Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Shirts off gaming this week

off to a 2999 pt tournament in ringwood this weekend, so got another couple of practice games in.
as posted, my list is:

orc warboss, 4++, +1 to hit sword, stubborn hat, shield
orc l4, scroll, ii, opal amulet

blorc big boss, bsb, 4++, charmed shield
sorc l1, shrunken head
blorc big boss, mr1, fear sword
spiderboss, la&s, spear, dragonhelm
spiderboss, la&eshield, spear, dragonbane gem

2x5 spiders
30 sorcbuns, fc, ahw
33 boys, fc, hw&s

6 trolls
2x1 trolls
2x1 wolf chariots
2x1 spear chukkas

2x lobba
2x dd
2x mangler
reagan the rok

double trouble chaff-tastic. first up was gordon and his woc. we played a battleline, and top to bottom he had 4 crushers, 2x5 hounds in front of 30+ halberd kwar, a l2 floating around, khorsemen, hounds, 2 chims, a tzprince, and a bsb on demonic mount.
i go first, put a couple wounds on the prince, and foot scatters off the kwar.

gordon moves up, apart from the crushers on the left. khorsemen pop a mangler and he searing dooms 4 wounds off reagan! one spiderboss makes it into the flank of the dogs on mangler duty and reforms

 of course i miss a photo of a crucial turn, but on the top the spiders fail animosity, and charge crushers and die. crushers decide to risk moving onto the mangler to kill it, but i go and roll a 16 for the hits. 12 wounds go through, and another mangler horror story is born.
im pretty sure i if and lose the foot at some point early too.
in the centre, dickmoves abound! i put a troll in front of the crushers, who obligingly overrun in impassable terrain. spiderboss blocks the kwar, i shoot the dprince, taking the last wound with a chukka that was just inside 24". that panics one chim who rallies, while the other goes into the savages, do a couple wounds, lose their frenzy, but hold. i also shoot the bsb for good measure.

savages beat the chim, but dont fancy an unfrenzied tangle with crushers, even in the flank. i was worried theyd hold and turn to face, and probably grind the savages. so more dickmoving and shooting was in order

i move a troll in front of kwar, who overrun nicely. one chim goes into spiderboss, fluffs, and i hold. other chim rallies, and i charge a chariot in as its wounded. trukk goes into the flank of kwar, breaks but doesnt catch. blorc babysitter runs in front of the now halved crushers, as im fresh outta chaff. chariot kills chim and kwar rally. i set up everything else in a fairly obvious trap if the crushers went for it. 

 trukk goes into kwar again, both sides doing 9 wounds. trukk wins and catches em this time. reagan charges the now unengaged chim and kills it. blorc gets back to babysitting, and the last crusher legs it off back the chaos waste. victory to the ong!

a painful lesson on the downsides of frenzy there, especially with all the chaff this list has. got lucky getting that prince t2, one more turn and it would be combat city. and 1 mangler taking out 4 crushers? sheeeit.

next up my shirts off compatriot nick, and his doc. another battleline. nick has top to bottom, 2 beasts, soulgrinder with breath weapon, 9 beasts, poop cannon, 45ish letters with frenzy herald, thirster with a couple gifts, horrors with glean magic, tz l2 on metal with final tranny and +1 to hit, and 5 furies, with 5 flounds ambushing.

nick goes first, and moves up some. rolls boxcars for magic and a unit of 9 letters appear on my left backline, but no spells go off. cannon misfires and cant shoot for two turns.

my turn i send a mangler into the newly created letters but 3 survive. from there its dickmove central. green spiders park in front of both beasts, and spiderboss heads off to lead around another massive frenzied unit. joy. magic i foot the shit out of the letters, killing about 15ish, and a beast. shoot a couple wounds on the thirster, and stay out of range for thirster to charge anything. i also get a hand off on reagan, moving him up to threaten horrors. i think i if'd both spells this turn to no ill effect

furies go to block reagan, letters go into spider, beasts move up. beasts take 3-4 rounds to kill 5 spiders lol. gets a final tranny on the trukk, sparing the characters, but halving the boys. poop cannon takes 6 wounds offa reagan. letters overrun. spiderboss kills summoned letters at the bottom.

mangler goes through beasts, killing a couple but ending in front of the unit. reagan makes short work of the furies and turns to face horrors. single troll fails stupidity so chariot goes to redirect reformed letters. big news is no thirster though, sent back to the realm of chaos by a homemade lobba. chariot fails a charge onto a beast and is charged

flounds kill a dd, and then run away when the savages turn to face them. beasts and soulgrinder come up, letter moves back. reagan kills all the horrors + herald before khorne drops a rock on his head in the magic phase, killing him.

last turn and yep, still no combat. mangler goes through beast and soulgrinder though, killing the grinder who had taken a couple wounds from misfires. i foot the beasts down to 4 left, but chariot into letters only kills a couple. i shoot the poop cannon and its a victory to the ong!

more good luck for me in this game, that mangler held up the whole flank by itself, and it was solely chaff, shooting and magic that got me any points. none of my combat units made combat, and i wonder if thats how rockhammer will go. hope so, means all my big pts are safe lol.

then off to gregs tonight, 2400 and woc on the menu vs his de. top to bottom hes got 14 xbows in reserve, then 20 bg with ap banner, 5 harpies, 40 frenzied corsairs, chariot, more bows with metal l4, harpies, cauldron, chariot, 10 cold ones and a hydra. i started with nothing off the board and stole the initiative.

 moved up, reduced the bunker t, but couldnt follow up with t test spell. greg moves back, shoots some hounds, moves harpies in front of crushers and knights. searing dooms 2 wounds off a crusher, and transmutes a couple knights.

 knights go into harpies and restrain. twar move into building and kwar back up. dprince moves up to the flank of the corsairs and torches half of them. greg moves hydra up, reforms the corsairs, and sticks the bg in front of the crushers. no shooting or magic to speak of.

crushers lose 1, but kill 15 bg first round. kwar go into hydra and spoon their flaming attacks, 3 wounds go through and greg saves 2. flee and are caught next turn by hydra who redirects into building, i make some saves, do two more wounds, but hold and hydra is pushed back. prince moves to behind the cauldron, eyeing up his next meal

crushers lose 1 more, but wipe out bg and charge into corsairs. knights who had reformed earlier charge the hydra, and the flaming herald takes the last two wounds. two crushers kill about 12 corsairs, who hold. prince goes into cauldron, forgetting i couldnt thunderstomp it. stays there the rest of the game

chariot goes into flank of crushers, but only does a wound. in return i kill a tonne of corsairs and pursue them off the board. we call it there cos its time to catch the train and its in the bag. victory to the woc!

more crazy good luck for me this game, kept rolling saves and crushers just went apeshit with their attacks. it wasnt all good news though, kwar rolling poop vs hydra, but there you go.
next up some wip shots of the knights and dprince, so stay tuned

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