Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Shirts off update

gidday fam,

just a quick update before things get xmas busy.
so finally tidied up and rearranged the garage, enough room now for at least 6 tables and the fridge.

had a busy weekend the weekend earlier, turns out battlefield in a box forests are not a thing anyone stocks anymore, so off to the model train store for a $30 bag of trees

not those bags of trees! these!

bit of cardboard action and - for some reason - pink duct tape, add airbrush and mrs;

ran out of grey before i could finish the impassable piles, more photos on that soon when in done so you can tell whats going on. then the bravest man i know - peter caddy, fixed the hole in the roof like a boss

finally, now that weve got some trophies, a fairly haggard trophy board! keeping with the feng shui. 

so to celebrate we filled the garage full of nerds for a one day cancon practice

much fun was had, but none moreso than these three, well done to johannes in first, skilto in second, and that loveable giant dave in third. and sorry for initially getting the points wrong guys, i was drunk and failed at excel

and finally... finally.. finally got through basecoating and tidying up those high elves i was supposed to be painting. now to highlight and wash them all!

more on that later, i hope. other than that, thanks to my man sammy for picking up the shirts off warhammer nz twitter acc, get on there and follow him.

until next time, keep gaming - and take you shirt off!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Shirts off at blood and glory

so, its been a while gang. soz! been busy painting helves the last couple months - some progress on that soon. in the meantime, got some batreps for ya.

blood and glory was the other weekend, 2k, panel comp, and 80 peeps registered. now id be the first to tell you i wont get out of bed for less than 2400 pts, but its slim pickings in victoria tourney wise atm, cancons a while away, and all our lot were going. go on then. at a pub in town, and run by a well loved ex gw manager, i thought id leave the filth at home for once and play to the comp pack. much to the surprise of everyone who walked past as i was unpacking my army, i thought it would be a nice opportunity to let the lizo out for a spin at their first tourney, now that the mrs and i were finished painting em. i knew it was the right choice when it turned out everyone's favourite mal patel was going to be in melbourne that weekend, and had a pass to join us at the venue on the sunday. stoked! 
so, after umming and ahhing for a couple weeks, a few practice games later i settled on:

Slann Mage-Priest [300]
+ Becalming Cogitation [25]
+ Harmonic Convergence [30]
+ Focus of Mystery [35]
+ Channelling Staff [15]
+ Battle Standard Bearer [25]
= 430

Skink Priest [65]
+ Dispel Scroll [25]
+ Lore of Heavens
= 90
Saurus Scar-Veteran [80]
+ Dragonhelm [10]
+ Dawnstone [25]
+ Potion of Foolhardiness [5]
+ great weapon [4]
+ light armour [6]
+ Cold One [20]
= 150
Saurus Scar-Veteran [80]
+ Armour of Destiny [50]
+ great weapon [4]
+ Cold One [20]
= 154

10 Skink Skirmishers [70]
+ Lustrian javelins and shields
= 70
10 Skink Skirmishers [70]
+ Lustrian javelins and shields
= 70
10 Skink Skirmishers [70]
+ Lustrian javelins and shields
= 70
20 Saurus Warriors [220]
+ Spawn Leader [10]
+ musician [10]
+ standard bearer [10]
= 250
10 Skinks
= 50

Bastiladon [150]
+ Solar Engine
= 150
21 Temple Guard [294]
+ Revered Guardian [10]
+ musician [10]
+ standard bearer [10]
  + Razor Standard [45]
= 369
5 Chameleon Skinks
= 65
6 Chameleon Skinks
= 78

 so no skink cloud, tetto, life/light magic etc. the obligatory pair of cowboys and reasonable amount of temple guard gave me a comp 25/40 which i thought was fair, but by all accounts it was a bit of a comp lottery overall.

