Friday, 3 May 2013

Shirts off update

all packed and ready for rockhammer tomorrow, should probably get to bed soon. but! not before i share my latest woc greenstuffery:

heres ol rotbeard the dprince

thought about a rot mustache too, but like the moses beard more. his right arm has been rebuilt from one of the backpack exhausts and a hand im not sure is his

still need wings tho, the chim ones are too heavy to magnetize

then weve got an alternate bsb mounted on a crusher, with muso in tow. and yes, thats a half built hydra in the background

and the mon knights. didnt want to go too overboard with the gs, but enough to get the mucky idea.
exalted is front left

 all sorts of things in the muck; faces, extra eyes, muck

now i gotta paint the buggers. am about done basecoating the knights tho. now, off to sleep, then battle! batreps soon

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