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Listy list lists: Woc & progress

hola brethern
so ive been all up in that warrior business lately, trying to finalise my convic list, and painting what i need for it. naturally my practice games have been all over the show, so ive ended up with a few different list ideas post convic.

but first up, heres an ogre bsb i made for grag

later put a pair of large rivets in the front part of the top to make it look a bit more fastened. im sure ill run across this chap on the battlefield in the not so distant future, or that greg will have some better photos lol

 ok, so convic is next weekend, and heres my much talked about rainbow warrior list:

l4 tz sorc lord, disc, 2+/3++, bad breath, +1 to hit, c shield, scroll
motz bsb, 2+/4++, ii, fear sword
2 v/g hounds
15 twarriors, etc (fc, hws)
16 kwarriors, etc (m&s, boeflame)
mon chariot
mon gbchariot
chim with the bits (regen and bad breath)
4 crushers, muso & e/w
mos giant

i know, i coulda taken the dprince, even under swedish comp. as we'll soon see..but yeah, comes in at a 10.8 if i did it right. more that most of it was painted already, and what i did have to add i would want to add in the future to lists anyway. coulda also taken knights, but havent painted them, same as dprince. im a lil worried about helfbanner busses there, esp with flaming khorne halberds if its dragon prince flavoured, or even the e/w on the crushers. frightened of elves. i know backing up doesnt work either, ay james.

we'll just have to see how it goes. i was torn between this and the ong, neither of which i was entirely happy with the lists i could make. so i rolled a dice and took the woc. gave me an excuse to get the painting done, and future nurgle colour schemes sorted.
first ol giant ben, who got a new weapon, base scheme,

..and moslaanesh tramp stamp. got his bumbag and cup o' liquor, ready to king hit some hellcannons, but mainly give away easy pts

then a onto the gorebeats. a touch of rot, and gouging out of armour. add some spare crusher horns, and voila

this fella's monurgle keeps getting whipped by the rider. not that its enraged him enough to cause any killing blows yet

chariot itself gets the same rot and gouge treatment. the rider has dropped the reins to get his guts out for the boys

shazaam! magically painted. i was pleased with the colour scheme

nice and mucky. at the same time i repainted an old chariot - sorry dave - and didnt take photos prior. but with a new rider now it looks like this:

pus-ee drubbles. great! some chariots! whats next? lists?
speaking of knights and dprinces, im keen to get mine done and on the table. 
post convic, my list is looking like:

dprince, mon, armour, skin, wings, l3 death, cshield, soshielding, dbg, soul feeder, bad breath
same bsb,
1 vg hounds
15 twar etc
15 kwar etc
mon chariot
mon gbc
10 cknights, mon, f/c, e/w
4 crushers, muso & e/w

not too dissimilar, but getting rid of easy pts like chims and giants, taking the tougher options of dprince and monknights
my other thinking, is that when i write lists, often the majority of the the composition is the same, and its just special or rare units being swapped in and out. so i figured the only way to stop having to buy more woc stuff, is to already have, and have sussed these options. this is why i already have 2 chims, knights, dprince, 6 crushers, etc etc. and dont use em lol. the ol' multi part lists. this is also how the lists should progress, according to my painting schedule.
now i just need some more nurgley stuff for list no 3, mono nurgle woc:

dprince, mon, armour, skin, wings, l4 death, cshield, soshielding, dbg, soul feeder, bad breath, poison
bsb, mon, flail, d/helm, burning body, 5++, hideous visage
l2 metal, scroll, eshield
1 vg hounds
2 mon chariots
17 woc, mon, hals, fc
17 woc, mon, gws, fc
10 cks, fc, e/w

a logical progression into mono nurgle right? i like the gw mon warrior idea, and REALLY like the avatars of war corrupters. will also pick up a box of the regular warriors for mon warriors, already having two handed weapons to use as halberds will save an immense amount of time, instead of having to convert them all by hand again. and no way would i repaint the warriors.

then the end game, list 4: the fasty nasty
dprince, mon, armour, skin, wings, l4 death, cshield, soshielding, dbg, soul feeder, bad breath, poison

exalted, bsb, motz, d/mount, 1+/3++, 3rd eye
5 mon chariots
10 mon knights, fc, e/w, mr1 banner
3 crushers, e/w & muso
3 crushers, e/w & muso
ewww, you nash-sty girl. but yeah, i think i might go there. just need to get two more chariots. and by then, everything else will be painted.
so thats my woc thoughts for the next lil while, will be elbow deep in it for a while. knights are about half done, just need some varghiest wings so i can finish sculpting the dprince. 
then about 40 nurgle warriors, 3 more chariots, and a dmount bsb. sigh.
i imagine the lizos will be out by this point lol, and it just never ends. good times! 
should get a couple more practice games this week, then convic next weekend, so stay tuned

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