Wednesday, 22 May 2013

No shirts off at work

you know the rules.
i been back to the grind, which is good for the bills, but not so much for the ben. i had a solid month off doing what the fuck i want, when i want and it was great. now im working for the man again and its taken a little adjustment. wah wah basically. so lots of time spent not at home, and conversely not too much on the hobby front

 although i did sit down with the neglected empire last weekend and gave em a lil tickle. heres how it stood at the end of my failed week of painted em all from ages ago

and heres after the weekend. stank came painted, just had to change the racing stripe colours. havent started any of the characters yet tho

yay! not such a crushing task anymore. i felt like batch painting instead of getting into detail on the woc stuff, and given how satisfying it was in comparison i still feel that way inclined.
then i got a game with greg, having not played for what seemed like aaaaaages.
 tryna potential list against his freshly assembled slaver ogres. im rolling out my rainbow warrior list, with all 4 gods represented.

top to bottom i had hounds, 4 crushers with muso and e/w, 16 o the usual kwarriors, tricked out chim, 15 twarriors with bsb, giant ben (!), whose looking a lil slaaneshy around the gills, having not seen the battlefield since 7th, a nurg chariot, a nurg beast chariot, disc l4 with tz and bits, and some hounds
greg has a stonehorn, 9 bulls, stinkbelcher, 4 mfangs with all the bits, l4 heavens, bsb and l1 maw, a pair of puss puss, and starts with 6 lead belchers and 8 or so guts off the board along with my l4. i go first and it looks thusly;

i had a good magic phase to start with, and got both treason and gateway on his fangs, but the gateway was only s4. worth a try. i kept the chim facing behind the crushers in case he got cute with the belchers on his turn, and tried to position the hounds from any sabertusk dickmoves

didnt work tho, when i couldnt break the lil bugger with my hounds, and tangled up the crushers. belchers come on and ignore my explicit instructions not to injure giant ben, hiding in the woods. does 5 wounds, with the harpoon from the stonehorn finishing the job. stink blasterr shoots at gorebeast, as expected, but only does 1 wound. i scroll a comet. 

my turn and crushers fail a frenzy, charging into that darned cat. sets up a wonderful flank shot for the stink blaster though. after the death of giant ben, the nurg chariot makes a long charge into the stonehorn, not only doing 5 wounds, taking none in return and running it down, it also panics the belchers off the board. thats what happens when you mess with giant ben. i move the chim and kwar up, and rally twar who had panicked from the death of giant ben.
trying to save the crushers, i if a gateway at the stink blaster and kill it, but also fall down the hole. sigh. on the bottom, the gorebeast and mournfang play kiss chase for most of the game

greg goes into the chariot, and gets a comet down. reforms the bulls after

in goes the chim, but the kwar fail their charge. chariot rallies. chim was on two wounds from a thunderbolt i think, but survives and wins the combat, stripping a rank but the bulls hold. crushers reform, looking for trouble

toot toot. in goes the guts+characters. i kill unit champ and wound bsb, but lose 15/16 and am run down. chim loses combat too, but gets away, never to rally, but stays on the board

alright, so send everyhting else in. crushers crucially couldnt maximize with where the chim was, and although i won and he broke, i couldnt match his dice and wound up with my crushers clank to the bull unit. 

in - what is honestly a rare moment for mine - the crushers lose and flee through the twar. fleeing crushers eh, what a sight. they rally though

guts manage to get off the board, and twar beat on bulls but cant catch em. whats not pictured is gregs last turn where 4 fangs with 6+ regen and dhbanana go into 3 unfrenzied crushers and lose 2 with no woc losses, but hold. victory to the woc!

talk about new model syndrome! on both sides too. and as usual, my expensive as l4 peers too deeply into the warp.
so thats just about it. tweaked a couple lists, still trying to see what i can do with swedish comp. the woc stuff i can do is ok, but too hard countery, not to mention theyll be a tonne of similar ones there no doubt. still under the hood with the ong for convic, but we'll see what a difference getting reagan the rok off the bench does to my comp. back into the swing of things now, so more updates soon!
and good luck to everyone at rumble (? i think) this weekend too! im looking at you greenfield, no more pooey dice for you!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Shirts off gaming this week

so got in a couple games this week, not much hobby progress though. gonna be working again soon, maybe even next week, so better make this weekend count!