Game one vs dwarves, jacks a great dude, a newer player that's been gaming lately at the hq.  he has a thane with spell eating, bsb, 20ish ironbreakers, 18 hammerers, 2x18 thunderers, 2 gyros, organ with master engineer, grudger and cannon, all with various runes

not an ideal match up first game, so played it cagey. i go first, soulquench off a couple wounds on the grudger and cammies polish it off t1. other cammies start to wound the cannon. skinks move up to try shoot gyro down

 i do a bad job of protecting temple guard and suffer for it. intially i was going to just bumrush his blocks with em, but it wasnt long before they were no good for fighting. cannon does a wound or two to laserdon

 skinks pick up the cannon, and other skinks charge organ gun. i start to gang up on a unit of thunderers, and one scar vet tries to charge out into the other unit but fails. soulquench is eaten but i think i get rid of a gyro. skinks fight the organ gun until his master engineer counters and the skinks flee, but rally in front of his blocks

my poor temple guard are now 4 strong and fleeing, but thats a good thing. in fact that was the best thing that could have happened. they fled from the gyro on the right shooting at them, which stopped me from having to flee the charge from either his blocks or gyro and been caught. as it stands theyre just at max charge range for the gyro, but still plenty of room and not enough turns to flee. phew. one scar vet makes it into thunderers, other one goes into master engineer, and overruns into organ gun. his other unit of thunderers charges some skinks, beat and chase, but fall an inch short of hitting the fleeing temple guard. double phew

 i rally everywhere apart from the temple guard, and the laserdon and 2nd cowboy join the combat against the thunderers. i shoot and magic his gyros, and shoot the heck out of the other thunderers, sending them fleeing

he kills a unit of skirmies and tries to charge the saurus, but i flee to safety. temple guard stay on the board, as do his surviving thunderers. ends up 12-8 my way, which i was happy with. played for a small win and got, this is the way lizo are supposed to go i remember thinking. let the small wins roll!

Game 2 vs helves. He had a botwd shelm deathstar  with prince, bsb noble, l4 high, l1 beasts, 2x5 reavers, frosties and 3 rbts. dawn attack and i get off pretty lightly, while my opponent has his deathstar off to one side. perfect, i can ignore it and get everything else, i thought

 not at a lot of photos for this one. i get in on each side with cammies, one unit shoots off a rbt, panicking the nearby reavers through his fifi and another rbt, panicking the fifi. stays on the board tho. i start poisoning and soulquenching things, and reform to deal with shelms. you can see below a unit of skinks on the left oddly positioned, i had tried charging the rallied reavers and planned to flee anyway. problem was i only fled bugger all, his shelms easily catch me and reform super close to my lines. eek

 fortunately, my dawnstone cowboy steps up to the task, charging out into his bus, challenging out the prince, holding him and his stinkin unit in place for 3 rounds, enough time to send the other cowboy and an awful clip from the saurus. i kill the prince, win by tonnes, and run him down. ok...

thats pretty much it, frosty makes it into slann cohort bunker - derp - but fortunately again, im steadfast and hold, and everyone survives. ends up a 18-2 i think. wasnt expecting that, but ill take it! now where do i get more scar vets from, sheesh
Game 3 was vs woodies. great dude and beautiful army. not 100% on the list, but i think l4 on high, bsb with hail of doom, 30 some odd eternal guard, 3x10 trueflight, 5 scouts, 5 wild riders, eagle and treeman. meaty engagement and i go first

 skinks everywhere! off they go to do what skinks do. on the left i gang up on a unit of glade guard, and on the right its pew pew to the face of scouts. eventually i get both units, although the eagle on the left has skinks for dinner

 i think this game my becalming cogitation is worth its weight in toad slime. cant dispel shooting though, and my skinks disappear quicker than tiny pies at a wake. scar vets shuffle round to get into range of his bunker, and i fiery convocate 17 of the eternal guard. the only time i miscast with the slann all tournament is the only time hes in the temple guard. superstitions eh? his treeman chases skinks while i desperately fire the laserbeam at it, but struggle to get better than s4 hits which do nothing

