Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Shirts off gaming lately

Hola team,

Not much time for blogging lately sorry, but rest assured im still up to my eyeballs in warhammer.
Still been painting that empire, with most of it fully done now and popping!

Im pretty stoked. Still quite a bit to do, but no more hordes of state troops! Whoop! But yeah, will get some close ups for the next post. And also congrats to greg and judith, who by now are married. Well done!

ive cleaned, assembled and undercoated more skinks, and broken the 100+ skink mark. A tear of pride from Mal. But yeah, got everything (30 skinks, 2 laserdons, 6 terras and a new priest)  ready to go, once its time to paint lizo.

Lately though, have been trying out and tweaking lizo and de lists. Heres some quick batreps.
First game was vs gregs ok. Lots of learnings for both of us, but heres how it started, 

And heres how it ended.

Turns out the best way to kill mournfang is panicking them off the board by killing a cat that strayed too close. I had some good soulquenchz and poison, killing off his gutstar. Cold ones smashed leadbelchers in the flank, and slann floated around being mysterious. Ended up being a draw-ish.

So then I tried me de against the same list. 

This time, gregs dice were on fire. In two rounds he had a chain lightening go off across my entire army, then he then rolls 30 shots with a unit of belchers, and hellhearts both my wizards in the poor unit of spearmen. Heres how it looked at the end. 

Thanks for ruining my first game with the de in years, and my last game with the old book greg. cant wait to get my paws on the new book on sat tho, definately got a touch of the moist panties at the moment and it dont smell like piss! take any lore? core welf horde with a marching cauldron in the unit? warlocks and scourgerunners and kraken? oh my. but i digress. much much more on that soon.

next were back to lizo vs james's he. 

Pew pewd some stuff including his frost fifi, but lost a bunch more than he did, tied up starlance eagleman for aaaages with a unit of 5 cold ones, and took the last wound with a s&s later. 

couldn’t deal with the wlions & dual l4, so slann again is hiding in the corner at the end, and it’s a loss. gotta say tho, i learnt a lot in this game from james, good man.

Last game I tried was a cancon list with woc vs ok. More ok! This time, its daemonovski's.

 had the game in the bag t2, with 7 trolls in the front of 6 guts and two characters, and 18 nwar in the flank. Miasma was off, good times 

till he rolled a snake eyes for the break and countered with everything, pretty much tabling me. Sob.

He was kind enough to note the terrible dice ive been stuck withsince axemaster. Might be time for a new set.
But then, It was back to drawing board for cancon tho, a swedish comp score 14 is not going to cut it. Gonna try a 16 ish, now theyve dropped the top end to a 16 i quite like this:

Old blood, cold one, gw, dbgem, cshield
Old blood, general, ao4++, gw

Scar vet, cold one, la&d/h, halberd
Scar vet, bsb, ao5++, shield
L2 beasts, scroll
L2 beasts, cube

2x14 skirmies
2x13 cohort, 1 banner
22 saurus, fc, hws

3 terras
7 chammies
2x5 cold ones, muso
2x laserdon


So got another game on wed, gonna try this lizo list for cancon next. After that, expect some new de lists on Saturday - my poor mrs lol, all these new books for me lately - although in saying that she has been very helpful and actually happy to help do some basing. What a dream eh? Cant beat em, join em. speaking of which, i was really really stoked on this:


such a brilliant idea! gonna try this with my girlfriend next non swedish comp tourney i go to. im tempted to try run a tournament with comp based on this idea too, well see how that goes.

But yeah, that’s all for now, stay tuned for more! soon! and perhaps we'll find an answer to this mystery box thats appeared in my room...

dum dum duuuuuuuuuuum


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  1. Dude that video is THE BEST! and OnG are the best army for this sort of thing haha