Monday, 1 April 2013

Western smashed

alright, so western smash this weekend in melton, held in a sweet as indoor sports arena. something about playing warhammer in there just felt so right. bar and canteen and we are good to game.

being a fairly big event, there were some big names and some tough lists about. one in particular caught my eye, with 7x20 zombies, flying vlord of doom! + baby flying doomvamp, and 15 varghiests in a horde. gee willikers mr! hope i dont have to fight that lol.

as i was getting my shit unpacked, grag introduced to me a couple more of the dwellers dudes, nick gentile the t.o, and jabe brown. i had a yarn to jabe about ong as we set up, who offered me a 1st round grudge. not out of disagreement, i assure you lol. it was a terrrrrrible match up for me, but i wasnt going to sully the glorious name of shirts off warhammer by declining. it turned out i had drawn nick hoen first round anyway, rock/ hard place much?

first round was battle for the pass, with me going first. jabe had a pretty finely tuned ong list, although no shrunken head on the savage big uns. but then again, there were 30+. there were manglers, waaghtillery, 8 trolls, gobbo boss on wolf, orc l4, wolf chariots, and a big unit of blorcs. hmm. my list was as posted, except i forgot the list i submitted had lore of metal, rather than tz.

i go first, and heres the end of both our turns. hellcannon misses a mangler, final tranny is scrolled. jabe moves up, i scroll foot, regen lobba on chim, but lose a crusher to dds, allowing me to charge past the blocking wolves

heres the end of both our next turns. crushers run into savages, hoping to not all die, and tempting jabe to send both his manglers through that combat, instead of towards me. and honestly, as soon as i saw his list, i knew i was fucked anyway - something of a motiff, this weekend. regardless, crushers completely faffed and i also faff all my saves and die. does the hellcannon misfire and blow up, also taking out the unit of hounds in front on mangler duty? yes, and it also appears to have turned into an easter egg.

i took a moment to consider the closest mangler, and opted to stand on it with my kwar, halving them. better to gamble on average dice than have two behind both my blocks. i think it was the ong in me egging me on. enough egg talk, eggs are gross. i final tranny a few blorcs.
jabe moves about, charges my wolves with a chariot. i think foot scatters off this turn, and i continue to regen lobba hits

i try a pair of hail marys into the savages, but both blocks fails. i move the chim up to flame a good number of blorcs, and tranny more down to bite sized

savages and chariot then tear through the kwar, while mangling, foot and shooting kills all the twar, causing the bsb to flee onto the mangler. sob.

in a final cunning manouvre, i monkey a boosted searing doom at the last blorcs, killing em. part two of my cunning plan was jabes l4 falling down the hole, rolling 1 wound with a lobba, and chim surviving goblin chariot fire.

not sure what the comp difference was, if any, but it ended up being a 13-7 i think? jabe was an awesome dude though, and im looking forward to a rematch!

next up was adam's dwarves. cannon, organ gun, and two flaming bolt throwers+ other dwarven things. dawn attack with me going first. i dont know which of the chaos gods was responsible for me rolling that crucial 2 for the chim, allowing it to hide from flaming bolt throwers behind a building all game, but whoever you are, thanks.

i start things off with the hellcannon doing the only good thing all tournament, king hitting an organ gun. everyone else hoons foward. i tranny a good number of dwarves and kwar get stuck into scouting rangers, making a beelines for the bolt throwers.

adam kills a chariot and both units of hounds. throws a 6 man hammerer unit to try redirect crushers, but i still clip his thunderers on the overrun.

chim toasts a few miners that have popped up to disturb it, and hellcannon scatters onto bunker, killing more long beards. kwar kill another small hammerer unit and dispatch the artillery

he throws warriors into twar, who beat, break and catch em. crushers get flank charged by bunker and dragonslayer hero from the unit. i kill him and all the thunderers, reforming to face bunker and take 1 wound. hellcannon then fails rampage and kills all the miners.

crushers kill everything else, overrun, come back on and then kill cannon and its a 19-1 to me.
adam was another great opponent, and i think it was around now that the t.o gentile reappeared like superman, ditching his jeans for what are apparently trademark tiny shorts. i took a moment to check my fly.
be it the shorts, rtds, or lunch, i was feeling better about bad match ups.

