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Convic 2013

Gidday fam
so convic has been and gone, well done to nick hoen for taking it out. and cheers to the dudes that ran it, and the bowls club, i think there was 80 of us nerds there all up, including a she-nerd, and a sexiest general competition. i had a blast. oh, also thanks to greg for letting me borrow his phone for photos.

first up was daniel (?), and an all night gobbo army. now i didnt want to press the point too much during our game, but as a warboss i have nothing but contempt for gobbos, who are in my opinion only barely fit for crewing war machines and chariots. i also dont think ive run across one of these gobbo character bus lists before on the battlefield, so bear these things in mind as we continue. spoiler alert.

we was playin' blood and glory, and left to right hes got 2 units of 5 spiders in front of a doom diver, 6 trolls, pump wagon, chukka, unit of 30 common gobbos with 3 skulkers, warboss, bsb, and spare warboss. behind that theres a lobba, another pumper, 40ish night gobbos with a gobbo l4, l2, 3 fanatics, a spiderboss, 20 bow night gobbos with 3 fanatics, boss on wolf, wolf riders, and another chukka and dd.
my list is on the last post, and giant ben is out of shot on the left. dan goes first

and much to my amusement fails a pair of animosity rolls. the mirth ceases when the generals bunker makes an 11" charge into my gbchariot, but there was a bit of comic relief on the right when he foolishly sent 2 of his fanatics forward and completed the charge on top of them, killing 15. didnt panic tho, lol.

now, its funny when i do it, but when other people king hit your chimera with lobbas, sadface abounds. his generals unit overruns. blast! i could have really used that chim to double bad breath the bunker. l4 tries it solo and torches a goodly number. giant ben marches up, intent on terrorbombing warmachines. his depleted gobbos kill my hounds, but my chariot wallops em and runs em down, triggering his other fanatics. i do a bit of a shuffle, and little magic

his trolls pass a blimmin ld4 test and wander up, fortunately being blocked by a pumper. he does a bit of a shuffle round, and not much in the way of shooting or magic

 so i make some charges, and have no army left now. kwar flop against general bunker and are wiped out, and twar run for the hills after charging through fanatics and losing. i break, giving him the 500. gotta break him, else he gets 1000. he then charges into my crushers with the generals bunker.
its not all bad tho, l4 gets away, while chariot and giant ben are happily taking out/terrorbombing war machines and spiderbosses

then everything charges the crushers. i do nab his general and bsb, but this is basically it.

 i clean up some warmachines and its a 14-6 loss.

 all due credit to my opponent, but losing to an all ng list game one is not my idea of a good time. my fault for underestimating em, lesson learnt there.

game two was exactly my idea of a good time. after having lunch i was starting to think about the 3$ pots available, and that became a decision when i found id drawn that loveable giant dave o'war's woc. we also resolved to match pots for the rest of the day, ensuring a good day was to be had, regardless of the outcome lol.

watchtower, which i win the roll off for. dave set up symmetrically on each side until his last couple drops, and hes packing a pair of hellcannons - as per usual, 2x5 hounds, a pair of nurgle chariots, 18 nwarriors with g/w, l2 death, lord on dragon, chim, and bsb on d/mount.
he proceeds to throw a dragon in my grill, and shoot the building with hellcannons, but one scatters onto his nurgle warriors and kills 5

rather than have a dragon in my grill, i charge it with the twar. giant ben and the crushers make their way up on their respective flanks, and my chim sneaks over the building for a lovely flank shot on his warriors, killing a goodly amount. magic does nothing. unit champ dies in a challenge and i win the dragon combat, but dave holds

 i get chaffed up, but not shot at this turn as both cannons fail rampage. you spoil me dave. his warriors reform, outraged by the chim's salty breath. my bsb dies in a challenge, wounding his lord twice though. twar win again, but he holds and the air clears of the smell of turtleheads.

chim goes into the warriors and dies, taking a few more out. dragon charges a chariot, and giant ben gets his hellcannon. unfortunately he only headbuts a chaos dwarf, and is butchered by a chariot next turn. my l4 magics off the rest of his warriors and l2. crushers get chaffed up

heres a photo of my l4 failing a terror test he shouldnt of even tested for, and getting caught by his dragon. crushers get charged by a hellcannon and a chariot, and bsb makes a go of the last few warriors in the building

only the crushers left, who are about to be pasted by a dragon and a chim, after losing frenzy. with the watchtower pts, it was a 20-zip to dave, but i had a great game and was not outraged lol

 id been thinking about my luck, and how my usual other tricks hadnt worked, so from this point i belated started playing with my shirt off. that and they were judging sexiest general. anyway.