first up was a game with james from , check it out or its shirts off for you. this is the first time ive played james in many years, and also my first run against new he. so i took the only list of mine that i knew would have a chance, ong!
even with ong tho, i needed to be hitting stuff, so we both knew it would go heavily one way or the other.  as suspected, he ran a flying horror show that i have a feeling we'll all be seeing more of in the future.
left to right hes got 4 units of reavers across the front, 9 watery tarts with a l1 high caddy, blue chim is frost fifi, bsb on an eagle with 5++, lord on uberdragon with 4++, 11 silverhelms behind, white chim is fire fifi, and winged lady on the right is a noble on asf griffon
we roll battleline and i go first

i charge some reavers, they flee. troll in the centre fails his charge against reavers. pumper on the left gets too close. my shooting does nowt bar a dd wound or two on the dragon, and a 4 dice magic phase meant no footsies. so all his beasties are still alive and im in trouble. at least the trukk is once again, in the building. go get em savages!
james responds my popping a mangler with rallied reavers, charging pumped with another, and sneaking another unit past the mangler into a chukka. doh. that all goes as expected. noble on griffon eats a chariot, then spends too long wiffing at the chukka, allowing a pumper to go in. reavers overrun into lobba, while my spiders battle with another unit. i through a troll and wounded chariot into the frost fifi to give me an extra couple inches closer for the mangler. if you can see here, its got a beautiful line through his entire army, but i rolled a 13, instead of 15.
i did chukka off his bsb though, and get the dragon down to 3 wounds with dd's somehow

he moves up as expected, pops the mangler with reavers - they never end! - while another unit goes through my waaghtillery. dragon and fire fifi fly over and dragon torches a few. pumper kills noble and takes the griffon down to 1 wound, who is now stupid without his rider. i move the savages up, looking to hand them to gtfoville, but instead monkey a foot first, getting the if

which kills, basically everything. 3 wounds off both dragon and prince over two foots, 10/11 silverhelms, 7 of the maiden guard, sending the unit panicking, i dont know how many times it went off, at least 6 or 7. then to top it off, spiderboss gets into fire fifi, beats it and runs it down. so instead of a turn three loss, good ol foot saved the day

 james fancies a frost fifi tangle vs my savages, and despite doing 4 wounds, loses and is run down. i brainburst the last helm, but dd scatters off stupid griffon and its a victory to the ong!

we blame it on new army syndrome. and the whole 6 dice foot monkey.
next up was a game with greg, who came straight from work without an army, and decided to take my latest lizo list. very wip, lots empty 40 ml bases lol. i on the other hand, had been scrounging through my cupboards earlier that day and tallied all the spare woc i had to see if i could run a 5k woc list - i can! - and thought it would be funny to run a b team list purely from the spares. 

left to right gregs got 2x5 chams in my dep zone, then a pair of raz in the forest, 12 skirmies, ethereal light slann, 4 terras, sally, 23 rus with scar vet, more skirmies, terras, raz, a skrox unit, and sally on the flank.
on my side ive got two chims with a exalted mot discman, cshield and top, 3rd eye and soul feeder as the general, then a nurg chariot, 15 nurgle halberds that look suspiciously like ahw khorne warriors, with an unmarked death l4, and mon l1 with scroll, a mot shrine, 28 mok rauders lololol, hellcannon and another nurgle chariot
battleline and i go first

i move up, dimensionally cascade my l4 for no good reason, and h/c failed ld test. chims and discman redeploy. greg moves up to encircle me, dimensionally cascades the slann t2 and fails the cupped hands roll. starts getting many comets off from the l1 priest.

 my t2 has a bunch of failed and fled charges. hellcannon scatters off rus a lil, but they still fail the panic and are taken off. warshine turns my l1 into a dprince, who is immediately shot. greg does the rally and shooty, taking out a chariot and panicking a chim. ld8 no reroll with two chims? come on ben. next hellcannon shot decimates the skrox, who take out the other chariot that had caught a fleeing sally

blue chim takes em out though, before he is killed by rocks and poison. i get shot and fail charges some more, but chim rallies

comet comes down, killing a bunch of his chaff, all my warriors, and a tonne of marauders, who are also shot to bits. it then turns into bftp

hellcannon kills some skinks, chim torchers some more, and its a victory to woc b team!

