Saturday, 31 January 2015

Shirts off at Cancon 2015

hola gang, long time no blog

so back from cancon last weekend, good times!

swedish comp with a range of 10-16, with 150 pts per point of difference. still on the lizo vibe, i took a 15.3;

Saurus Oldblood
+ Glittering Scales
+ Talisman of Preservation
+ Potion of Foolhardiness
+ great weapon
+ Cold One
Slann Mage-Priest
+ Focus of Mystery
+ Ironcurse Icon

Skink Priest
+ Dispel Scroll
+ Lore of Heavens
Saurus Scar-Veteran
+ Armour of Destiny
+ great weapon
+ Cold One
+ Battle Standard Bearer
Saurus Scar-Veteran
+ Dawnstone
+ Dragonhelm
+ great weapon
+ light armour
+ Cold One

23 Saurus Warriors
+ Spawn Leader
+ musician
+ standard bearer
20 Skinks
+ Skink Brave
+ musician
+ standard bearer
20 Skinks
+ Skink Brave
+ musician
+ standard bearer
16 Skinks
+ Skink Brave
+ musician
+ standard bearer
13 Skink Skirmishers
23 Temple Guard
+ Revered Guardian
+ musician
+ standard bearer
  + Razor Standard
8 Chameleon Skinks Bastiladon
+ Solar Engine

had some mixed success with the list in the run up to cancon, but was pretty happy and felt it was a solid list. aside from the one dayer i went to and cascaded my slann 3/3 games. but we wont discuss that. now onto the games!

Game 1 was dawn attack vs tk. He had l4 nehek, king with ward and gw, herald bsb, 2x3 chariots, brick of skellies, 20ish archers, 2x5 horsemen, 3 snake riders, kittie, titan, casket and skullapult. Pretty standard tks. I had my bsb, saurus, and dawnstone cowboy on the left, everything in the centre. He had his chariots opposite them, and everything else centre right

Nothing too exciting early on, rus dodged flaming skulls until they were close enough to send the scar vets elsewhere. Moved up a lil, big hill in the centre blocked any charges for now. 

 At some point, it all goes bananas. His snakes come up, he cascades his hierophant, and I poison off the kitty with one round of shooting with two units. yikes! 

Skelly block comes up and I go in with tg and a couple cowboys and paste em. hiero goes through a cohort and winds up in the slann bunker. fortunately the temple guard finish off the skelly block in time and save the day 

 His chariots get a skink unit and res out the other cowboy, catching him. 

Laserdon holds up the snakes in combat long enough for them to crumble, but gets catapulted off last turn. Ends up a 16-4 my way. great local opponent, and a strong start for me lizo

Game 2 was against skaven. One of the qld'ers and a very competent player, hes got a seer, fellblade warlord, bsb, assassin with mr2, two engineers, 3 darts, 2 units of slaves, clanrat bunker, small unit of 11 plague monks, 10 night runners, a tunnelling team, 2 doomwheels and 40 stormvermin. apologies for the bad angle on the photos. Battleline and I go first. 

Move up a lil, keep the flanks close as the doomwheels are on either end. Get off a fiery convo on the stormies and kill a few when he uses scroll of sheilding + mr2
In his turn he if's d13th and kills 18/23 temple guard. Then he cascades down the hole and kills a bunch more stormies. Huzzah!

My turn i do a cheeky terror bomb with the laserdon and the stormies flee. Re cast fiery con on them, and pelt them with lasers and soulquenches till they all die in a few turns. i also tempest the centre bsb bunker

One cohort fights a doomwheel to death and the other does a lot of misfires and rolls near the cammies with only a wound left and I take that out also.

 One slave unit panics off, I pick up plagues, all the darts, halve the bunker, then unforge the fellblade so he doesn’t get any ideas. 