battleline vs vc. he had from left to right;  hounds, varghiests, zombies with a baby vamp, knight bus with blender lord, zombie bunker behind with a l3necro, skelly unit with another baby vamp i think, gheist, zombies with two wraiths, varghiests and hounds. i get first turn.

after fatsow, and seeing how well james's vc had done under swedish comp, i had definately thought about my best plan for this match up. it was simple; get first turn, and get a good magic phase. easy enough right? then all i had to do was gateway all the knights off, and knock out the vlord with a bolt of tz. then the terrorghiest would crumble, and its a much better match up. so thats the plan right?

 well, thats exactly what happened. shirts off! to his credit, my opponent took it on the chin like a champ, but still, what are the odds eh? good thing he didnt have a scroll. hounds crumbled too.

from here i didnt really think too much about what happens after, allowing his vargheists to get my chim and giant ben. whoopsies. i was a lil toe up by this point, and greg kept trying to make out with me

 i zip the l4 up for some bad breath on the skellies, while everything else charges every thing else.
by the end of this game, my opponent lost all the levels on his l3 to a miscast, while my l4 became a l6. like stealing candy spells from baby vamps?

and yeah, it goes well for the woc.

ended up with a pretty big win. crazy luck. went to bed at 9.30 lol

first game day two was dawn attack vs woc. i forget my opponents name, but he was a good dude with a fair whack of his army identical to mine. left to right hes got 6 nurgle ogres with great weapons, 16ish kwar with a death l2, hounds, 4 crushers, disclord, hounds, twar unit with tz bsb, and a fully upgraded chim. he goes first and moves up a bit

in my turn i throw chaff everywhere, one chariot falling an inch short of overrunning into his disclord. kwar start their long march around the flank, and i bolt off a crusher.

my opponents moves up a lil more, and bubbles a soulblight off, wounded his l2 in the process. in return, my l4 steals soulblight, casts it on the kwar, and hit it with two breath weapons, killing everyone bar one warrior. crushers go into ogres soulblighted, do 7 wounds, take none in return, and run them down.

in my opponents turn he brings his twar around to face my incoming kwar. crushers and lord go into my twar, while his chim fails. i roll ward and armour like a boss, and even ping off a crusher and hold. as his lord on the right is still locked in a challenge with my bsb, i decided to through the giant in for the scr. it works and i run both units down. up the top i soulblight his twar and grind on. i bolt the chim, doing three wounds, but giving it a 3++ regen

giant ben gets charged by a chim and dies, who then overruns into twar. fortunately it is my turn next, and i kill the chim with a gbchariot, and finish off the twar with a chim in the rear

victory to the woc! my woc, that is lol. was a pretty big win, maybe a 19? good game against a nice dude who i hope to play against more.

then its meaty engagement against johannes' cdwarves. yay johannes, boo cdwarves. i set up first with crushers and bsb off the table, which is why the twar are hanging back. left to right hes got 20 gobbos, a wolf khan, 10 regular dwarves, hellcannon, magma and shrieker in the corner, 20 more units of 10 dwarves, with a l4 hashut, bsb and l2 death, 20 more gobbos, and 5 wolves on the right. hes also got 35ish ironborn (? the ws5 dwarves with 5++ against fire?) in reserve. i go first

crushers come on down the bottom left, and everyone moves up. i gateway off his magma cannon and chuck a unit of wolves in front of his

the infernal guard? ironborn? come on in the centre, along with l2 i think. i shut down magic and shrieker only does a couple wounds to my chim. his hounds beat mine, and the gobbos on the left reform to block any crushering.

i try terrorbombing the gobbos with a chim, aiming to redirect into a bunker. i considered sending the l4 into his bunker too, but decided to hold. gobbos pass, and chim pastes them, overrunning off the board. l4 discovers a s4 flaming breath weapon isnt that great against against t4 dwarves with 3+/5++, hitting 30, but only killing 3. crushers win and overrun off the board. something of a motiff this game.

