Sunday, 28 April 2013

Shirts off silence

sorry about the radio silence gang, been doing a bit of everything this week, real life included!
big news is i not only have the crusher bsb and muso done and undercoated, i also spent the last couple nights on the 9 nurgle knights + exalted, and theyre all done too.
even lil papa got some g/s love, a new arm and a vile patch or two, but one more push and hes all done bar wings. will do an update with pics next once everythings done, but not undercoated.

also got a couple of games in, first was with gordon, 2400 battleline, my latest ong double trouble vs his woc. he had 2x5 wolves, 2x5 khorsemen, 18 ish kwar, 4 crushers, dprince, chim, 16ish nwar with bsb and death l2

gordon goes first, and it looks like so. all those lovely woc units packed together 16" in front of my manglers, mmm.

cant reach em though, and trolls go up to block horsemen. one unit slips past and detonates a mangler, the other khorsemen kill troll and overrun onto the other mangler. i shoot 3 wounds off the dprince before it and the chim charge into the trukk. i challenge him out with a unit champ and take a few wounds off the chim. 

one pumper polishes off the chim, while the warboss falls to dprince over two rounds. remaining troll remains a nuisance, redirecting kwar into building. shooting kills a crusher or two

both pumpers go into dprince, rolling 20 impact hits and taking him out. thats why i take s5 sammy :p chariot tries to redirect crushers, my chaff on the left deal with his. i also foot all the nwarriors

 crushers kill chariot, but remain in the trukk arc and charge in the flank. i stay steadfast over a couple rounds, but eventually lose the entire unit

 i try through pumpers into crushers, but one goes out of control into my savages, and the other blows up in the forest. i dickmove the spiders to get kwar placed where i want. the other pumper then blows up in the same forest, and the lone crusher charges into savages and is pulped

manage to shoot both lone characters, and i bait the kwar into a bad position with spiders and get the flank with savages. win, but dont catch em, and thats a victory to the greenskins, thanks to all my warmachines being alive for once + the savage pt sink

then off to gregs for a game. yep, its woc and tk. this is a new variant ive been trying out, dropping the l4 and a crusher to fit a l3 dprince with bells and whistles. solid and unsubtle. gregs dropped his horsemen, titan and chariots for 3 units of 3 chariots. watchtower with the kwar in there, gregs got stalkers and both scorps in reserve.

he moves up, i move up, pretty exciting stuff. i get a fleshy abundance on kwar and lose all my spells bar plaguewind

here we are, moving around. gregs shooting a couple kwar every turn, and kills a crusher with the casket i think.

one scorp come up and i charge it with twar. nknights make short work of kitty, and bottom most chariots when they come in the next round. dprince torches half a unit of archers and his delayed by a scorp. up top 3 crushers res out 4 knights, turn to face the chariots, and wipe em out in my turn.

dprince eventually makes it to the casket, kills it, and takes 3 wounds. lol. stalkers come up and stalk a crusher, twar actually kill kitty in 2nd round of combat, then i roll a 6 on turn 4 and its a solid victory to the woc.

i seemed to have shaken my pooey dice patch, but greg had some terrible dice this game. i am growing to like the woc list, although not having a scroll will ruin xmas at some pt when i get in the way of a mindrazor. not to mention all the usual dprince risks.
so got a couple of 2999 pt games the next couple days, and some wip pics so more to come soon!

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