hellcannon obviously hates being sidelined, performing like that this game. and go chims! lol. some crazy as dice on both sides, great stuff.
start work again on wed, so about to get cracking on some more stuff, along with trying to figure what i can do with swedish comp for convic, so more! soon!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


alright, so off to ringwood for a 2999 pt tourney. allies were available, but i took a straight ong list.
ended up with a comp 6/10 which wasnt as bad as i feared with 6 war machines lol.

first up was a rematch with that demonic macedonian, shirts off nick! hes rocking some sweet as f/w bile trolls as beasts, and theres 11 in total, along with 43 frenzied letters, furies, grinder and poop cannon, horrors with l2, and a thirster, who wisely spends all game cowering behind the building.
meeting engagement and i have a mangler, chariot and spiders off the board. nick starts with his grinder off the board, and i think i steal first turn.

i peel off a rank of letters and half the furies with a foot or two, and all my shooting kills that awful poop cannon. reagans hiding behind impassable terrain waiting for the hand of gork that never came

nick moves full steam, towards the waiting spider bosses. on the top, i throw manglers, chariots and foots into the 9 strong beast unit, for no effect. ruh roh. reagan turns to go into the flank of overrunning letters. i dickmove a unit of spiders to block his ambushing hounds, but they lose 4/5 from a reign of chaos effect. blast!

fortunately for me, nick's grinder overruns far enough for my trolls to see the flank, and both them and reagan go for the flanks. by now his thirster is only on 1 wound, thanks to indirect fire and spear chukkas. savages should have reformed further away from beasts, but they were going to have to tassle sooner or later

sooner, as it turns out. reagan does well and only receives a wound. looks good right?

nope. couldnt land a wound on the beasts, and reagan fluffed all his attacks, and breaks on a 9. hounds make their way through my waaghtillery, but i get a wound on his critically injured thirster with a final dd shot.. ward. gah! trolls make a long charge onto letters

but the beasts... oh the beasts. tore through the trukk while the trolls finished off the letters. with comp ended up with 4.5 pts i think? not a great start, with some bad dice giving me no chance against his powerhouse units.  but well done nick, it seems a rematch is in order

 next up was chaos dwarves. two armies there, neither had a kdaii. interesting. this one had 9 fireborn, 28 dwarves with l3 hashut and bsb, archers behind them with a gobbo l1, a troll, a pair of death shriekers, 20 hobgoblins, more archers, a choo choo, another big block of dwarves, and 8 spiders.

bftp with me going first. my manglers wept with joy, and i dickmoved spiders everywhere.
i foot a rank off the dwarf bunker and kill a couple fireborn

 my opponent charges everything, and shoots half of reagans wounds off with shriekers.

i respond by mangling a third of the remaining dwarf bunker and a couple more fireborn. everything else went right to avoid his choo choo train of death. couldnt hit it with shooting, but did land a lobba on a shrieker, only rolling 2 wounds. i then foot most of the fireborn, and all the dwarves bar the characters. 

his characters split up and run away. fireborn took the spiderboss bait, but it took a support chariot later to kill em. kills reagan and 4 trolls with deathshriekers, and maybe cast something on the trukk, but loses his lone l4. 

my trukk cant kill 20 measley hobgoblins in the tower as the choo choo gets closer, and savages back up. my ninja trained dave troll takes out my opponents. got to 3rd base. off screen, a mangler takes out a deathshrieker

train keeps on a 'coming, and failing charges. trukk still cant.. shift.. hob..goblins 

bsb gets into my troll, but its a slowdance instead, and last deathshrieker scatters off the trolls. victory to the ong!

so mangling, footing, and avoiding the choo choo ftw. think it was a 14 for me. not sure
next up was that woc rascal aaron. packing a mean list imo, seekers on each flank, 18 halberd flaming nwarriors in the watchtower, 7&8 trolls, one with throgg, 4 crushers, couple hounds, bsb on a disc, 3 normal various mark chariots and 2 gorebeast various mark.

we both knew the only chance i had of winkling those warriors out the building were my savages, but there were a lot of chariots there to delay them. 

so off they go in for the charge. spiderboss charges seekers down the bottom, and reagan is handed up to delay chariots. other spiderboss goes to redirect crushers, and i kill one with shooting. savages kill about half of the warriors, but are pushed back

disaster. gorebeast chariot goes into savages, wins, and runs em down, popping the mangler. crushers overrun, and the trukk goes in the flank. reagan fails at chariot killing., but causes a traffic jam.  

