Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Shirts off gaming

gidday fellas!
got a bit of a wh backlog to blog on, after weeks of low content. whoop! even managed to get myself a missus too, amongst all the nerding. good times. first up is a couple games ive got in lately that werent complete washouts. first up was watchtower with daemonovski's doc. hes fine tuned his nurgle-ish list, with 2 regen heralds in units of 27 bearers, one with std of disc, other one was +1m banner, small unit of horrors with l2 metal herald, 2x5 furies, 2x4 beasts, single beast, poop cannon, and a pair of snotlings. ive got the rainbow warrior list, and pop the kwar in the tower. at this point, they dont have the flaming banner, much to my chagrin.

one unit of beasts goes into the tower, sharing jokes with the kwarriors about how useful a flaming banner would have been, why on earth are they so afraid of dragon princes that they wouldnt take it? kwar do a tonne of wounds, but nick regens most of em. i lose me frenzy, but hold the tower. poop cannon falls short of chim. i do some moving and fail to cast gateway at the poop cannon, and both hounds lose their respective chaff battles

 bearers have a crack at the building next, and are repulsed. poop cannon does 3 wounds to the chim then blows up next turn, much to my delight. my chariot flees from something, and beasts make an 11' charge into giant ben, who flattens one, but takes 5 wounds back and dies next turn. other beasts take a few turns to kill a wounded gb chariot

i do teh ol switcheroo - incorrectly - and twarriors go in to the building. here, i shouldve either charged the crushers into the snotlings, or bigger bearer unit. instead, i try hold up the depleted bearer unit. wheres your chim and l4? well the l4 turned into a tz herald after breathing on the bearers, chim fled and was magicked to death. free points! come and get em! 

 some fruitless skull taking from the khorne lads here, as both units die. despite holding the tower with twar and bsb, + chariot still alive, it wasnt enough to bring it back, as i killed very little of nicks'. next time...

next was a game with gordon's woc. hes also fine tuned his convic list, taking 2x5 hounds, 2x5 horsies, a beast, tz shrine, hellcannon, 7 trolls, normal and gb chariot, and giant nwarrior unit, with l4, bsb and festus. i was stoked to finally see how giant ben would perform against low i monsters.
blood and glory, with g going foist

he moves up, blasts my crushers with a hellcannon, but only doing one wound. gets me scroll too with a curse of the leper. i respond by charging both my hounds into his, and overrunning into the horsies behind on one flank. fail a gateway at his gb chariot

chaos! literally! weve got my chim into his gb chariot, with an overrun into the shrine, and l4 lurking around nearby. in the centre his spawn sets up a wonderful overrun for the chariot and giant to get into hellcannon. lepers my twarriors, but the follow up hellcannon shot disappoints.  kwarriors eat some bait horsemen. my gb chariot does nothing all game

all the overruns happen, but im unable to king hit the hcannon, taking a wound here and there in return. shrine's 3++ is too much for me chim, but l4 goes in the flank, but the damn thing wont break. he also miscasts at least once, starting to thin out the warriros

as chaff scrambles to get out the way, i form up my lines. g moves back and forth.

 fortunately for me, gordon sends his horsemen off on some errand, allowing the now flaming again kwarriors into the troll. giant finally kills hellcannon

 chariot goes into the shrine, giant in trolls flank. eventually kill both. dickmove his warriors with my hounds. also get some magic off, halving his warriors nearly

 g opts to move back again, crucially allowing enough room for the hounds to charge out the way

and i make the combo with the twarriors and crushers. beat and catch em, and thats that. 

got some more games lined up tomorrow, hoping to get out to hampton on sat too - if anyones keen for a game out there?
next up ive got some pics of recent warriors stuff, along with some greens and painted pics. and a whoooole lot of woc lists, so get your spiky helmets on, and take your shirt off!

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