 this game my skink priest rolls a comet, which i keep on account of the trueflight. get it off now i think. one cowboy gets into his eternal guard bunker, keeping the wild riders in the front arc just to be a dick

 other cowboy goes in, but both are now wounded. between my miscast and shooting, the temple guard suddenly dont like the prospect of a rumble with the treeman, and begin to sidle backwards, leaving it up to skinks to continue to delay it

 lots of missing models here. after 3 or 4 magic phases, the comet comes down and i roll an 11 for the distance i think. regardless, kills my remaining cowboy who had caught the bunker, all his remaining archers, and the wildriders that had just charged my saurus. temple guard get ready to flee from the treeman, and thats that

  ends up a 16-4, beers were bought for my excellent opponent, and im wondering whats happened to my plan of small wins.

Game 4 and I'm playing blimmin Sam blimmin Morgan. Love the guy to bits, a canny and experienced player, but have definately been out for revenge after our game at face off, and it was time for blood!

He's got a scaled down version of his masters list,  Karl franz, mounted bsb, 3 l2's on death, 12ish gw knights, 2x5 reiksguard, hurricanum, 10 skirmies, 16ish swordsmen  and two cannons. heres a blurry photo of bftp and i go first

 now this was sams first time at a tourney with his empire, whereas pretty much all of my practice games had been against empire. why do you think i took high magic lol. aside from the cannons, there was one thing that really frightened me; ghal maraz.
 cammies go after the cannon, but cant quite do the trick. in return he charges em and gets his purple sun perilously close to my lines. doesnt if it and its scroll time. first cannon shot, misfire, blows up. second shot, another misfire. ill take it

 chaffing abounds and a scar vet goes into the flank of the swords, while the other tackles a unit of chaff knights that i forgot were reiksguard. i lie about the slann + temple guard, here he is again in there, terrified of cannon sniping. this turn i unforge ghal maraz, and we are golden. by now ive swapped out 3 spells and now have dual iceshard, miasma, and wildform.

 cowboy finished off chaff knights and kills hurricanum. saurus help other scar vet polish off swoardmen and no more purple sun. sam decides he cant back up far enough and charges the temple guard. wins combat but i hold. my turn i get a few spells off on the temple guard and win and chase down karl franz and his entourage. stoked! last couple turns i go through and pick up the rest of his army

big win to the tune of 20-0 and vengeance is mine. cokes were bought and much astonishment was had by all at my 66 bps so far. whats going on here?

Last game vs ong, and its the jaberslythe from the dwellers. He had about as filthy as you can get with the greenies,  l4 orc with mr3 and shrunken head in there, blorc bsb, gobbo scroll caddy, 2x5 wolf riders, wolf hero, 3 wolf chariots, 38 savages, 8 trolls, chukka, lobba, 2 ddivers and 2 manglers. another opponent who i owed a thrashing after previous games, but i wasnt too keen on the match up this time. blood and glory, worth 800 for breaking the other chap first and remaining unbroken

being a sneaky greenie, all the waaghtillery that mattered was fairly well protected, and his chariots were a good counter to my skinks. i kill a chukka and get his scroll out. in return he doesnt move much, gets my scroll on a foot, and waaghtillery does little

 more of the same, except i think his trolls may have failed stupidity. i start to close in on the left, and all my shooting wounds all the chariots, but crucially doesnt actually kill any. i do go ahead and unforge his mr3 though...
in return i stop the foot, catch a few chariots, and lobba picks up my laserdon. i get a stand and shoot on some wolf riders at the top left, killing enough to force a panic which they fail, and run onto a mangler behind and panics a doom diver

 my turn a scar vet chases down a chariot of his, chaff keeps on fighting and shooting for little return, but i do get a fiery convocation onto his savages, rolling fucking hot for 22 wounds and 18 deaths. managable for a cowboy? i only lose by one when he charges into said cowboy, but i fail a ld finally and get run down

 no complaints here, i put saurus and remaining cowboy + temple guard into the remains of the savages. a cheeky boosted hand of glory on the saurus nets me the win, and saurus run em down, breaking his fortitude. trolls fail stupidity, and look onwards as i clean up the rest of his army

 although i did lose a bit in this game, the extra fortitude points were enough to give me another 20-0, and all my warhammer scores were settled, it seemed. very lucky on a few counts here, not a single foot went off, and the waaaghtillery was less than impressive, for which i was very grateful.

