Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A shirts off retrospective

well well,

its funny how things go in cycles, ay? i started this blog back in september, after starting work at a shitty, shitty call centre. it only took me 7 months to grow to hate it so much, that i resigned without finding another job first.

for god's sake, don't tell my folks - they'd kill me!
now, 7 months later, we are up to 6500 views, and post number 100... on the day i finish work here. LOL

I think theres literally only three things i could write 100 posts about; warhammer, conspiracy theories, and my favourite euphemism - american 'foreign policy', so be thankful ive stayed on topic this whole time.

Its been a pretty exceptional 7 months of hammering though, scooping up a killer nerd posse asap by staking out all the nerd holes in an urban gillies suit with a weighted net, and a trail of bits leading around the corner. ive gone to all sorts of tournaments, all over the place, and met some of the big names and characters of the oz scene.
and of course who can forget us kicking in the door, waving the .44 at the vicc with the australian part of the shirts off family, slaughtering all who opposed us, and leaving with the crown? well i know hampton wont be forgetting that anytime soon :p
ive got two new armies on the go since arriving in oz, one thats nearly all painted, another that isnt, but doesnt require anything else but painting, and numerous tweaks on existing lists.

Speaking of which, heres that listy round up i been talking about:


l4, motz, disc, cshield, 4++, scroll, +1 to hit sword, 3rd eye. bad breath

exalted, mot, eshield, 5++, fear sword
exalted, mon, steed, flail, shield, mr3, iicon, burning body

2x5 wolves, vanguard
16 kwarriors, muso & standard, flaming banner
15 twarrriors, full command, shields

9 knights, monurgle, full command, e/weapons, gleaming pennant

5 crushers, muso & standard, e/weapons, banner of swiftness

thats the foot version, theres a fast version too:

l4, motz, disc, dragonhelm, 4++, scroll, +1 to hit sword, 3rd eye. bad breath

exalted, mok, bsb, jugger, charmed shield, collar of khorne
exalted, mon, steed, flail, shield, mr3, iicon, burning body

3x5 wolves, vanguard
4x mon chariots

9 knights, monurgle, full command, e/weapons, gleaming pennant

5 crushers, muso & standard, e/weapons, banner of swiftness

good luck with blood and glory + watchtower eh? just need me 4 chariots sigh. notice the lack of chimeras. i cant look my unpainted one in the eye, like a red haired step child.
both lists are vunerable to cannons and killing blow, but big pts sinks, and scary, mr3 units.

then ive got empire:

gote, fparmour, s, bwhorse, fear sword, cocommand, 4++
l4, light, scroll

cote, bsb, fparmour, eshield, dawnstone
 wp, gw, ha, opal amulet, ii
wp, ha, bwhorse, cshield
wh, bop, potion of i

10 icks, fc, steel fanny
30 hals, fc
10 hand gunners
10 hand gunners

32 gs, fc, gleaming pennis
det 16 swordsmen


so basically using what ive got. i dont want to spend any more $ on this list, so i reckon thats the best i can do with what ive got.


slann, +1 pd, loremaster light, ethereal, bsb, cupped hands, blood statuette

spriest, scroll
scar vet, la&eshield, burning blade, curse charm

2x11 skirmies
2x12 skirmies
23 rus,fc
24 skinks/3 krox skrox

2x4 terras
2x5 chammies

2x2 razzors

some pretty fundamental changes here, shedding the last of the big pt sink units, getting more and more prickley and poisoney chaff, and putting a lot of eggs in an ethereal basket. might change the blood statuette for the 2++ upgrade on the slann, but there are so many low t l4's out there its worth a hoon

then the continually hypothetical vc:

vlord, asf, red furry slippers, 4++armour, postrength, ahw
l4, scroll

necro, vamps, flamin' rod
2x bansheez

33 ghouls, ghast
2x20 zombies, muso & standard
3x5 wolves

30 gguard, fc, botbarrows, g/w
2x2 fellbats
6 hexes


the lil bit of everything vc list. i dont get to run this much, but will be planning on ub'ing it a lot more. enough chaff, some pt sinks, loads of screamz, something for everyone

as for the trusty ong, there is minor tinkering to be done, but havent done it yet lol. spending too much time in smokey montages with the woc book.
so yeah, thats where i am at the mo, and as of next week ill be enjoying a lil touch of unemployment, finally get some paintin' time lol.


  1. Knights in your WOC army!!! Who managed to talk you into it? I know I tried my best to get you to try them!

    1. I think we discussed it when I was over there for Easter. With our powers combined Ben is finally using knights!

      Joel v

  2. A little column a, a little column b. When I realized 2 chimz were a liability, I had 550 pts to spare. And Dave will tell you, but ever since I did the nurgle doc stuff for him, I've always wanted to convert some nurgle knights