speaking of which, its dwarves again. deja vu? maybe i should lay off the bourbon and cokes.
daniels, this time, complete with anvil, flaming cannon, two flaming bolt throwers - 1 with +1 to hit flying shit - organ gun and flame cannon. and some dwarves. sigh. somewhere in the distance, a chimera can be heard wailing. no terrain to hide it behind this time, despite my best attempts

blood and glory, with the same victory conditions as other oz tournies - you break my foritude, game ends and you get my whole 2250 pts, less whatever i killed. daniel goes first, not killing it fortunately. stops it flying tho with the anvil

everyone! run forward! hellcannon! misfire and eat all your crew! magic phase! between the thanes, anvils, runes, etc, i dont even try to cast. all game. not one spell.

miners come on and anvil into hellcannon. hellcannon eats em up, but is stupid on the m/r test and general is miles away. moves foward all game from here on in. chim dies. bottom warrior block is anviled into hounds and reforms to face and block crushers, who go in. chariot makes it into flame cannon, and l4 is super aggressive, giving some dwarves bad breath after the anvil blows up and i dont have to worry about two step dwarven charges

crushers break dwarves in a round and run em down, giving my flank to the cannon. three die to a single shot, and the last is nabbed by a bolt thrower. hammerers go into softened-by-shooting kwar, and break em. chariot and l4 take out all the remaining artillery bar one bolt thrower, while the twar grind out warriors.

i sneer at the bolt thrower with my l4, until he hits, i roll two 1's for my ward, and he rolls 3 wounds. combined with the kwar spooning their attacks and my general dying, thats fortitude for me and its a 13-7.

a suuuuuuuper frustrating game, losing to three warmachine shots. dwarves eh? hate the game, not the playa, dan was another awesome dude, who just happened to play stinky ol dwarves

last round, and im tired. grags on the top table vs ben leopolds ogres, and im fighting aaron and his woc. thank god i didnt have to fight the vargheist horde. ohhh, wait theres a throgg troll horde instead. with a nurgle dprince, 4 crushers, and bsb on a disc + chaff

i dropped the ball here in deployment, letting aaron fakey me out on the trolls vs flaming kwar deployment when i had more drops then him. 4 games, many bourbons, what can i say?

i go first, and do little except get a tranny scrolled, i think. burn the cshield on dprince with h/cannon. i do move a chim up to toast some hellstriders, killing 4

aaron moves up, chariot flees off the board, and his wolves run mine off on the left.

h/cannon misses its chance to nab a dprince and instead misfires again, killing some crew. i if a final tranny, killing 6 trolls and only have searing doom & enchanted blades left. there goes that idea.
dprince charges the kwar who hold first round, and are charged off the board 2nd round, with dprince redirecting into hellcannon, who dance for three more turns until he kills it. crushers fail a charge, and trolls move up. twar notice they are practically by themselves and text their relatives to say their goodbyes.

chim kills a hellstrider and continues to fail long charges into crusher. good thing too, i switch to monkeying boosted searing dooms at em, and kill all the crushers.

dprince kills h/cannon and charges l4, who flees and rallies

between comp, and having crushers, l4 and chim still alive, it only turns out to be an 11-9 against, which isnt so bad. aaron is a great dude, and looking get him out to shirts off hq for more big pts games

so there we are. lost 3/4 games but still came middle of the pack. grag lost his last game quite badly - you've ruined his birthday ben - but still came 9th i think? top three spots were the only three ogre armies there i think. despite my overall placing i had a blast against 4 sweet as opponents in an amazing spot, and thanks to nick for running it like a pro.

definately back to the drawing board in re woc. all weekend i wished i had taken ong.
all weekend.
also,no more woc unless its 2400 pts, ive got a few ideas of what needs to change there. it was heartbreaking seeing what a liability my chim was, especially with another on the painting table at home. still, thats the beauty of warhammer, innit?
late shifts this week, so looking to get some painting updates soon!


  1. 2 Dwarfs out of 4 games? Surprised you didn't kill yourself then and there...

  2. didnt want to ruin gregs birthday. besides, those other match ups were just as bad for me as dwarves