and onto settled scores in general. after another 20-0, people were already starting to congratulate me. nonsense, i thought, ive got loremaster high lizo. with saurus! welp, the points came in and fuck me sideways - i won the bloody thing. whoop! 
well done to all our lot too, with johannes 3rd, nick 4th, rhys in 8th (with beastmen!) jib jib at 11th, and joel (first oz tourney), mikey and jack (first tourney) in 37th, 41st and 46th respectively. nice one fullas

johannes isnt so sure about our victory helmets tho, but nick couldnt be franzier now he has his own thunder hammer. i was very pleased to have a lucky charm skink priest mal patel about lol

so thanks to al and all the peeps at house of war for a great event, def sign up to march of war - 4$ pots! thanks to my opponents for 5 great games, and mal - super glad you're coming to cancon with us now lolol

so there we have it, my very first individual 1st place at a warhammer tourney. turns out all you need is loremaster high and cowboys. well that and the usual dirty half dozen regular tourney winners to not attend also lol. there i was thinking 3+ ward saves ftw all this time. very pleased to have done well straight out the gate with my lizos tho, so you might be seeing more of them in the future. next up though, ive had a hell of a crafternoon today, so updates on that, the high elves, and a touch of renovations at the hq.

so until then, im going to continue to enjoy a touch of schadenfreude, but you stay tuned - and take your shirt off!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Shirts off at axemaster 2014

alright, so back from axemaster this weekend out at hampton gaming club. good times. thanks to lachie for running it, was 40ish players using a modified scgt comp pack where the soft and power pool choices were the same i think, but instead of the comp differential being applied to scores, it resulted in a +1 or 2 on the dice roll for first turn, deployment types, sides and etc.

as mentioned earlier, i took a rather salty comp 2 woc list, and my first round match up was against lachie the gumby and his comp 9 dark elves. he picked meeting engagement, and from top to bottom has got a master on manticore, 7 dark riders, small unit of shades, 15 sisters, big unit of flaming xbows with a l4 on heavens i think, and l1 on metal, big unit of cold ones with bsb, bloodwrack shrine in a big unit of spears, and a hydra at the bottom. my stuff is pretty clear, warriors into the building, the t5 gang in the centre pawing at the starting line, and giant ben heading towards the hydra.

 he goes first and hydra sends my hounds fleeing off the board and missing the redirect. on the other flank his manticore and driders pounce on a poor chariot and smash it. in return, and as you can see here, my general flies right in front of the cold ones and torches the back end of his spear unit, killing 15. giant ben makes it into the hydra, thumping his club for 4 wounds, but rolling double 2's. fortunately that was enough to send it off the board, while the chims and bsb square off against the remainder of the unit.

in return his cold ones obviously take the charge, i dont do a lot of overkill in the challenge and lose, and fail my stubborn test. i had gambled or neglected to keep the bsb in range, in order to keep him away from a potential counter charge from the spears, and he was run down. the spears turn to face giant ben as much as they can, and below the manticore goes into the building and eats a champ.
i struggle with magic all game, but get a hellcannon shot onto his wizard bunker, not panicking it, but killing a good amount. both chims go into the cold ones, kill the entire unit and pop the bsb, but not before taking a wound here or there. bsb charges a blocking unit of harpies and doesnt make the overrun into the unit. giant ben meanwhile side steps the front arc of his spears

his next turn the manticore goes in again, and the question comes up if i dont choose to put my wizards in the ten models that i put up to attack, then i wouldnt have to challenge, and that would supercede that rule. in the end we went that way, and manticore is critically wounded, later to die to a searing doom, but leaving his rider alive. in hindsight i could have popped my wizzies out that back in my turn anyway. but his unit of driders does manage to take the last wound off the green chim, panicking the other one back towards my board edge. curses!

