. like many others, i was like 'witch elf horde+cauldron ftw!' but on second look, i dont know if thats how i want to roll. there are inherent weaknessess of a frenzied t3  horde, esp if its taking ld tests at -3.
plus the reduced frontage, plus having your t3 bsb with a 5++ and thats it.. etc etc. i will wait and see how it goes, but its no cauldron for me at the mo

so whats in the list mang? whats tickling your mancy? well my first list is based on what i already have. and its a deathstar. and im sorry.
L4 on life, ring, scroll (cant remember if i have a scroll too, not sure, think thats too much arcane) II - life + elves = awesome. who cares about t3 5+as elves, when they can be t5/7 with regen? LOL. the ring is lovely too, not too much more than an mr3 item, plus the double 1 miscast that people gonna forget

master, bsb, peg, cloak, 1+as, lance - a 1+ in every list. the cloak rules. i had to make my master a bsb cos i wasnt running a cauldron, not ideal, but we'll run with it, see how it goes

assassin, dark venom, sword of antiheroes, the other tricksters shard - suddenly, assassins can take any ol magic items up to 50 pts. cue broken combos. and also, the poisons seem to stack on top of magic weapons. mines in the mix to try and kb dudes. simple. id fancy him going toe to toe with a blender lord. less so a dprince, but thats what bolt throwers are for

core is 2x11 xbows, one with flaming banner - pretty self explanatory, you gotta have core. flaming xbows!
then we also have 3x5 driders, with the lot. spears, bows, shields, tiny hats. are they the new best fast cav? probably

4 rbts - if you got it, flaunt it. right?
2x5 harpies - a chaffy staple
31 executioners, fc - the new black. expect to see a lot of these dudes about. for the pts, they are a very very good deal. then combo that with life magic, and we are deathstar-ing

2x5 warlocks - another +1 in every new de army. dual purpose fast cav/wizards, means you can be casting spells of use from t1. and dont get me started on the double soulblight potential. sploosh.

the hard part was not adding more wizards! would love a l2 on dark, but 2x warlocks and a l4 on life means im casting useful stuff from t1-6, regardless of my opponent. now to wait until they release executioners and warlocks!
best part of the book imo is when i went to work on monday and emailed all the nerds about their de lists, everyone had a fairly different one. variety! although, like any book, no doubt we'll all be seeing more of a few certain things lol
 havent had a game with em yet, so needless to say i cant wait. have been playing a bit tho, but with the lizo. got a pretty solid lizo list for a comp 16, but still not sold on it, especially now ive done the unthinkable and written a 15 pt woc list! more on that later. but heres a brief run down of some of the latest gaming;

first up against our newest member to the shirts off family, johannes and his woodies. another comp 16 list, with dual treeman! fire the lasers!

well i definately tried, but couldnt get anything better than  a s4 shot against em. kept them away tho lol. despite some of the worst to wound rolls ive ever seen, johannes did manage to snatch up both my cold one heroes, but i did get a laser through the treekin, killing 2 and a half, and then mopping up the unit late game with 5 cold ones in the flank. 

another battle in this game of note was a laserdon whiffing for most the game vs a unit of wild riders. turns out the laserdon wins! thanks to a 2+ as and johannes crappy to wound dice. ended up being a minor victory for the lizo

next was vs james' he. 

to put it simply, i played like a chump, and got beaten like one. enough said. i felt bad for wasting james' time. sorry bud. woc now, i promise!

last game was vs von daemonovskis new fatties. 

it was all going ok as i chaffed him up on a blood and glory game, and he started closer

 until he overran past my oldblood, put a maw through my saurus and despite me wildforming and charging with the remains, it wasnt enough to deal with his minigutstar.

 definate highlight was the cold one old blood with a 1+ rerollable nearly killing a stonehorn solo, then getting rear charged by his guts and holding for two rounds, making jammy jammy saves. lol. 

didnt help tho, and i get a tabling
so back to the drawing board, decided ill suck up the comp hit and take a harder and more familar woc list instead. go with what you know, you know? so more batreps with the woc soon.

and finally, today at work i received a box of avatars of war corrupters + a metal exalted. now while it did take 3 months to arrive from spain, i was abso-lutely gobsmacked with the quality and detail of the models.

