Saturday, 22 June 2013

FATSOW 2013! PT2!

after a solid nights sleep and an 11am start, we're off to round 4, and blood and glory.

gregs ok and james' vc square up on the plain table. hexwraiths vs mournfangs

james' helves and nicks doc on the waaghtillery range, much to james' delight. wlions ftw?

dave wastes no time, barreling towards johannes's cdwarves. mind the manglers fellas 

and chris's helves high five each other, with the dp bus squaring off against aarons dprince and e/w crushers on chimeraville.

james wastes no time shredding mournfangs, while greg keeps a wary eye on the flying blender lord

nick begins to feed the botwd wlions chaff units. nurgle takes a disliking to james's reavers, killing two units over the course of the game from reign of chaos rolls

no rush though, do a lil shooting first. chris's free chim eyes up the one aaron bought in his list

everyone charge at that bus! there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth when a mangler went through johannes' artillery, crucially wounding them all, but not killing any

here nicks wee pbearer unit brings down a fire fifi, while the dragon lord is about to underestimate the unit of 4 beasts

theres that pesky manger! the other one is trod on by a hellcannon earlier with little effect

in goes the bus, basking in its 2++ against the dprince and crushers. a sigh is heard from deep in the realm of chaos

who knows what happened here, but there arent many ogres left

im pretty sure these guys take care of the lord after his dragon loses a few wounds to a lobba.
that takes us to the final round: watchtower!

dave wastes no time getting his woc in the tower. james responds by letting one of his fifis sniff some dragon butt.

chris ponders his options for getting 40 of james's skellies out the tower

much grinding to be had  with doc vs cdwarves

something terrible happens to james's flying monsters. he then fails a crucial terror test for the wlions, allowing the final couple of daves woc to remain in the building

greg and aaron chaff each other, with aaron winning the chaff battle and nabbing the tower

but greg has other plans, killing everything with his gutstar, and cometting the building
not too many photos this round, my phone was on its last legs by this stage.
so as the final scores were handed in, everyone came away with a prize. but congrats to the top 3, grag coming in at 3rd, james b in 2nd place, and that grinning giant dave o'war taking the top spot

liqour and value shop ceramics ftwinners! no prizes for greg tho, he was exempt.
and there we have it, FATSOW 2013!
thanks for everyone for coming along, thanks also to greg for helping out. good times, hoping to give it another, bigger go later on.
coming up; ive just submitted my convic list, deciding in the end to take the rainbow warrior woc list. so got a lil sculpting and painting to get done, so updates soon!

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