Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Shirts off at cancon - take 2

gidday gang,

fresh back from cancon in canberra, apologies for the false start to this post, damn internets.

 cancon! a hell of a trip, 8 games, good times, lots of laughs, more jewels from the mouth of ivan, and most importantly; lots

and lots

 and lots

of nerds. this was one of the two halls, all sorts of games, stands, second hand stalls, and cosplay girls. good times

130 players, and my first round was against a fellow victorian, that charming devil, mr short shorts himself, nick gentile and his he!
dawn attack, and left to right hes got 10 helms, 20 swordies with a loremaster, 5 reavers, 10 princes with bsb, 5 more reavers, 4 bolties across the backline, 21 sea guard with a l2 beasts, and a regular chariot. my list is as per last post.

he goes first, moves up a touch, and shoots some driders.

 i shoot off some reavers, roadblock the princes - we were playing the ridiculous half building in the centre as a tower + dangerous terrain - with harpies, and swing to the left

he kills the harpies, and reforms to face the left. i lose more driders and witch elves are baited off the board by the lone reaver, getting dick moved after a failed frenzy test and his helms breath a sigh of relief

they come on and get shot some more, while the helms head for the hills, with rbts and my sorceress's warlock bunker on the to-do list. then i make a pair of flank charges, exes into the princes, and corsairs into helms. i get a soulblight on the helms, and the corsairs let them flee off the board and reform. in the other combat unfortunately, i fluff my rolls pretty epically, and he holds

 archers go into the flank, and swordies into the driders. doesnt go well for either, but at least the remaining executioners get away. witches get shotto death, leaving a very angry death hag

death hag literally runs for the hills, hidden from all but one boltie, which was enough to finish her sadly. likewise the rallied executioners. i zip the warlocks out for an amber spear down the flank of his princes, but makes a ward on the 2nd wound. did take out a boltie with mine

i doombolt a few swordies, but they go into the corsairs wildformed. hold for one round, but even with a soulblight i cant do the wounds and the corsairs are wiped out

ends up a 20-zip against, and not how id wanted to start the day. although im glad it was gentile, hes a dream, who while caning me, every photo has a different classic warhammer pose. definately definately learnt to respect loremasters though, just get so much done in a magic phase, and theres no way to stop all of it.

 next up was battleline vs chaos dwarves. he had 14 wolves with a pair of khans, 20 sneaky gits, 2x40 archers, 25 ironsworn with l3 hashut and bsb, and a kdaii. he goes first, kdaii goes full steam ahead, and he shoots off my smaller drider unit on the left

lil gap here, but kdaii charges through harpies, into rbt, then into exes. made my facepalm of the tournament when i forgot i had ogre blade hag in the unit, couldnt see her through all the big ol swords. nevertheless, when i remembered she had no problems killing a kdaii, although the exes were severely depleted by this point.
witches go in the building as the bunker backs up and tries unsuccessfully a number of times for a final trans on his dwarves. driders shoot and force his wolves off the board and spend the rest of the  game hidden behind a hill

warlocks dance around trying to doombolt, and his dwarves go into the witches in the building. doesnt go well for the witches, who hold but step out next turn

witches get away i think, but last turn he if's something, cascades down the hole, and kills half the ironsworn. hungry for blood i manage to if both soulblight and doombolt onto the survivors, killing them all and leaving the bsb in the tower

ended up being a 13.7 to me, with the hags pulling their weight in a big way. got very lucky at the end there though, i didnt have the bodies to try and go after his big blocks.

next up was meeting engagement against tk. heres what i rolled 1's for

yes, thats my display board, its a long story. nonetheless, he goes first and castles in the corner. hes got 4 units of 11 archers, two big sword and board skelly blocks, tg unit with prince, 3 wizards, 2 on light, casket, 2x catapults, a hierotitan behind the building, and 3 stalkers. he goes first and shoots at some driders offscreen

my reinforcements come on, and i take a gamble with the large drider unit, making a long charge into the small archer unit with a l2. a wildform later and they go straight into the casket behind. success! to some degree, as my l3 eats a feedback scroll 5 dicing boosted wildform and he rolls 3 5's. 

