Friday, 19 April 2013

Take it off thurs: 2999 pt edition

so greg bought his 2999 list round, and i smashed out a couple other 2999 lists from what i had.
first up was empire and watchtower, with me winning the roll. top to bottom i had a cannon, 10 gunners, stank behind the forest, 10 more gunners in the watchtower, 32 greatswords with priest and hunter, with a detachment of 16 swordsmen, 38 halberds with dual l4's - light and shadow - and bsb, hellblaster, 10 ic knights with priest and general, and another cannon. greg has the usual.

shooting doesnt do much too much, 1 wound on bottom kitty, 4 on top, no wounds with the hellblaster. in return greg sends a scorp into the tower, losing 2 wounds to the s&s i think. gunners hold the building. he shoots a wound off all my warmachines. snakes go into stank

i do a wound to the titan, but not much else. i think i kill the scorp when it charges the tower again. greatswords make a beeline for the tower. stalkers come up and stalk the blaster. titan charges the tower, but cant dislodge the plucky gunners. harchers kill a cannon, and snakes get a few wounds through over many rounds, but are ground out

i magic two of the stalkers off, move the greatswords to striking distance, while the knights make a charge on the kitty and 6 it off, reforming for the inevitable and to block the chariots from getting into the greatswords. 

titan kills the last of the gunners in the tower, and the other scorp goes to block greatswords. chaiots kill all the knights, but greg forgets about my stubborn hat. he doom and darknessessess the greatswords, but cant shoot enough to force a panic. last stalker tries to stalk the cannon, but is rear charged by the swordsmen, who cant wound it and are chased down after three rounds. sigh. 

i charge the witch hunter out into the scorp and move into the building. gote is kb'd out by cursed blades on the chariots. last unit of gunners fights off the harchers though. i think the kitty goes into the stank and has its last wound taken, or i shoot it, either way, the titan is up next and gets it down to its last wound.
 then he doom and darknessessesss the greatswords again, shoot the witch hunter which has kilt the scorp, and panic the greatswords out the building. 

he continues to charge em off and shoot them, while the chariots kill a cannon and reform. i self destruct the stank, but fail to do any wounds to the titan and thats a victory to the tk

 super frustrating, with lots of good and bad luck on both sides. theres something to be said about 2xl4+casket+titan in the magic phase.
 so we racked up again and i scribbled out a woc list. top to bottom ive got 9 monurgle knights with mr3 exalted, hounds, chimera, bells and whistles monurgle dprince, 2 mon chariots, kwarriors, twarriors, and 5 crushers. i think it was a battleline with greg going first

as usual, he shoots all me dogs, and the usual chariot/chimera stare off begins. i turn me knights to face the harchers, and a new stare off begins, this time with crushers/kittys. i get a regen on the chimera and greg cant hurt it with shooting. casket though, does 3 wounds. 

he moves back, i move up and throw a couple long charges with the chim and dprince into each unit. chim was probably unwise as the longer charge, but prince goes in and eats the death mage in a challenge, and rezes/thunderstomps out a bunch more. at this point my dprince miscasts and is a l2 with miasma and the t test. knights charge and make short work of the harchers, reforming for a merry chase of the snakes

 then the scorp goes into the flank of chim and i hold and die. sigh. one kitty goes into the dprinces flank, i res out the unit, chariot comes into the flank next round and pop it. much reforming is done, board wide. i make another error in a long charge with the warriors to support, putting them right in front of the chariots.

then, starting with a heartbreaking spirit leech, he rolls a 6 and my dprince rolls a 1, fails all his wards, and dies. chariots and stalkers kill kwar, other chariot dies too somehow.  he also does exactly the same thing to my nherald, who could pass a ward to save his life on the same dice roll of 6 vs 1.

crushers and knights decide there are no long charges, and that its time to go home, crushers thanking the twar for the lovely dinner party, and inviting them around.

boo greg. at least i know i made the right decision taking ong to rockhammer. plus its the only painted 2999pt list i have. speaking of which, here are the most recent additions to that list:

a pair of home made chukkas, that literally fell off the back of a steg. some more spiders, testing out a nurgle colour theme on them, a unit filler for the sorcbuns, and a bfsp troll with an old stone troll head, cos we all know how i love them single trolls again. in the background are the monurgle knights and pair of crushers waiting for the greenstuff love. soon... soon..

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