Saturday, 22 June 2013

FATSOW 2013! PT2!

after a solid nights sleep and an 11am start, we're off to round 4, and blood and glory.

gregs ok and james' vc square up on the plain table. hexwraiths vs mournfangs

james' helves and nicks doc on the waaghtillery range, much to james' delight. wlions ftw?

dave wastes no time, barreling towards johannes's cdwarves. mind the manglers fellas 

and chris's helves high five each other, with the dp bus squaring off against aarons dprince and e/w crushers on chimeraville.

james wastes no time shredding mournfangs, while greg keeps a wary eye on the flying blender lord

nick begins to feed the botwd wlions chaff units. nurgle takes a disliking to james's reavers, killing two units over the course of the game from reign of chaos rolls

no rush though, do a lil shooting first. chris's free chim eyes up the one aaron bought in his list

everyone charge at that bus! there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth when a mangler went through johannes' artillery, crucially wounding them all, but not killing any

here nicks wee pbearer unit brings down a fire fifi, while the dragon lord is about to underestimate the unit of 4 beasts

theres that pesky manger! the other one is trod on by a hellcannon earlier with little effect

in goes the bus, basking in its 2++ against the dprince and crushers. a sigh is heard from deep in the realm of chaos

who knows what happened here, but there arent many ogres left

im pretty sure these guys take care of the lord after his dragon loses a few wounds to a lobba.
that takes us to the final round: watchtower!

dave wastes no time getting his woc in the tower. james responds by letting one of his fifis sniff some dragon butt.

chris ponders his options for getting 40 of james's skellies out the tower

much grinding to be had  with doc vs cdwarves

something terrible happens to james's flying monsters. he then fails a crucial terror test for the wlions, allowing the final couple of daves woc to remain in the building

greg and aaron chaff each other, with aaron winning the chaff battle and nabbing the tower

but greg has other plans, killing everything with his gutstar, and cometting the building
not too many photos this round, my phone was on its last legs by this stage.
so as the final scores were handed in, everyone came away with a prize. but congrats to the top 3, grag coming in at 3rd, james b in 2nd place, and that grinning giant dave o'war taking the top spot

liqour and value shop ceramics ftwinners! no prizes for greg tho, he was exempt.
and there we have it, FATSOW 2013!
thanks for everyone for coming along, thanks also to greg for helping out. good times, hoping to give it another, bigger go later on.
coming up; ive just submitted my convic list, deciding in the end to take the rainbow warrior woc list. so got a lil sculpting and painting to get done, so updates soon!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

FATSOW 2013! PT1!

whoa! what is all this fatsow 2013? why's it in caps? and where the flippin heck has shirts off warhammer been lately? all these questions and more answered with the simple words: FATSOW 2013.

i have very little to report lately on the crafts front, but did have a couple games with greg, which were both qat one sided, to say the least. so no batreps either. however, as we were packing up greg started to mention his missus judith was heading away in an upcoming weekend, and before he could finish his sentence with 'so we should make out', i interrupted with a 'we should have a tournament!'
and thus was First Actual Tournament; Shirts Off Warhammer 2013 born unto the garage.

next was the question of space and resource. starting with

i figured we could get 4 spacious tables into this mess

throw in 2 borrowed boards and terrains from hampton - thanks greg(s)- a brave peter on the roof tarping the leaky bits, and a little internet magic

but what would give a shirts off warhammer tournament a shirts off feel? missions that werent disclosed until the day! 3/4 tables would have one, with the 4th plain for the haters.

missions were:

one table is manglin' mayhem, and has a pair of manglers that start on the table before deployment, and start wild - move randomly and follow regular mangler rules - in the centre of the table, 18" apart. both players pick one and move it in their turn. doesnt matter what mission we're playing, so could be interesting on meaty engagement and watchtower. doesnt earn pts for anything they kill, and you dont lose pts for whatever steps on em

next table is the waaghtillery range, which means you roll a d6 in your shooting phase, getting either a free dd or lobba shot, with no los or range restrictions. you roll a misfire, opponent gets to place it and roll again. anything kilt by em doesnt give away pts. simple
and special 'thing' no 3 is duellin' chims. both players start with a regen chim, that doesnt cause panic in your troops, earn pts or lose pts. only thing is that if the chims are in range of one another, they have to charge the other, can test to restrain on their own ld. lololol.

no probs! not too op, a bit of a lolol i thought. no sports, no painting, and convic (swedish) comp - for the most part, straight bps to determine the podium spots, byo and behold!

brothers! what came next was a crap tonne of photos from yours truly. and drinking liquor all day. good times. heres some (a crap tonne) of photos, along with what may or may not have happened, from what i can remember. disclaimers and apologies aside

deciding that james's flying circus he and johannes's's cdwarves lacked chimeras, they got that table first, and the chims get stuck in

 fresh produce from greenfield, taking his new ogres out for a spin, and ruining everyones fun. here he demonstrates how to kill a dprince botwd bus. with shooting and impact hits apparently, although i think chris's general goes on to kill some things. they got the mangler table

sorry for the low res photos, just so many of the damn things. here daemonovski's doc take on dave o'wars woc, fighting over a surprisingly high res hill. dave plays the waiting (double hellcannon) game, managing to snipe nick's poor papa, while he gets stuck into the bearer horde. they had the regular table

and death snipes + terrorghiest ftw here, with aarons woc facing off against james's vc. blender lord in the bk bus with two flying vamps? check. better check yoself, fool!

 while the guts steam off to kill archers, gregs belchers are left holding the fort against an enraged he noble with giant (ogre?) blade. and a dragonmage

big ol nasty nurgle mess there, with a few woc spots. daves reinforcements are ready to come in to support though

back on table 1 there is a dance off involving conga lines and monster mashes. the chims are still off slow dancing in the corner 

something happens to nicks 4 beast unit. it may have been daves dragon. the grind continues 

a grainy pic of rampaging ogres

flying v? could be. whos winning? dunno

after sniping out all the woc characters, james then screams does all sorts of nasty things to aarons poor skullcrushers. skulls for khorne nonetheless.

which takes us to round 2, which is after lunch at the pub and is dawn attack. i think?

gregs ogres take on james's he on the waaghtillery range. james didnt like this table, because it didnt like him. gregs also switched from beer to coke after discovering hes a sissy

mono nurg doc vs more woc. well at least it wasnt both the botwd helves nick

here johannes throws the plan out the window, after not being able to castle in a corner. chris obliges by sending his shooty army to fight

now heres a castle from dave, be it dice or determination to not feed the lord, we'll never know

chris points at a hellcannon. watch out! the dpring bus manages to slip past johannes's ironborn (?) horde and into the bunker

here a mangler takes a fancy to nicks rotflies. careful now

poor james loses his bsb to an errant dd shot, while greg gets wounds on the dragon with a lobba i think, and wipes out the wlions with his bus. meep meep. he later on kills two fire fifis with 4 lead belchers. go figure.

that takes us to round 3, its meaty engagement, and everyones jolly

james gets photogenic, and squares off against aarons woc. corners ftw this round

johannes agrees, content to blast away at james terrorgheist and bk bus

while dave pops everything in the corner too, but only because its the easiest part to reach from under the table

back on the beer, and theres enough of gregs iron gut for everyone. shirts off!

i have no idea whats going on. i was drunk. heres johannes hellcannon, sans the gun that sits on top

deep into the night (7pm) we have casualties, nuts in dice cups, and dragons making out

good times. i went to bed at 10.30 and had 12 hours sleep. it was great, and i still had a good time without playing! thanks sailor jerry.
day 2 and final results to come, so stay tuned!