Wednesday, 22 May 2013

No shirts off at work

you know the rules.
i been back to the grind, which is good for the bills, but not so much for the ben. i had a solid month off doing what the fuck i want, when i want and it was great. now im working for the man again and its taken a little adjustment. wah wah basically. so lots of time spent not at home, and conversely not too much on the hobby front

 although i did sit down with the neglected empire last weekend and gave em a lil tickle. heres how it stood at the end of my failed week of painted em all from ages ago

and heres after the weekend. stank came painted, just had to change the racing stripe colours. havent started any of the characters yet tho

yay! not such a crushing task anymore. i felt like batch painting instead of getting into detail on the woc stuff, and given how satisfying it was in comparison i still feel that way inclined.
then i got a game with greg, having not played for what seemed like aaaaaages.
 tryna potential list against his freshly assembled slaver ogres. im rolling out my rainbow warrior list, with all 4 gods represented.

top to bottom i had hounds, 4 crushers with muso and e/w, 16 o the usual kwarriors, tricked out chim, 15 twarriors with bsb, giant ben (!), whose looking a lil slaaneshy around the gills, having not seen the battlefield since 7th, a nurg chariot, a nurg beast chariot, disc l4 with tz and bits, and some hounds
greg has a stonehorn, 9 bulls, stinkbelcher, 4 mfangs with all the bits, l4 heavens, bsb and l1 maw, a pair of puss puss, and starts with 6 lead belchers and 8 or so guts off the board along with my l4. i go first and it looks thusly;

i had a good magic phase to start with, and got both treason and gateway on his fangs, but the gateway was only s4. worth a try. i kept the chim facing behind the crushers in case he got cute with the belchers on his turn, and tried to position the hounds from any sabertusk dickmoves

didnt work tho, when i couldnt break the lil bugger with my hounds, and tangled up the crushers. belchers come on and ignore my explicit instructions not to injure giant ben, hiding in the woods. does 5 wounds, with the harpoon from the stonehorn finishing the job. stink blasterr shoots at gorebeast, as expected, but only does 1 wound. i scroll a comet. 

my turn and crushers fail a frenzy, charging into that darned cat. sets up a wonderful flank shot for the stink blaster though. after the death of giant ben, the nurg chariot makes a long charge into the stonehorn, not only doing 5 wounds, taking none in return and running it down, it also panics the belchers off the board. thats what happens when you mess with giant ben. i move the chim and kwar up, and rally twar who had panicked from the death of giant ben.
trying to save the crushers, i if a gateway at the stink blaster and kill it, but also fall down the hole. sigh. on the bottom, the gorebeast and mournfang play kiss chase for most of the game

greg goes into the chariot, and gets a comet down. reforms the bulls after

in goes the chim, but the kwar fail their charge. chariot rallies. chim was on two wounds from a thunderbolt i think, but survives and wins the combat, stripping a rank but the bulls hold. crushers reform, looking for trouble

toot toot. in goes the guts+characters. i kill unit champ and wound bsb, but lose 15/16 and am run down. chim loses combat too, but gets away, never to rally, but stays on the board

alright, so send everyhting else in. crushers crucially couldnt maximize with where the chim was, and although i won and he broke, i couldnt match his dice and wound up with my crushers clank to the bull unit. 

in - what is honestly a rare moment for mine - the crushers lose and flee through the twar. fleeing crushers eh, what a sight. they rally though

guts manage to get off the board, and twar beat on bulls but cant catch em. whats not pictured is gregs last turn where 4 fangs with 6+ regen and dhbanana go into 3 unfrenzied crushers and lose 2 with no woc losses, but hold. victory to the woc!

talk about new model syndrome! on both sides too. and as usual, my expensive as l4 peers too deeply into the warp.
so thats just about it. tweaked a couple lists, still trying to see what i can do with swedish comp. the woc stuff i can do is ok, but too hard countery, not to mention theyll be a tonne of similar ones there no doubt. still under the hood with the ong for convic, but we'll see what a difference getting reagan the rok off the bench does to my comp. back into the swing of things now, so more updates soon!
and good luck to everyone at rumble (? i think) this weekend too! im looking at you greenfield, no more pooey dice for you!

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