his elite dwarves? whatever they are, fail a charge into my kwar. he does manages to no6 spell my l4 off. outrage! so the kwar go in with giant ben in the flank in my turn. chariots charge chaff, crushers are blocked off again. chim comes back on, and moves into a sweet spot within 12" of both his warmachines, and outta los of his units. kwar lose but hold

this goes for a while, until all the kwar die. then giant ben finally starts jumping up and down, with a gbchariot coming in to support. chim charges shrieker and overruns off the board again.

i cant quite wipe out the big unit of dwarves, exposing the flank of the gbchariot to one of his msu dwarf units. my other chariot is made to flee from a failed terror test from the hellcannon.

i make a charge into the hellcannon with the chariot, and chim comes back on. giant ben finally wipes out the massive dwarf unit - whoop! - and is on 1 wound left, out of the way of overrunning dwarves in the flank of gbchariot. he does ash storm? my crushers on his 2nd to last turn, the one where they cant charge. dangit. chariot eventually gets eaten

my final turn i go shirts off, and charge the wounded chim into the bunker. kill everyone in the unit bar the l4, bsb is in the other remaining dwarf unit, and l2 is solo, and l4 is stubborn.

however, when johannes charges him in to help out, the chim still wins, and overruns a whopping 10' to catch em both. nom noms.

victory to the rainbow warriors, to the tune of a 14 or 16? johannes is a great dude that i hope to be paying aginst more. so regardless of the outcome of my last game, i was going to break even with 3 wins.

then to my horror - and james's amusement - i drew mr milner's he. in our last practice game i moved backwards slowly like i'd farted, and got tabled. this time, i was moving forward!

james has got left to right; 5 reavers, rbt, 5 reavers, med wlion unit, fire fifi, 2x14 archers, l2 high with soulquench ring, bsb with reavor bow, eagle noble with dragon armour, prince on stink dragon, more reavers, and 2 more rbt's in the mix. no banner, but still not a great match up for me, against a very capable opponent. james goes first, after making me reroll for first turn after we both forgot vanguards. fair enough, we both really needed first turn lol

he scootches up a bit, not much in the way of magic, but plenny of pew pew into the chim, whos left on a single wound. in my turn i cant find a safe place for him, so biff it up and flame some archers. gbchariot charges some reavers off the table, and he scrolls me gateway

gbchariot flees from dragon, who fails to catch. fire fifi goes into regular chariot, who smacks it in two rounds, never to return from its ashes. although apparently over the weekend james broke his dismal run of never coming back, but not this game lol

giant ben ploughs through a forest towards a rbt, while the gbchariot rallies. l4 gateways off 3 wounds on the dragon, who then fails a t test for another 3 wounds. also burn the prince's 2 2++'s in the process.

so james wisely favours a less aggressive role with the critically injured dragon. i move the kwar a lil too close, forgetting about the eagle nobles flaming ward, and fail to gateway stuff.

giant ben gets his rbt through. my chariot dies to pew pew. i look threatening. he throws his depleted archers out and the twar pounce on em

giant ben takes out rbt no 2, while gbchariot is about to get no 3. l4 flames a unit of archers. his dragon and eaglenoble go into kwar and wipe em out, and its a draw

then we relook at the players pack and realise its a 11-9. damn you james! you broke my shirts off winning streak.

so there we go, came 33/80 i think, and had a blast. special congrats to greg, who won sexiest general. i thought taking my shirt off would win it, but didnt realise a woman was judging lol. greg was wearing a 3 piece suit and his new favourite hat and i just realised this isnt a fashion blog. but well done greg, someone buy that bird a new pair of glasses :p

and ive also got a few pics of armies. apologies bout the quality:

this was a beastman army, real awesome. think it also counts as a doc army. some awesome conversions

locky's tk, who was pipped for best tk general by greg

i really like this ok army, rhino heads abound.

a nice looking woc army, i like the mournfang/crusher conversion, although i dont think the base size is correct. 

the photos really dont do it justice, but this empire army won best painted, and definately got my vote. really really well painted

and thats convic. good times, really awesome to see so many fantasy players in one room, and all but one army was painted. nice.

despite the radio silence, ive been getting through a lot of stuff lately. next up ive got some wip pump wagons, spider bosses, chaos knights, and the premiere of ol' rotbeard the daemon prince! also might have a convic write up from greg. so stay tuned!

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