he does reform the spears to face my bsb tho, allowing giant ben a much safer combat in the flank, both go in and chim fails to rally. it takes a turn or two, but i get through both the spears and the shrine

once out of combat though, hes able to kill both giant ben and the fleeing chim with shooting. sisters go into my bsb, dismounted master runs away from a rampaging hellcannon, and this is how it ends

in the end it was a draw, and a hell of a blood bath. great game and opponent, albeit obvisouly disappointing for me given what a swell match up it was

onto game 2 and im playing steve and his lizo. although a frequent face at the hq, its been ages since i actually played him.
hes got a life toad and the pair of priests with a scroll apiece. old blood cowboy, ancient steg and engine, 3 units of skimies, 3 terradons, a chief with the egg on a ripper, 5 cold ones, and a giant skrox unit in the centre with 5 or 6 of the big guys and a couple min sized cammies.
he chooses battleline and goes first. i wear some terradon rocks on the hounds near the hellcannon alongside a few wounds here and there from other shooting, and a dwellers gets scrolled

 i move up fairly cautiously in the centre, and send a chim to deal with the two cammie units that had run up alongside it. hellcannon fails a rampage and runs into the nearby terras, leaving one alive

 he picks up a few more wounds here and there, and i run all the stuff on the left out of los of old blood next to the steg, with the disclord right in front of it. giant ben however, cannot finish off a unit of skinks in one turn and is stuck, and i reform to give him the flank and stay out of los of the old blood. looked fine, but an untimely knock to the old blood moved him, and he wasnt anymore. we 4+ to see which way it went, and unfortunately he could see. hellcannon gets a couple wounds on the top steg

this positioned proved crucial, as that old blood went on to kill not only giant ben, a chariot sent in to try salvage the situation, and a chimera. flesh to stone on the steg and disclord cant kill it. yep, sharpened horns on the steg, yep failed a ward on the impact, but only did two wounds. phew.
were about to run out of time, and the blue chim makes an 11" charge into the other steg and kills it, then turns around and makes it into the slanns unit, who is accompanied by a handful of skirmies in a forest. i manage to kill every last skink on the thunderstomp and break the slann on the last turn

ends up a 12-8 for me, thanks to that. a closely fought game against another great opponent. all the best on your travels steve

last game of the day was against bretts. hes got 3 lil lances, 2 big ones with the usual smattering of rerollable as character walls, hkb, falconhorn, beasts and heavens, and two trebs. he prays and i move up, putting hounds in front of the big left lance, and the other unit up near the left treb. flying friends move forward, and like most of this weekend, magic and shooting do nothing.

 here, hes gone after the hounds and restrained, but still close, allowing a chariot and chim into the non hkb lance. i opted not to try get the bsb in there also, instead this time moving him close enough to the combat, and the disclord who was as usual, parked in front of unit with his bollocks out. giant ben fails a charge on a small knight unit. i win the combat and he holds

here the other lance has gone in, disclord in challenge with hkb lord, rolls a 6 and i make ward and stubborn rolls. other combat i kill a character, get into the fleshy bits, and start to win the grind. in my turn the other chim charges a wee lance, who fail terror and flee off the board. bsb makes it into the bottom combat, after a bit of deliberation. i figured although the disclord could use a hand, there was less risk of losing him to combat res in the bottom combat, plus there was a chance the disclord would be hkb'd.

well wouldnt you know it, he rolls another 6, and this time i roll a 2.  in his turn that lance goes into the flank of the bsb, who is in a challenge currently. the chim and chariot lose to combat res and flee, although the bsb holds. the chim runs dies somehow, but the chariot rallies. unfortunately hes got the unit champ of that lance and a character left on one wound. giant ben wins his combat, but is badly injured, while the other small lance charges the blue chim and lose half their number, but kill it eventually.

