Monday, 8 April 2013

Dark emissary

sorry for the radio silence gang, been busy on the night shifts, and not too much done in the way of progress.

off to gw camberwell yesterday for another 1500 per player doubles tourney with greg. we were running the usual nastiness:

Liche Priest Hierophant LVL 2, Dispel Scroll and Opal Amulet 145pts
20x skeleton archers musician and standard 140pts
20x skeleton archers musician and standard 140pts
8x chariots musician and standard with banner of swiftness 475pts
Khemrian Warsphinx with fiery roar 230pts
Khemrian Warsphinx with fiery roar 230pts
casket of souls 135pts

 orc l4, scroll, opal amulet, ironcurse icon                               245
sorc l1, shrunken head 120
blorc big boss, obsidian talisman, relic sword, 115
gobbo big boss, gigantic spider, la&shield, spear, dragonhelm 91     326
24 savage orc big uns, full command, ahw, big stabba 319
5 spider riders 65                                                                   384
2x1 troll 70
2x1 wolf chariot 100                                                              170
2x doom diver 160
2x mangler 130
lobba 85                                                                              375

normal brb missions, except you nominate an infantry model to be your dark emissary, worth extra vps if you got it in the enemy deployment zone.
this time round, everyone had on their big boy pants, and there was some horrible lists there. damien from gw melbourne painted up a horde of horrors just for the occasion:

oh, the horror. more on that later.
first up we drew a real horror show of a double de list. lord on manti with pendant, double l4s, fire and death, one with another pendant, loadsa chaff, couple med sized xbows, small shades, small warrior bunker - and 4 hydras. sigh
battleline, with shirts off going first.

we kill a tonne of chaff, lobba blows up, and i foot the hell out of any sizable unit.

they kill our chaff, and move up the fantastic 4. they burn two hydra breath's to nab a mangler on 1 wound

greg then caskets the manticore off, and we try some hydra bashing. chariots get nailed, savages overrun into the flank of one, another kills a kitty. eep!

savages get another hydra in the rear, and xbows in the flank. i lose, but outrun all three on a 9. thank fuck.
gregs already lost everything bar a kitty, who charge through a tiny gap, runs into the death l4, and kb's her, and our oppponents roll a 6 for the pendant. i also doom diver the other l4 and put spiderboss in the flank of the archers, killing half the first round, then getting k/b'd himself the 2nd.

savages rally and are handed to the other side of the board to get the dark emissary pts, then occupy a building. i have my savages and characters left, greg has a kitty. kitty kills a hydra somehow and runs away, and savages in the building kill another that charges them in anger

and its a win to shirts off warhammer. a pretty brief batrep, but you get the idea. 4 hydras= bad news

next up on the same table, dawn attack vs doc and vc, the 'bloods and crypts'. lol.
this is the crypt horror horde army, with a l3 vamp, corpse cart, some chaff, while the doc have 40 letters with a herald, some chaff, and 5 crushers. they go first
no shooting and minimal magic, we are glad we took 2 scrolls. they move up, we move back.

we move back, casket a lil, doom diver a crusher or two. no foot. plan b, redirect the horrors, shoot the letters!

more of the same, they move up, we move back and dickmove the horrors. kill a few letters with shooting\

of course i miss a photo of a key turn. they roll a 4 for magic, lowering the doc ward saves by 1. greg dessicates the letter horde that turn, and a direct lobba hit and 40 shots later, we halve the unit. they then make two 11" charges into the closest archers, but cant kill em all and they crumble. we bail out our mages, i dickmove spiderboss to block, and we counter charge the crushers with two chariots and a kitty. do i roll boxcars for impact hits? yes!  they kill a chariot but we kill em all, allowing a chariot to overrun into the other unit who gets killed, then kitty goes in next turn and finishes letter unit.

