Monday, 12 May 2014

Shirts off update

kia ora all,

so lots of things today, but first i want to show you something that blew my mind in the weekend. out at melton again for a one dayer- more on that later, and johannes was doing terrible things to his first opponent william. as we commiserated, i noticed his bases were slightly different, and he was kind enough to explain all about em. even had a spare pack for display lol

so basically, hes got an armies worth of bases that dont need mag trays, as they are all magnetised together. brilliant! laser cut mdf from back to basics, with tiny grooves cut out to fit the square magnets in so snugly, you hardly need glue. pack comes with magnets, and is 10$ for ten i think?

so not only does that make the unit so solidly magnetized that you can pick up a block of models without any sag, there are registration points on each base to avoid erroneous magnetising, but its super easy to reform easily, all with a clickedy clack reminiscent of the original transformers. very satisfying, and fairly discreet under the gw bases

so there we go. shame all my armies are based already, else id be all over this. apparently you can holla at back to basics about em, and thanks to william for colouring me impressed.

next up ive been painting fairly solidly lately, making the most of the precious last few days of unemployment. you may recall i have a lizo army that i never seem to use lol, but have been getting that pretty close to all done lately. got a bunch of stuff up to the final black wash stage + basing including the last 50 skinks and a priest:

 an ancient steg that will probably never see the battlefield

and the first of two laserdons, as of posting the other is all done bar the crystals

and finally finished my terras. also painted up another half dozen temple guard, as per ivans parting advice

got a few other things on the go, such as my new daemonic mount bsb for the woc

as well as more empire stuff for nick, and a little basecoating of a pair of skycutters to help out jibjib. so thats nearly two more of my armies (collections) that are fully painted, leaving only the de to finish before i move onto the vc. so close!

and somehow despite all this painting, ive been playing a tonne too. worked out that on average, the last three months of not working i have played wh everyday. target achieved!
dont have pics for it, but had my first game against the new we with my lizo, learning the power of trueflight arrows when johannes moved, and shot at long range at hard cover skirmishers. what do you mean they hit on 3's?!?!?!? didnt finish that game due to general hubbub (book wasnt out yet) but i was on my way to a walloping.

i do have a few photo batreps tho, the first is the rematch of the above game, but this time with woc.
wanted to try out a potential list for face off, but needed some games to iron out the wrinkles. so in the next 5 games im running:

l4, motz, disc, scroll, 2+3++, cshield, 3rd eye, breath weapon

exalted bsb, motz, flail, 5++
l1 fire, skull of katam
exalted, motz, bdmount, g/w, 1+/3++

5 hounds
16 motz warriors, fc, hws, sodisc
2x monchariots

2 mongbchariots

4 crushers, muso and e/w

some brutal lessons here about the power of waywatchers, ten of whom shoot off two crushers in one round

 triple one charge for the eagle. poor fella

dragon goes in to finish the crushers, and waywatchers shoot two wounds off my disc l4. roll two two's for the ward sigh

 so he goes and hides in the corner and gateways off some wildriders. dragon and hellcannon tussle all game, but to no result. i did beat him one round, but the dragon got away

i kill a few bits and pieces and its an 11-9 against. game two of the evening was also against the new we, another similar list fielded by johnathon, except no dragon, and a l3 on death, l4 on shadow + shooting and skirmishers. 14 waywatchers this time. heres t2

you can see my hounds facing off against his, which are actually wild riders. i cant get the crushers into em without getting my dogs out of the way, and i foolishly put both in, only to lose thanks to free dog pts, and my crushers get run down. sigh

disc l4 finishes em of and daemonic mount exalted goes apeshit, killing 2x12 glade guard, 2x5 wardancers, and 7 waywatchers all by himself by the end of the game

hellcannon fails two rampages in a row, ends up fighting an eagle for two rounds, who does two wounds to the hellcannon in the first round!! l4 gateways off the other unit of glade guard, and nabs the bsb later along with a unit of wardancers

i dodge and dispel pits all game, while the tz warriors get shot in the back all game

 but, by far my favourite bit was the hellcannon in t6, direct hit on his general bunker of thorny sisters, but a misfire... 6! did a couple wounds, failed panic, and ran 10" off the board. ouch

good times, learnt my lesson and avoided the way watchers, but super disappointing performance from the crushers.

then on sat i was out to melton for a 3 game 2400 pt warm up for the upcoming face off tournie, although it was swedish comp for the one dayer for some reason. my list was a 3.1, but wasnt the worst there lol. first game was against ash and his skaven. im really stoked you dont see skaven that much over here in oz, i still have many unpleasant memories of thrashings from the paws of mr dunn & reid.

my opponent has 4 rat ogres small stormvermin unit with seer, some kind of extra cr banner, and a mortar, 30 clanrats with bsb and another mortar, priest on furnace with 30 odd plague monks with the reroll banner, more clanrats with a flamer, doomwheel and ratapult. was i stoked that there was no hellpit, grunners, doomrocket/orb or bell? yes!
he goes first and doomwheel gets way too close and i stop warpgale. all three weapons teams misfire, with only one surving. gets a hit from the ratapult on my bunker who panic periously close to the board edge, but rally in my turn

a chariot of each type charges and beats the doomwheel, the gorebeast reforms to face clanrats, and regular chariot fails to catch. i get a treason on his seers unit, and exalted kills the last weapons team, panicking his bunker. chariot in the flank of ogres beats and runs em down. jhellcannon misses

 doomwheel runs off the board, panicking the ratapult. seer rallies but is out of d13th range. they eventually charge and beat the exalted, but dont catch and he rallies. i gateway off 4/6 furnace wounds and wound the priest. he charges clanrats into my bunker and is soundly beaten

i put a chariot and l4 into seer bunker and make sure there is no skitterleaping. kill and run down with chariot. breath weapon on the l4 did most of the work there. he puts slaves in front of crushers, sensing im not taking the bait and moving back around the impassable terrain in the centre. hellcannon gets a direct hit on the furnace with another misfire 6, but the hole randomises onto priest and furnace is left on one wound.