I cant remember what stuff i lost, but its another 16-4 to me. another great opponent, with an admirable stiff upper lip

Game 3 vs ahktars green dwarves and meeting engagement. Hes got l4 big waagh, blorc warboss, 40 savages with bows, a couple of chaff characters, horde of gobbos, 2 manglers, 2 lobbas and a dd, chukka, 3 pumpers, 2 wolf chariots and 2 boar chariots. He sets up in a corner and I steal first turn

So, as soon as I saw this list, I knew what kind of game this was going to be. Put on your box, wadsworth, its dick punching time!
So the cammies go up and trigger the fanatics. At some point I tempest the gobbos, then convocate the rest. 

Dawnstone cowboy gets shot out after a failed charge, saurus get footed off the table along with bsb. Basiladon dies later on, I push forward tg. Then he switches to the old blood and nearly kills him. Blocks up the tg.

Old blood charges out into some waiting chariot, and ahktar crows the trap is sprung! He sends his manglers who had been backlining behind the savages through em, warmachines and chariots to get my oldblood. First one does 5 wounds and I save em all. 2nd one goes through and I die. 

I pick up some pumpers along the way and kill a mangler with shooting, on top of some chariots, chaff characters, warmachines and gobbo horde for a 13-7 loss. 

Some real corner hammer, but as he explained at the beginning of the game, it was some etc practice for him essentially. Ahktar is a great dude and I had an enjoyable game, but I definitely felt like he was to blind me with his nipples. We solved everything amicably, and pulled some surprises on one another, so I felt I did the best I could in that match up

Day 2, Game 4 was against darkies. Tough list, 2xl3's on dark, 2x10 cold ones, cauldron horde of witches with hag, mounted bsb and another noble on steed, and two driders of 5. my opponent was too hungover to make it apparently, so sent another guy in his stead, who was lovely, but quite new to warhammer i think. Cammies went on cauldron duty, and old blood squared off against a cold one unit

Old blood is off to the left, and went through entire unit and sorc in about 5 rounds. Cauldron got chaffed and shot and repeat. - Now we did play this wrong, we werent sure about whether I could target the cauldron with javs so we went to the to's who both agreed we could. 

 Later on I got some remarks from the armies actual owner which I politely pointed out we did get a ruling from the to's. shoulda been there huh? 

killed the hag and cauldron, bad overrun, saurus in the flank and got the witches' pts with magic.

dawnstone cowboy went into other unit of cold ones but couldnt get em all in time. went up 18-2, only had one cold one unit and a sorc left, lost very little, and another great opponent.

Game 5 against rowan keatings woodies. Hes got l4 metal, sisters on dragon and bsb, 2x6 wildies, 18 & 10 trueflight, 10ish dancers, 3 warhawk riders, 6 core horsemen, eagle or two. I go first, I think its blood and glory.

so this game was all about the laserdown ftw. Omg! First shot, 10 s6 on wildriders, vapes em. I also tempest his big unit of gladies who panic off the board. Arrange my skinks so the hawks cant land behind, I know hes trying to pin the slann bunker and trying to get other wildies round into em. 

He moves about, keeps trying to cast final trans and I keep stopping it. Eventually he cascades and loses the l4 to something else. I shoot off all the hwaks, and an iceshard on the last one kills it. I shoot a few of the other wildies before they overrun off the board. Dragon starts taking wounds. 

His ambushers come on and charge the slanns unit next turn. Dragon fails an 18" charge into em, phew.
Then, wildies come back on and line up the flank. Laserdon turns around - 9s5 hits vapes em too! I love you laserdon!!!!

I throw more poison at the dragon who flies off on one wound left, and that’s pretty much the game. Skink bunker fights off ambushers lol and it’s a 17-3 to me.

 Rowan was a great dude, and had an excellent attitude when his dice went south. more wicked opponents!

Game 6 was against simon turner's ogres, super nice dude, and another very experienced player. he had l3 heavens, l1 butcher, bsb, 2 hunters with harpoons, 4x3 guts, 2 kitties, 2x5 & 1x6 belchers, and a ironblaster.

First few rounds a pretty cagey, but my 13 skirmies with a cohort in support shot and panic off all 3 units of guts on the right flank. I move up and he moves back in the centre. 