no so much success, it turns out, when his titan counters. i get two wounds on the casket and two on the titan, he fluffs and i win combat. also shoots and caskets a lil bit

i fail a charge with the exes, both hags leave the sairs through a venom thicket, and both take a wound en route to their witch entourage. sigh. driders fail a fear test and with no wildform lose and flee. i shoot everything at the stalkers which came up last turn, but one remains. i do manage to doombolt off the wounded titan though. i throw harpies up to try get into catapults
they get shot and flee, and driders rally. exes are shot, and last stalker gets into a rbt

exes fail another charge, i get a soulblight on the tomb guard as a disincentive to charge the witches, and corsairs charge in and kill the stalker

he charges the witches with a regular skelly block, and shooting gets the exes to flee. while it only takes two turns for the witches to kill 40 skellies, he does kill both the wounded hags. heres how it looks at the end, with gentiles trademark making its way into shot

ended up an 11-9 against. some frustrating failed charges, and a failed gambit, but it was worth a shot and my opponent was a great dude.

day two starts with 3 table swaps and a half hour late, but hey - 130 players. battleline against lizos. he had 3 skink cohorts and a skirmie unit, 3 rippers and a hero on a ripper with the egg, - who had bloat toaded my large drider unit for some reason - a scarvet on carno, 26ish saurus, 18 temple guard with a loremaster slann, ancient steg and ten more skirmies. he goes first

nothing too exciting, just a general advance, a lil poison here and there. the rippers fly behind driders. in return, i move the driders behind them, and put harpies in front of the carno. absolutely cracker magic phase sees me searing doom off his ancient steg, and warlocks doombolt off all the rippers, leaving only the hero. shooting kills a few skinks

he panicks off the harpies with shooting, and the carno is free to charge exes, along with ripper hero in the rear. i challenge out the ripper and dont kill him with a unit champ, and the carno fails to hit. i get a couple wounds through, but then commit the hag to the dino hunt once driders had charged skink hero in the rear. he dies, and ogre blade hag kills the carno by herself, the rider gets slaughtered by exes

we shuffle around more, my witches slaughter some poor skinks in the building. a good round of shooting sends both drider units fleeing, but they rally

he fails a charge with saurus, and puts skinks in front. i charge skinks with both exes and sairs, wild form corsairs, and overrun into saurus in the forest. smash and catch next round while the remaining witches get magicked to death

i send the sairs over to try rescue the lone hag from the witches, and move everything else around to shoot and magic skinks.

get the skinks, but lose the hag to magic. ends up about a 14-6 i think? cant remember, great opponent though. probably should have waited till the tg went into the tower before charging the witches, but thats failed friendship tests for ya.

next up was blood and glory vs vc. top to bottom he has hounds, 2 vargulfs, two blocks of 40 skellies with a l2 and a baby vamp, then lord on dragon, 10 hexes and terrorgheist, and goes first
not much happens and in my turn i respond, him burning a scroll on an amber spear

 then; disaster! screaming takes off a rbt, causing my warlocks+3 to panic right onto the table edge, and fail to rally in my turn. from here it was panic mode, now i had no way to deal with his zdragon

 in the end, one skelly unit accounted for the driders and all the exes, breaking my foritude, with the bsb bravely fighting on by himself. the witches caught the hexes with an awful clip, with the ogre hag killing 6 by herself and crumbling the entire unit. here they are desperately trying to kill the dragon, to no avail

in the end i go down 18-2. unlucky. if it werent blood and glory id be castling in the opposite corner, but there wasnt room 9" in. nevertheless, my opponent was an awesome dude, who in the end won a prize for being such an awesome dude, pointing out to the to's after his opponent gave him full painting sports that 8 of his 80 skellies werent painted, losing his 20 painting pts (had to be fully painted)

game 6 was battleline and a de civil war. left to right hes got 10 gw shades, 6 driders, 6 driders and a beasts l2 on steed, 39 sairs with bsb, fleetmaster general + bloodwrack shrine, 20 sisters, l4 on peg with shadow, and 10 archers. he goes first and shoots my small drider unit off.