in the end his slaves run off the board, a chariot kills the ratapult, and i put the crushers into the flank of the monks after they fail a frenzy test. kill a tonne but they are just out of the forest and steadfast on a 5, which they make. end up with an 18-2 and a great start. great opponent too, took his bad dice on the chin

next up was that damn sam morgan and his wip bretts. spoiler alert much? hes got two trebs, 3x3 pegs, 2x10 archers, two lances, tonnes of characters 2 l2's on life, and a hkb lord on peg, one of two peglords. meeting engagement and i have to set up first. cock it up here deploying in the corner when i knew i was going first, should have put the pressure on him straight away. 

 not much happens, a little charge and flee. hellcannon gets a hit on one of the lances, but to little effect. all game sam rolls armour and ward like a boss, reducing me to a potty pirate mouthed frustration. t2 i charge two chariots and exalted into generals unit, but only one chariot makes it, i cant get many wounds, and exalted runs away, to be run down by a l2. chariot holds tho

more flees and fails, and i get a gorebeast + crushers into the non lord lance. win by a tonne, and even with a treason he holds. he then sounds the falconhorn, and surrounds my l4

he beats the l4 with pegs - breath weapon rolled 3 hits and no wounds, and i get run down eventually. kill the other lance, but character lance goes straight through my tz bunker. i do get a treason on em, but hellcannon misses. next turn i try and terror bomb them off the board, but to no avail. crushers get flanked by a peg lord and more pegs, but get away after losing combat thanks to a timely flesh to stone

here is the l4 fleeing from charges and getting caught, and crushers rally, only to get beaten and run down by various pegs

  hkb lord's unit charges hellcannon, and fights for three rounds, and i make 5+ ward saves from hkb twice, until the final one gets through and its a tabling

regret not being more aggressive, but ill get that dastardly sam morgan..

last game, and wouldnt you know it; its jib jib and his he. here he hides his neck, while johannes looks on with wonder in the background. hes got a prince on dragon with the no as lance, fire mage on dragon, mounted botwd bsb in a unit of shelms, 3 rbts, 2x8 reavers, some scouts, archers and sisters, and a frostie. worse comp than me at a 0.7 lolol. he goes first and fifi goes straight for hellcannon

i respond by gatewaying it off the table, but miscast and lose everything bar bolt of change, and get my exalted in the grill of his banner unit. hellcannon misses dragon, but toasts some reavers

 baby dragon is next up on hellcannon duty, and big dragon fails a charge against crushers. i put a bolt through the baby dragon for two wounds, and kill the unit champ in the banner unit. he puts two remaining reavers in the flank, and the smirk is explained when it turns out he actually has a unit champ in there, and i lose on res and get run down. warriors in the building dont care.

dragon attack! one goes into hellcannon, which takes a few turns, but eventually kills the dragon and thunderstomps the mage, but big dragon only does a few wounds,leaving crushers steadfast, i kill the prince and counter with a chariot, but lose the grind and both units, leaving the dragon on two wounds 

i get a hellcannon shot onto his archers, but they hold, and he picks off chariots, while the fire mage picks up pts from depleted reavers

 last turn and the hellcannon rampages, denying me the money shot on the dragon. get a bolt on him, but james if's the dispell and its a 10 all

some good luck, and some bad luck i guess. end up quite low at the end, with a 13/15 spot, as having a comp 3 army doesnt help when they add the comp to your scores lol. but it was important i did have these games to refine my list.

next day i had a game at home vs gentile and de. hes using my stuff while he works out a list, and mine changes, dropping a gorebeast and bsb, and upgrading the mounted exalted to bsb and adding a chimera and hounds. battleline and i go first. hes got 2x5 driders, 5 lox, 3 rbts, shadow l4 with the egg, bsb on foot, noble on steed, 20 welves, 20 sairs, 20 exes, 2x5 shades and ten cold one knights

after vanguard i manage a boxcars charge onto his warlocks with a chariot, win, but pin them in place. everything else shuffles forward, and hellcannon halves his bunker

 de turn and the cold ones go into the flank of the chariot and kill it. hounds get shot, and crushers get miasma'd. gorebeast takes two wounds from shooting.
my turn the gorebeast goes into his cold ones, 7 impacts, 3 kb's, 6 wounds all up and i run em down. brutal. hellcannon kills 2/3rds of the executioners, and i fireball off a shade unit

chim flies up for a lil bad breath, but i roll 5 1's and 2's and only do two wounds on the executioners. no gateways all game. gorebeast continues its rein of terror, and eventually kills all 3 rbts, on a single wound left. 

 crunch time, and he forces the crushers to charge something. they go through exes, and overrun into depleted corsair bunker. l4 goes round the side of the witches, and between a breath weapon and a s1 pink fire, i kill 18/20. yikes.

revenge is sweet though, as he rolls terribly low on a 6 dice mindrazor, but i cant stop a withering, a miasma, and a soulblight on the crushers. they get whupped and run down. l1 with the skull rolls 5 1's out of 6 dice and falls down the hole. pff, averages.

then the chimera comes through like a bat out of hell and kills about 12 from the unit of corsairs, and breaking and running down the rest + l4 and thats a wrap

a very brutal game, esp for nick's first run with the de. im pretty happy with the list though, the chimera i think is just what i needed. lists are submitted, now its time to practice for the next couple weeks before face off.
so there we have it. one more day before im back to work, so hopefully get more painting done, but expect more soon! until then, stay tuned and take your shirt off