and then he hkb's my bsb, and its time to stop taking photos while he cleans up. ends up a 16-4 against. not a great game overall, lots of rules debates during tense key moments, but yeah, two heroic killing blows really pissed in my paddling pool there. what can you do?

first game sunday was against ogres. he has a cat on each flank, 4 mournfang, two stonehorn, gutstar with bsb and maw l4, 8 bulls, and 5 leadbelchers with a firebelly l2. i think i actually go first here

yeah, i do go first. put hounds in front of mournfang, move up the flying stuff to 12.5" behind em. giant and chariot back off for the time being, while the dummy drops on the right moved towards the leadbelchers. he takes the bait and sends the mournfangs in, and shoots unsuccesfully at the incoming chariot

 and of course, i fail to take photos of a number of key things. first, mournfang hold, and i charge both chims and 3++ characters in, but the bsb fails. manages to kill one chim and wound another, but i kill 3/4 in return and run em down, out of los of stonehorns.
in his turn the stonehorn goes into my bsb, does no damage, and i kill it. i had if'd gateway twice at it, both times s3, but did a couple wounds + a failed t test from warpflame. he kills both my chariots, and giant ben fails a charge into the other stornhorn, but ends up with a toe in the forest.
in his turn the stonehorn and gutstar charge giant ben and do 5 wounds from impact hits. i go first, and my opponent calls it - i roll a yell and bawl and hold!

 i go into the flank and rear of stonehorn with both characters, and giant ben eadbutts it before dying. i dont kill it, win the combat by a bit, but ironguts hold. stonehorn flees and trips on a rock on his way, taking his last wound. characters reform

 he goes for the hellcannon and takes it in a round. both characters go in the rear of the gutstar. chim hides from fireballs and leadbelchers. i get treason on the gutstar

and run em down for a giant swing. we continued to play the full 6 turns, packed up, and were talking about the game, when he remembers he has sodiscpline on the unit, and should have made his breaktest. we talk about treason and look through the faqs, then talk to the to about it, who says its up to me, but in his opinion, waaaaay too late. i agreed, but felt bad, so offered to 4+ it

rolled a 5 and i won 13-7 i think. we talked about it tho, i had another turn of combat with treason up, and i had got through the front rank into rank and file, so it might have been irrelevant either way. in anycase i felt better, i think that was the right thing to do

next up im on the same table, playing against another familiar face, norto and his air cav brett list. full credit to the man for bringing this instead of a dual seer folding fortress skaven gunline. hes got 3x5 pegs, a peg bsb, peg hkb lord, and spare peg hero, 1 big lance with a pair of beasts damsels, and maybe a paladin or two. 2x15 flaming peasants and a smaller non flaming unit, and ofc two trebs.

cant remember if he prayed or not, i know he wasnt a lot that weekend on account of icons and vows etc, but heres a photo before we go to t2. he throws an amber spear at my bsb t1 and i roll a 2 and he dies. i feel tears welling up, but everything passes panic. there is a sound of a turtlehead retracting.

 then in t2 he blows the falconhorn and does the same thing. if amber spear, i fail the ward on my lord. he rolls 1 wound. i change undies after uncurling from the foetal position. i get a wound through his hkb lord with a chariot, who gets hkb'd. lord goes into hellcannon, who had already seen off a peg unit from a failed terror test, but cant do it, and another chariot comes into support.

 i kill him, but chariot cops a charge from a peg unit, runs, and pegs go into hellcannon. in the centre the disclord and one chim get into lance, second chim fails charge on peg bsb hidden behind forest, and winds up in a stupid forest.