i doombolt the shades and send em panicking. shooting accounts for 5/6 driders. i final trans the sairs and kill 10, and harpies go full dickmove. also ping a couple wounds off the peg l4

he withers my exes and shoots a rank off. shades rally. i charge exes into driders and kill em all, reforming to face the flank. i doombolt the shades again, and move warlocks up to block lone drider. driders get into flank of sisters, but lose, and last two xbows hold on snakes vs witches. that wasnt the plan. shoot off l4

eventually sisters beat driders and then beat and catch witches. that 4++ parry is mean. i dickmove his corsair block with a hag, who loses and flees, and the sairs opt to pursue

 last couple turns i shoot all the sisters, and combo the soulblighted corsairs. kill bsb in a challenge and catch the unit

ended up a 18-2 to me, good times. fortunately my opponent had neither bolties or warlocks, while mine wreaked havoc.

game 7 was bftp vs mark audleys bretts. hes got 3x6 & 2x8 kotr, 2x10 mouted yeomen, a treb, 3 pegs, and lord bsb and l2 in the middle right big lance in front of the treb. he goes first and moves up. i do the same and shoot a few knights here and there

pegs go wide, harpies dickmove, and i pick on the rightmost knight unit with shooting. his left lance behind the hills lines up for a charge onto exes

 missed a bit here, exes kill the lance outright, pegs go through a boltie and into warlock bunker. i do five wounds for none in return, but he holds. large driders charge depleted knights and kill em all, but are flanked in return. i wasnt too worried with the witches waiting for their turn. started pciking on another lance, killing 4/6 and all the characters bail out into the last lance on the right

 witches go into left lance's flank after he failed to restrain, and obsidian hag kills 5 by herself. last drider of the unit of 5 charges the treb but fluff and dies. harpies flee from a bunch of failed terrain tests, and i doombolt 8/10 yeomen

 mark goes on the retreat, hiding the last pair of knights and yeomen behind a hill, while the remaining lance with all the characters back up, as do the executioners, i didnt fancy that with only 15 left. i leave my l1 out of los range to try searing doom his last lance, but dont and she gets shot instead. he starts some accurate counter battery fire, picking up both the remaining rbts, and witches fail a charge into treb

 he sends the last yeoman unit to go after the fleeing harpy, but cant nab it. moves back some more

ends up an 11-9 to me after comp, which i was happy with, given all the etc dice mark was rolling. speaking of which, this game i started having really, really really good dice. we were playing next to the to desk this round, and they were both watching. afterwards as we were talking about the game i was told by both that if it werent for the fact my dice are transparent, we would be having a lil chat, and they would be put in some water. it was incredible, ive never rolled that well

last game was vs de again, and a battleline. left to right he has 10 harpies off screen, 5 driders, hydra with bad breath, 10xbows, 18 exes with l2 metal, 18 bguard with l3 dark, 18 welves with hag bsb, 8 cold one knights, 10 more xbows behind the building, and 5 driders. hes goes first and shoots a drider from my big unit

 i shoot two of his driders on the left who panic, and get two wounds off the hydra with bolties. kill a rank of exes too. my exes make a long charge into his cold ones, killing 5 but they hold. i dickmove his witches with harpies, and our units of driders on the right chase each other round, with mine eventually killing his

 harpies get into a rbt, and his panicked driders on the left rally. welves charge harpies, and exes finish off cold ones. he gets a wound off a rbt with chillwind

 in return i if a doombolt at the exes, and kill all but 1 for no wounds in return. love warlocks. they also reform 3x2 in anticipation of being flank and rear charge by harpies and driders. my large unit of driders whittles down his xbows and shooting takes care of more black guard

 he sends the hydra down the flank to toast some corsairs, but they turn around and searing doom its face off. last 7 black guard + two sorcereressess(s) go 3x3 and witches go in and kill all the bguard, running the sorcs down. his witches had killed a rbt and overran off the board, but once they came back on they were all shot to death over two turns. last ex runs off and is shot down by driders.
3 driders and 10 harpies charge the warlocks, i lose nothing, kill all the driders and 6/10 harpies lol

 i put the depleted sairs into the forest with 3 characters and fail a charge with the witches onto the xbows in the building

and it ends up an 18-2 to me i think. managed to exploit the inherent weakness of mmu and just ganged up on one unit at a time. again, my opponent lacked my warlocks, rbts, and ridiculous dice. if'ing doombolt and making warlock ward saves like a boss.

