Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Shirts off update

gidday fam,

just a quick update before things get xmas busy.
so finally tidied up and rearranged the garage, enough room now for at least 6 tables and the fridge.

had a busy weekend the weekend earlier, turns out battlefield in a box forests are not a thing anyone stocks anymore, so off to the model train store for a $30 bag of trees

not those bags of trees! these!

bit of cardboard action and - for some reason - pink duct tape, add airbrush and mrs;

ran out of grey before i could finish the impassable piles, more photos on that soon when in done so you can tell whats going on. then the bravest man i know - peter caddy, fixed the hole in the roof like a boss

finally, now that weve got some trophies, a fairly haggard trophy board! keeping with the feng shui. 

so to celebrate we filled the garage full of nerds for a one day cancon practice

much fun was had, but none moreso than these three, well done to johannes in first, skilto in second, and that loveable giant dave in third. and sorry for initially getting the points wrong guys, i was drunk and failed at excel

and finally... finally.. finally got through basecoating and tidying up those high elves i was supposed to be painting. now to highlight and wash them all!

more on that later, i hope. other than that, thanks to my man sammy for picking up the shirts off warhammer nz twitter acc, get on there and follow him.

until next time, keep gaming - and take you shirt off!

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