 pegs are stuck on hellcannon, giant ben comes in to support. breaks em in his turn, and i charge them and a unit of archers off the table with giant ben in my turn.
ive got a peg paladin joining me after being charged by woc and fleeing, but rallying
in the disclord combat, the bsb comes into the flank of the chim, he ifs savage beasts, and hes got the flaming lance, so kills it and overruns. disclord fails his stubborn test, but gets away and rallies. other chim is stupid tho and stumbles forward - id switched chims here as the green one had snapped his flying stand

 bsb charges chim and i kill him, disclord kills both damsels in challenges. chim goes into unit and thats the last photo. i end up clearing up the rest of his stuff after a treb blows up

ends up a 17-3 i think? well stoked to swing that back round after failing wards early on, and nortos a solid dude, so off we went to get beers

last game and im playing non other than greg johnsons empire! stoked. im a fan of his blog, and just in case you're not yet, or want a more in depth report: http://hoodlinghole.blogspot.com.au/  

hadnt had the chance to run across him on the battlefield yet, so needless to say i was giddy with excitement. not to mention there was no karl franz or double steam tank. from top to bottom he had 5 demis, stank, knight block with luther huss, general on griffon with white cloak and gw, big block of halberds with two archer detachments, with all three his wizards in the mix, bsb on peg, then another general on a griffon down the bottom, and he goes first

now, lets start by saying that greg had the worst dice luck id seen all weekend. here i am complaining when a 3++ fails sometimes, but this was something else. his stank did very little except lose wounds and steam points until the last turn. he moves up a bit in his turn, and i repond. demis get chaffed by hounds, while other hounds flee off the board from a failed terror test. i biff a chimera right up at the halberds and pop the bad breath, killing enough to force a panic test which they fail. i move the disclord up with the chim an inch behind

he goes for it, everywhere. i miss crucial photos. knights go into disclord, i take a wound but start killing knights and hold, giant ben comes in to support and starts swinging his club. green chimera charges the halberds who fail a terror test and run off the board. i charge a chariot into the rear of the demis when they fail a long charge into warriors, and hold them up for a couple rounds. blue chim tries to deal with stank but is crushed
at the bottom his general on griffon and bsb on peg both charge my bsb. i get into combat with general, and kill him in one round, but the griffon becomes unbreakable and i hold. i then but a chariot into flank of griffon for the res, but he holds

hellcannon gets a couple wounds on stank. knights die to disclord and giant ben but hold. demis break chariot but dont pursue and l1 goes out to buy time. get a gateway, do a wound or two, give him regen.
he also puts the other general on griffon into the rear of the chariot, but kills that and my bsb holds, about to kill the original griffon hes still stuck in a challenge with, and i fly the last chim out of harms way, considering going for the stank

 disclord kills huss in a challenge, giant ben finishes off the unit. chariot rallies. i bail last wizard out and take a demi charge but hold. bsb kills griffon in his turn, sending his bsb fleeing to his death, and i reform to face the other griffon and charge it in my turn.

stanks still misfiring and doing nothing on 7 wounds. i send giant ben in, on one wound. does thump with club, stank makes it. engineer puts the last wound on giant ben who topples sideways. bearing that in mind i only commit the disclord to save the warriors, with the injured chariot and chim watching from the sidelines. my disclord is now s8 thanks to an eotg roll, and puts the hurt on the demis, who hold. bsb manages to kill other griffon, and stomps the last wound off his other general, and for his 4th eotg roll gets stupidity.

so we end there as time as called, but we didnt have long to go anyway. ended up a big 19-1 i think, and another great game and opponent.

so in the end it went to high elves, along with 2nd and 3rd spots - which were both botwd wlion teclis deathstars. well done to rhys and nick at 4th and 5th respectively, and i was pretty stoked to come in 9th. so good times, thanks to lachie, skilto and the hampton guys for putting it up, and plenty of food for thought for me.
i was extremely fortunate, and it was extremely unusual, for there not to be any dwarf players, skull cannons, and little to no death magic. was super worried about those chimeras going in, but as a wise jabe told me, 'dont take two, take three'. we'll see about that, but plenty of other ideas going down.

so thats it for now, stay tuned for more painting and list progress probably next, and as always;
take your shirt off