Eventually I get around the flank and do 4/5 wounds to ironblaster with shooting, and laser off the last wound, but then he cannons off the dawnstone cowboy and then the oldblood. 

there are some failed and fled charges, and it’s an 11-9 his way. Failed a key stupidity roll on the oldblood that would have been an easy charge and easily flipped that score, but what can you do. prolly could have been more aggressive, but hindsight huh? simon goes onto to 3rd place, well done mate, hope to see you at your teams tourney in nsw

Day 3, Game 7 against lockies de monster mash. Not a good match up at all, dlord on a dragon with mr2 and ward, master on peg with flaming ward, master on manti with flaming ward, big drider unit, small cold one unit, small xbow unit, med corsair unit, l2 on heavens and 2 rbts and a hydra. So I cornered up. 

I didn’t do a good job and got a bit tangled, leaving my slann in a vunerable unit. definately the most regretful game of the weekend, could have easily sat the slann in a cohort right on the board edge surrounded by blocks, but i didnt.

 After literally ten minutes of deciding whether or not to fly off (and i dont mean this in a disrespectful way), he went for it and smashed through a tonne of pts. 

17-3 against, and this big win helped put him on 4th place overall. you're welcome locky

Last game was against tk again, this one with 2xl4s, one on light, prince, big and med skellie block, 3 chariots, 3 knights, necrosphinx, regular sphinx, colossus and titan, 20 archers and 3 carrion. 

I go first and get a couple wound off the necro with cammies before they flee from terror. Cohort get another couple wounds on it. Constructs move up, and I park my oldblood in front. He goes for it, gets double attacks, speed of light and tk soulblight on him…. No wounds. 

I take a couple rounds to kill him, then turn around and kill the titan.
Kitty goes into saurus and I grind it out with some jammy dice. Skelly block, chariots and snakes go into tg with slann in there via a cohort. Slann is in there after the necro flies around to threaten his bunker. I poison it to death.  

Carrion go in rear of tg combat and I hold, but they are directing all attacks onto slann. Skinks go into rear of carrions, and saurus with bsb in flank, and laserdon in the front.  I drain magic all the buffs off his snakes, then hand of glory the rus up to ws6. he manages to get my slann - cant believe those carrion are s4! But one tg survives, and I ruin all 3 of his units, winning the combat by like 17 and pop em all. 

his hierophant bails out, oldblood goes into remains of skelly archers and once again the laser is worth its weight in gold, blasting off the heirophant. Ends up another 16-4 my way, and 8/8 games with great opponents. stoked! makes a long, tiring, beer filled weekend of man dollies even more enjoyable lol.

in the end, i have a respectable amount of points to my name, 102 to be exact. enough to put me on 10th equal and top lizo there. well stoked with that, much better than last years paltry 41st lol. i dont think comp played a huge part, at most i gave about 60 pts, and gained about 200, so no complaints about swedish this year. first place went to a kairos doc list, and 2nd to a bloodthirster doc. also well done to our lot, with a certain mr scherpenhuizen top of the shirts off mob in 6th place with his woodies, and 2nd best painted (with a nagash as the prize for 2nd best painted!!!!! which i promptly bought off him lol) and joel, nick, jib jib and mal all 80+ pts. good times all round, thanks to my opponents, the to's and all the dudes i met there. got a metal casket of souls from the 2nd hand stall for 40 bucks too, stoked! hopefully my lizos havent floated off into space by cancon next year, cos im looking forward to cancon 2016!

so after 8 games of warhammer and a return car ride to canberra, mal crashes at mine and i have tues off work, so we decide to throw down, to see if the student can defeat the master.

 and its a crushing defeat for me. back to waxing cars and training montages. ill get you next time patel!!

 so thats it for now, back to painting and crunching lists. the usual really. next tourney is nztc 2015 in a month, so stay tuned for that, where we can hopefully wrangle the cup off those dastardly aussies and return it back to the motherland. until then, check out my woc contributing to the battle of heffengen despite me not being able to make it over on greg's blog
and until next time, take your shirt off! 

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  1. Sweet result bro. You really have those Lizo humming! Can't wait for NZTC this year, time to go one better I think!