eventually reagan kills a chariot or two, but dies to another. i hand the trolls over to support trukk when i belatedly realise his l4 has sword of antiheroes and my general dies in a challenge. seekers continue to clean up waaghtillery, and its game over once his other troll unit gets in the mix. 

a pretty comprehensive loss there, with the watchtower pts giving him a 20 zip. yikes. so not a great first day, and some patchy dice to boot. i always seem to get a tickling when i cross choppas with aaron, good thing hes a great dude. revenge will be mine!

day two started with dawn attack against one of the gumby armies, wielded by another great dude, steve and his we. left to right hes got a lord on a dragon, with the 3++, some archers with hoda bsb, 8 wild riders, 12 dryads, 6 treekin, treeman, eagle, archers archers wardancer bunker at the back l2 on we lore, treeman and dryads.
i go first and heres how we look. charged spiderboss in, but foolishly didnt send a mangler into him, which fell short and riders could charge past. other spiders dickmove about, reagan keeps a wary distance from his dragon. i land a lobba on the lord, burning the ward on the dragon, and doing three wounds. dd a wound off the lord too

looks like my t2 here, trukks gone into the building - as usual - manglers are shot, savages lose a rank but charge treeman, and i shoot eagle. savages win, he fails stubborn and i catch, overrun into back of spiders. single troll goes to block treeman

my t3 here, spiders charge the flank of dryads, holding them up and allowing savages to reform to get shot more. troll holds vs treeman and chariot does an impact wound but both lose. treekin go into the house but fluff, and i throw 4 or 5 wounds in. i manage to shoot the dragon in front of the building before wild riders clean up my waaghtillery, and his lord joins the wardancer bunker. i get a foot off, killing 3/5 treekin, and hand the spider over

steve moves the bunker, but not out of los of savages, and despite shooting half, the rest go in the flank and net a tonne of pts, overrunning out of range of dryads. treeman tries it against the tower but takes a couple wounds and steps back. trolls and reagan get into position

steve shoots all the savages, but opts not to put the wounded treeman in again. trolls make a charge on retreating treekin remnants, and mops up some dryads for desert. reagan fails a long cross charge on the treeman

he strangleroots and shoots off the blorc sitter, but the l1 escapes. victory to the ong! 

pretty lucky with those savages, who did the main pts gettin'. ended up being about a 13 or 14 to me? cant remember. so a good start against another great opponent.

 last game was against the imperial japan he, commanded by mark skilton. he was running a light council/shoot em up style list with left to right 2 eagles, archer bunker with high l2, 30 spears, 4 rbts, 30 more spears with light l4, 12 archers with flame banner in brown woods, more archers with light l2, 2 more eagles and 20 swordies with light magic bsb. battle line, and i go first.

  this is t2, but it starts very well for me. i shoot / accidently scatter a foot onto 3/4 of the eagles, with the red spiders accounting for the 4th on t2. i also shoot a rbt and panic the left hand spear horde off the board. spiders then get in the flank of leftmost archers, while spiderboss in the centre has a ball with the flaming archers, doing what he does best vs small archer units. once again, the trukk goes into the building.
other spiders fail an animosity and charge the swords. does not end well for them, but two survive and rally

 my next turn and chariot goes into archer unit that spiders cannot kill. one spiderboss into a rbt, troll into another. centre spiderboss is about to win mvp of this tourney vs the l4 bunker
sowrdies make it into trolls, kill half who pop through chariot and rally

one spiderboss joins the tickle fight against the archers on the left, who are in a forest this whole time lol. savages make it into remaining rbt.
meanwhile, the other spiderboss wins combat against l4 spear horde, who fail their steadfast, bsb is out of range, and are run down by spiderboss, elf slayer extraordinaire!
reagan sacks up and goes into swordies, taking 4 or 5 wounds, but slaying the bsb and entire unit bar one, who gets away and its victory to the ong!

big win this one, where everything went right for me, and poor monty's dice completely went the other way. a late 20 nil put me in 8th place at the end, a fairly respectable effort, given my big losses.
congrats to greg on his 3rd place and players choice awards, and thanks to the ringwood guys for a tight 3k ship and good tourny.

so there we are. got a game with james and his flying he horror show tomorrow, so expect plenty of proxied phoenixes, and complaints from yours truly if my waaghtillery doesnt perform lol.
other than that, will be getting stuck into painting those nurgle knights, and perhaps even some skrox or empire, time dependent. more soon!