Monday, 3 June 2013

Shirts on, mainly

but not all the time! oh heeey fellas. not so much to report on the ol warhammer front lately, but i did get a gift from a friends flatmate, an op shop hunter of some reknown.

4 old school marauders, an archon on foot, and a wolf priest from gamesday 2004. let me know if anyone wants that priest too, clearly i dont do those round base shenanigans. but thanks john!

got a couple games in this week, trying out convic lists. ong vs gregs de, blood and glory, in a romantic candlelit battlefield. oh greg. top to bottom ive got a mangler, chukka, spiderboss, reagan the stonehorn, chariot, troll, big trukk with the usual characters, 24 savages with the same characters, troll, chariot, chukka,  and spiders. and a dd and lobba in the back
gregs got 10 cold ones, bows with metal l4, chariot, 20 bguard, cauldron, chariot, harpies, 40 frenzied corsairs, harpies, bows and a hydra.

not much to the first turns, greg goes first, and i throw chariot and spiders into the hydra, doing 2 wounds. i think we both use scrolls. a mangler misses the cold ones by an inch. single tear. throw a spiderboss into em, who promptly gets run down

 cold ones then go nuts at the top. killing chukkas, and reagan the stonehorn. my waaghtillery misfires, but the hydra obligingly fails its charges for a while.

a troll fails its stupidity and is frustrating also.  remaining half of the cold ones go into the lobba and then the trukk. chariots and bg dont join the party till later, allowing me to shoo them off. then the electricians showed up and we had to put the candles out before they saw the warhammering.

corsairs kill the trolls, bg go on but cant kb characters. a foot goes off somewhere and does little. 

trukk eventually sees off the bg, but chariot doesnt break and they then rally. hrmph
savages cant kill a wounded hydra and thats game. not sure who won that, dont know if i even kilt that much of gregs though

then game two was a wocfest vs gordon. blood and glory again i think.
 hes got a tonne of chaff - 3 units of hounds, some marauder horsies, spawns, both kindsa chariots, a giant nurgle warrior unit with mon l4 and festus + bsb+ std of disc, 7 trolls, hellcannon and a tz warshrine.
i got hounds, chim, crushers, a mon beatsogre chariot - for the anagram lovers- kwarriors, l4 on a disc, regular mon chariot, mos giant ben, and tz warriors with bsb. and some hounds. i go first

no charges, just dickmoves. gateway a wound off the beastogre chariot

theres some chaff battling, while the crushers and chim make it into the trolls. problem was they couldnt all connect, so chim had to fail. tzwarriors go in the building and start redecorating and ordering pizza. crushers lose one and kill two trolls who hold on a bloody 6

whats going on here?  gorebeast goes into crushers, who dont like that very  much. takes em all game to run off the board. chim goes into trolls and catches em, and is chased down after being beaten by a hellcannon. id like to see a gif of chariots flee from gordons. giant ben slinks around the horsemen

 then the flippin kwarriors fail a frenzy and charge some dickmoving hounds, and are then flanked by the nurgle bus. also get miasma'd, but do snipe festus before losing all by two, who get away! lol. giant ben struggles to kill 5 hounds, needing two turns before eadbutting a chariot to death. l4 magics off a few horsemen, then bad breaths more. they then fail a frenzy test and charge the new home for lost tzwarriors and die.

more lols for the last turn as the hc finally hits something and kills the last two kwar, while the lone crusher panics the rallied gorebeast off the board. sigh. at least my l4 dodged a hole, even though he didnt help me out much lol. another close game, but definately in gordons favour, well done g.

so yeah, no paintingto report, although ive got some nurglifying to do shortly, along with a gigantic tramp stamp! thats right! more later!

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