so thats it, it was won by a brett player, i ended up achieving my three tasks - although the 11 year old did pretty well - and came 45/130. shirts off warhammer did pretty well overall, well done to greg for coming 4th, along with highest ranked victorian and dark elf, and well done to johannes coming10th, ivan coming 12th, james coming 15 and nick and i 43&45. special thanks to greg for sorting all of it out for us, and johannes for saving both me from a bull ant nest, and nick from being locked inside our room. got a mad macguyver streak buddy.

good times, lots of super friendly nerds, and loads of laughs. bring on cancon 2015!
next up, whats coming up on shirts off! so stayed tuned, and take it off

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Prelude to cancon + melton gaming

gidday team,

well happy new years i guess lol. this one is shaping up for me to be even more nerd orientated than the last one, but more on that later. lots of games lately, lots of dark elves

had a great xmas, spending the day with the gf and painting loads of lizo

you heard me right brothers, a days worth of washing later and that lot is about half done. what a keeper ay, im a very fortunate nerd!

so, cancon. missed it last year cos i had just started work, but am locked in for this year. its the mother of all oz tournies, 3 days and 8 games, this year has 130 signed up! dont think ive ever been to one that big and am looking forward to it. so apologies for the last couple month of what appeared to be little activity, vague battle reports, and no list run downs, but it was all while i was working out a list, basically.

this was no small thing brothers, let me tell you. ive played a LOT in the last two months. first i tried lizo, but couldnt really get the feel of it and prefered the elves. had a woc list that looked great on paper, but didnt really do well in the meta. then onto the delves, and all thought of other armies was lost. played all sorts of lists and all sorts of opponents, some of whom struggled to fit their deathstars in their deployment zone straight forward

 i was still working on a list on friday night, before we went out to melton yesterday for a 3 game cancon practice. so now the lists are in, lets see what whats come out the other end of the swedish comp wringer. the range for cancon is a 10-16, but the comp difference is added to scores every game, meaning you really need to get to as close as 16 as possible.

i took a l3 beasts, master bsb, metal l1, pair of hags, 5&10 driders, 18 sairs, 23 welves, 5 harpies, 21 executioners, 3 rbts and the obligatory 5 warlocks for a 15 comp. just briefly, cos this isnt what i ended up taking.
anyway, first game again against james brett, this time he had a 15.9 (i think) ong. he had a small savage bunker with l4, bsb and general, a block of night gobbos with a l2 and the usual tricks, 2x5 spiders, 2xchariots, couple of wolf heroes and a spider one, rok, dd and giant. i go first

i shoot and magic off the two gobbo heroes in the centre, and get a wound on the giant. his turn he moves up and glares at my witches for a few casualties. spiders on the left fail animosity and charge my warlocks, only to get slaughtered. dd kills a drider.

in my turn the driders both move behind his lines and start shadowing his giant and chariot, shooting the latter to death and putting another wound on the former. also account for his spider boss with a rbt. magic sees 5 wounds off the rok with a boosted sdoom, and i chaff up his savages with harpies.
charge the other chariot with warlocks which flees off the table. his dd blows up in his turn

his turn he charges the harpies, rallies the giant who had fled from the dead spider boss, sends a troll to chaff the witches. harpies get away from savages. i move around with the driders, and this turn shoot the giant, and polish off the rok with another searing doom. his warboss charges out of the savages into my exes, killing the champ, but losing the combat and holding. one of my hags charges the flank of his blocking troll,he saves 3/5 regens, then spews and stomps her lol. my turn the witches go in and kill it, only to be charged by gobbos!

i beat his warboss this time, but dont catch him. he rallies, so i move everything out of los of the savages on t6 and shoot another wound off his warboss. witches butcher the gobbos in two rounds, along with the l2 my bunker at the back rallies after fleeing from his warboss

and its a 16.1 to 3.9 i think? in any case, did good lol. despite only rewriting this list the night before, i felt i used it right in this game, avoiding the only thing i didnt want to fight and killing everything else.

