Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Take it off tuesdays - ong vs tk

off to gregs last night, this time practicing with 2999 pt lists for an upcoming tournament.
top to bottom ive got 2 chukkas, a wolf chariot, ronald reagan, two doom divers and a lobba, 5 spiders, savages, troll, trukk, spiderboss, mangler, troll, 6 pack of trolls, spiderboss, chariot, lobba, mangler and more spiders. so the usual + reagan + more chaff
gregs got 4 snakes, kitty, scorp, both archers with a l4 in each, casket, chariots with death mask lord shenanigans, titan, kitty, scorp and harchers, with stalkers in reserve. he goes first and this is how it looks in deployment.

and heres a photo of my magic phase. greg shot at the red spiders, killing one, i scroll doom and dorkness, and biff all my dice at casket. we both have pretty big magic phases,  until i drop my l4 down the hole t2. all my shooting does nothing, but i do get a big hand on reagan, getting him way upfield. spiders charge his scorp and hold first round

stalkers come up and stalk the chariot at the top. shoots a mangler and caskets two wounds off a spiderboss. throws a 2" purple sun which both my spiders navigate. spider breaks from scorp, after doing 2 wounds. i dickmove with the wounded spiderboss, and move the other towards his wizards. i hand reagan to the side of the unit too, and if a foot that halves the chariots, while a mangler gets close

miss a turn here, but i chukka two stalkers before dying to snakes and last stalker. greg jumps his wizzies to the back unit and reforms to block reagan. kills one spiderboss, but the other and reagan  res out the archers, and reagan reforms to face incoming kitty. heirotitan has moved up, and i try throw a chariot in front of the harchers. savages turn to face the incoming snakes. mangler goes through chariots, halving them again 

chariot loses and flees from harchers. both single trolls charge titan, one dies, the other holds and does two wounds the next round. i doom diver the last stalker. regan loses three wounds vs the kitty, but despite a doom and darkness on him, holds on a 3 and rezes kitty out next round, turning to face bunker. spiderboss goes in to stop wizzies bailing out, and dodges the killing blows from cursed blades.

here, his chaff kills mine on the back, the savages go in and tear the snakes apart over two rounds. trukk and trolls join the titan combat, with my warboss smashing all three wounds and overrunning into the kitty who had failed to charge the spiderboss, and blocked his own chariots. trukk might have lost that combat, but held. reagan and spiderboss crumble out hierophants unit, and turn to charge casket, after both passing an i test from the purple sun still floating about

casket does a couple wounds to reagan, but none from the explosion when he kills it. game ends, and its a victory to the ong!

thanks in no small part, to some good dice on my part, and terrible dice for greg. it wasnt all bad though, he had mainly max magic phases, and my significant waaghtillery investment didnt do very much.

but heres the list im about to submit:

orc warboss, 4++, +1 to hit sword, stubborn hat, shield
orc l4, scroll, ii, opal amulet

blorc big boss, bsb, 4++, charmed shield

sorc l1, shrunken head

blorc big boss, mr1, fear sword

spiderboss, la&s, spear, dragonhelm

spiderboss, la&eshield, spear, dragonbane gem

2x5 spiders

30 sorcbuns, fc, ahw

33 boys, fc, hw&s

6 trolls

2x1 trolls

2x1 wolf chariots

2x1 spear chukkas

2x lobba

2x dd

2x mangler


been building the missing parts of this list - single troll, sorc unit filler, 5 more spiders, 2x chukkas, just got a lil bit of greenstuffing to do before i can start painting em, so updates soon. also assembled 9 chaos knights and a mounted exalted, ready to start greenstuffing, and almost finished assembling the mdf terrain we won at vicc, its all go here, i tells ya  

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