Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Take it off tuesdays: woc vs tk

off to gregs last night for our tuesday night 2 hour bash, yep, its woc vs tk again! this time, we're both running new knight units. gregs dropped some horse archers and the titan for 4 necro knights, ive dropped both chims and a hellcannon for 9 nurgle knights and an exalted with a few tricks, notably mr 3, and lore of tz on the l4
battleline and greg goes first, getting a vengeance on my knights. at this point it becomes a game of 'who can kill the other persons new stuff first'. i scroll a casket, and he shoots all the hounds.

my turn i if a gateway at his knights, doing 10 wounds at s7, with warpflame accounting for the last two wounds on the unit. i remember my lore attribute, charmed shield the s6 hit, and do another couple wounds to a scorp with a bolt of change

greg then continues to vengeance my knights, and dickmoves the harchers in front of the crushers. casket goes through, doing little, although getting a wound on the l4. he makes a bunch of failed charges, apart from the kitty who wins against the kwar, who hold on steadfast.

i then charge my knights into his scorp, overrunning into the chariots. crushers phase out harchers and reform. twar beat scorp and overrun, and final kwar runs off the board with a wounded kitty in pursuit.

greg then has a whopper of a magic phase, dessicating the knights by 3, and giving kb on the chariots. ruh roh. stalkers then come up and do another wound to my l4, who scoots off towards the archers for some bad breath. chariots kill the knights and overrun into the crushers. tsk tsk ben, bad positioning. in fact, i dont know why they were on that flank in the first place. regardless

twar cant quite phase out the skellies they charge, i if another gateway onto a kitty, do nothing, and roll double 1's for a ward reroll and dies. sigh. lose a couple crushers and flee, rally, get charged again

kitty goes into twar, kb's the bsb, and grinds the unit out

it wouldnt be a tk game with greg without his hierophant falling down the hole, and he does last turn, crumbling the last wound off the wounded kitty. chariots win again but lone crusher gets away, and thats the last and only thing i have on the table lol

well done greg.. we both got the secondary objective of killing the new toys lol
feeling a bit hhhhrm.. about a 450pt l4, but hes less vunerable to the dprinces imo, my l4 is vunerable to two things: scr and miscasts. but yeah, ill post a full break down of this woc list, and the new lists ive been tinkering on next.

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