horrors take the bait and charge chaff, giving flank to nonchalant chariot block. they go in with a kitty and kill about half, after rez. we hand of gork the savages to their deployment zone, and horror combat continues, with neither side losing pts from it, but dropping down to a couple chariots and 6 horrors. i think they may have if'd and fallen down the hole with the vamp last turn too

so another win to shirts off, along with the bonus pts. after some quick math, we figured we'd either be fighting james and aaron's vc/woc, or the so called 'pants off warhammer' consisting of that loveable giant dave jury smith, and our very own james milner, who was drafted in when nick hoen pulled out. no hard feelings james, you are a wandering wargamer after all - who had he and we, or as is more anagramically apt: 'whee'
turns out the pants off trollsters hadnt got the dark emissary pts in their first game, so we were facing vc/woc. cant remember the name sorry dudes, im sure it was a cracker. no vargheist horde for james this time, but they had loads of chaff, includding some hexwraiths - which scared the shit outta us - small crusher unit, terrorgheist, and a big ol bus of slaanesh knights, with a l4 in there, and two vamps. meeting engagement with us going first. and yeah, same table 3 games in a row.

didnt start with too much off the board, but they were down a vlord. cue the casket.

killed a fair amount of chaff, but crucially, not all the hexes. dd a crusher, lobba only does 2 wounds to gheist. we throw a chariot to the knight bus

hexes then charge a chariot off the board, they gheist scream one mangler, and suicide some dogs onto the other one. last crusher charges a troll and overruns in front of the savages, and they snipe a wound from the hierophant. chariot dies fairly predictably

kitties go on a rampage on the opposite flank to the knight bus, while i king hit the gheist with a lobba, and move spiderboss up to block bus after a 22" hand moves the chariots off to get some easy pts and out of harms way.
then, things take a turn for the worse. dd misfires, rolling a 5, and killing the spiderboss blocking the bus. ruh roh. not going make THAT mistake again.

fortunately for us, our opponents fail to roll a swiftstride 6 into the savages, and we are safe to if another hand, getting them out the way, and into their deployment zone for the bonus pts. lose my l4 to a dimensional cascade, but its the last turn and theres now a troll in the way of the bus

victory to shirts off warhammer, in a nail biter of a last game. bad luck on both sides at crucial moments was the key here lol.

so when it was all said and done, we narrowly pipped the so called 'pants off warhammer' for the top spot, only on account of us hand of gorking the savages around into deployment zones late game every game, and getting all three sets of bonus points. forget the foot, its the hand for the win!

not a bad days work, cashed in me winnings for some more woc stuff, but more on that later. thanks to camberwell gw, and thanks to our opponents for some tough as games.
also not a bad couple of month's worth of gaming for shirts off warhammer either, with two firsts and a second placing out of three doubles/teams tournaments.

now its time to sharpen my choppas and see if the same can be done for the upcoming singles tourneys, a much tougher proposition without a casket! will give empire in flames this weekend a miss, as much as i love tournaments 4 weekends in a row, i also love sleep ins. will definately go down and check it out though, maybe flash dave and james a lil nipple if they're lucky. then theres a 2999 pt 5 game tourney at the end of nec month that im scribbling all sorts of horror out for, and then the biggie - convic - in june i think? i dunno. plenty more to come!

next, ive got a little skrox progress, but some new, improved, and quite mucky lists. so stay tuned, or else i'll come over there, and take that shirt off. shirts off warhammer!


  1. Damn you handsome devils! Be warned that a grudge is in the air and I am coming at you soon.

    The Pants Off Warhammer will rise again!


  2. Grats Ben and Greg! I'm keen to come to SOW HQ for a game, my Warriors are getting restless.....

  3. Nice work guys. Man you smashing it up over there dude! It's crazy how many spells you can get off in a game, I can never manage it! If you make some shirts, I will gladly represent shirts off on this side of the Tasman.

  4. cheers guys!
    dave, i offer you the olive branch at shirts off hq, and get this pants off nonsense in return? capitulation isnt necessarily a bad word my friend.
    and thats the beauty of a casket sammy, the extra d3 means you got a choice of either stopping light of death, or whatever im going to monkey the rest of the dice at lol