next up i had to fight graaag. oh the horror, i was still smarting from the drubbing he'd given me on thurs. playing like an idiot doesnt help, folks.
he has a lord on dragon, bsb on manti, 2x10driders, med corsair block with assassin and l1 metal, 2x5-6 cold ones, 2 rbts and 5 warlocks. 15.4, meeting engagement, and greg defies logic to show us his best impression of his dragon

i go first, and think a boosted amber spear has a 36" range, king hitting his dragon. neither of us picked it up, i went and informed him in game 3. it doesnt matter in the end. i shoot a rbt

greg shoots of some chaff,  and gets in my face. i shoot some cold ones, and put executioners in front of the onrushing wave of driders. or bright riders in gregs case. warlocks take out another rbt. i cant get another spear or sdoom off

he charges his assassin out into my bsb who is foolishly poking out the side.  manti goes in for a clip, and driders in the flank. i lose and lose the bsb, but fail the steadfast and get caught
i charge the bunker into some driders, they flee. i charge em into an untouched unit and hope for a magic phase that doesnt arrive. they win, but he holds, and i get countered and lose the bunker.
hoping for a break, i heckle greg into charging the witches

in the end, this + a unit of cold ones are left. i kill the corsairs, but not the lord. lose both hags, and flee, but get away. ends up a 12. something to 7. something against. could of been worse i guess.

then next i get another shirts off man, johannes's comp 16 wood elves, and a bad matchup for me!
hes got ancient treeman with those damn netlings, l3 on beasts, hodarrow bsb, 3 units of archers, some dryads, wild riders, 6 treekin and another treeman. bftp and he goes first

taking a disliking to my warlocks, he shoots em with little success thanks to my new dice. other than that, its my turn. i take a gamble, and charge the to driders into the flank of his treekin. i kill one, lose two, and win the combat, but fail to catch him by 1! gah! totally worth a shot though, not to mention the look on his face lol

thats why they're over in the centre now. we trade shots, i kill some dryads and archers, and searing doom off a couple more treekin. block his treeman with harpies, who fail a terror test lol. he moves the other treeman out to bait my witches. he moves the remaining 4 wild riders up to try nab the last rbt, but then i disgust him by hitting and wounding with all 6 shots, killing the unit lol

more new dice hilarity was to come when a wildformed hag with the ogre blade rolled for her rune of khaine and got 3 extra attacks. 7 hits, 7 wounds, your treeman just got hagged. much disbelief was had, and johannes promptly amber speared the entire unit down the flank and shot both hags. the hilarity was over for me.

then his ancient overruns through the harpies into the exes. i do two wounds to his 1(!), and he breaks! i immediately opt to pursue foolishly, and dont catch his big roll, but do expose the flank to treekin. he charges and i think im safe by fleeing through an eagle, until i roll a 3 and am caught.

its looking grim, i lose my searing doom to an earlier miscast, so all the characters bail out behind the ruins and the corsairs mull their fate

not content with his massive win, the rallied treeman then strangleroots the l1 and its a 17-3 against.
ah well, not much gets past ol johannes, and hes got another solid list.

still, despite the losses i left melton in a good mood, thanks again to the d6 guys. then at home later washing the nerd stench offa me, i had a brainwave, reflecting on the games and the list, and subsequently submitted this last night, my much ruminated final cancon list!!

l3 beasts, steed, mr3, II, scroll

master, bsb, ha&sdc, dhelm, totshard, dawnstone, halberd
l1 metal
hag, rune of khaine, ogre blade
hag, rune of khaine, obsidian blade

5 driders, shields &rxb
10 driders, shields &rxb
18 sairs, fc,ahw
23 welvs, fc, boeflame

5 harpies
3 rbts
21 exes, fc

6 warlocks, champ

so now instead of wasting them down a flank,i can finally use my warlocks correctly, with the l3 in there as a bunker. i can also utilize the corsairs as a 3rd combat unit - albiet somewhat limited, but at least with the bsb in there i can get some wounds, and not just have it sitting behind everything doing nothing. i am very fond of flaming witches, and very much of death hags. executioners havent really delivered yet, but they have not been correctly utilised.

but there we have it. will probably have one more game, hopefully more, before the 25th, but looking forward to it. next up are post cancon plans and lists, so stay tuned for more soon, and take your shirt off!