 the limited photos of them simply do not do them justice ay, so putrid and disgusting, is going to save me a LOT of sculpting time as they're already pretty thoroughly nurgley. cant wait to get them together and painted. and the icing on top of this wonderful nurgle cake is the bases:

molded in such a way as to easily accomodate a rare earth magnet, without any effort other than gluing it on. faaaaaaarking nice one dudes.
so thats all for now, should have that empire all painted by the next time you hear from me, other than that, stay tuned for more, roll some dice, and take your shirt off

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Shirts off gaming lately

Hola team,

Not much time for blogging lately sorry, but rest assured im still up to my eyeballs in warhammer.
Still been painting that empire, with most of it fully done now and popping!

Im pretty stoked. Still quite a bit to do, but no more hordes of state troops! Whoop! But yeah, will get some close ups for the next post. And also congrats to greg and judith, who by now are married. Well done!

ive cleaned, assembled and undercoated more skinks, and broken the 100+ skink mark. A tear of pride from Mal. But yeah, got everything (30 skinks, 2 laserdons, 6 terras and a new priest)  ready to go, once its time to paint lizo.

Lately though, have been trying out and tweaking lizo and de lists. Heres some quick batreps.
First game was vs gregs ok. Lots of learnings for both of us, but heres how it started, 

And heres how it ended.

Turns out the best way to kill mournfang is panicking them off the board by killing a cat that strayed too close. I had some good soulquenchz and poison, killing off his gutstar. Cold ones smashed leadbelchers in the flank, and slann floated around being mysterious. Ended up being a draw-ish.

So then I tried me de against the same list. 

This time, gregs dice were on fire. In two rounds he had a chain lightening go off across my entire army, then he then rolls 30 shots with a unit of belchers, and hellhearts both my wizards in the poor unit of spearmen. Heres how it looked at the end. 

Thanks for ruining my first game with the de in years, and my last game with the old book greg. cant wait to get my paws on the new book on sat tho, definately got a touch of the moist panties at the moment and it dont smell like piss! take any lore? core welf horde with a marching cauldron in the unit? warlocks and scourgerunners and kraken? oh my. but i digress. much much more on that soon.

next were back to lizo vs james's he. 

Pew pewd some stuff including his frost fifi, but lost a bunch more than he did, tied up starlance eagleman for aaaages with a unit of 5 cold ones, and took the last wound with a s&s later. 

couldn’t deal with the wlions & dual l4, so slann again is hiding in the corner at the end, and it’s a loss. gotta say tho, i learnt a lot in this game from james, good man.

Last game I tried was a cancon list with woc vs ok. More ok! This time, its daemonovski's.

 had the game in the bag t2, with 7 trolls in the front of 6 guts and two characters, and 18 nwar in the flank. Miasma was off, good times 

till he rolled a snake eyes for the break and countered with everything, pretty much tabling me. Sob.

He was kind enough to note the terrible dice ive been stuck withsince axemaster. Might be time for a new set.
But then, It was back to drawing board for cancon tho, a swedish comp score 14 is not going to cut it. Gonna try a 16 ish, now theyve dropped the top end to a 16 i quite like this:

Old blood, cold one, gw, dbgem, cshield
Old blood, general, ao4++, gw

Scar vet, cold one, la&d/h, halberd
Scar vet, bsb, ao5++, shield
L2 beasts, scroll
L2 beasts, cube

2x14 skirmies
2x13 cohort, 1 banner
22 saurus, fc, hws

3 terras
7 chammies
2x5 cold ones, muso
2x laserdon


So got another game on wed, gonna try this lizo list for cancon next. After that, expect some new de lists on Saturday - my poor mrs lol, all these new books for me lately - although in saying that she has been very helpful and actually happy to help do some basing. What a dream eh? Cant beat em, join em. speaking of which, i was really really stoked on this:


such a brilliant idea! gonna try this with my girlfriend next non swedish comp tourney i go to. im tempted to try run a tournament with comp based on this idea too, well see how that goes.

But yeah, that’s all for now, stay tuned for more! soon! and perhaps we'll find an answer to this mystery box thats appeared in my room...

dum dum duuuuuuuuuuum