Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sword of khaine campaign 2k list

i mentioned earlier about a campaign i enrolled in over here, 1 day once a month for 3 games.
did pretty well the first round, was horribly sick the second, this weekend is the third.
the points value started at 1400, then 1600, was sposed to be 1800 this time, but theyve bumped it up to 2k now, next ones will be 22 and 24 hundred. there were magic and army specific comp restrictions for the lower pt games, but now its all go (ie can cast foot of gork lololol)
heres my list. youll note the ward on the general, and ld9 now grrr

Ordak Skullmuncher: blorc warboss 160, talisman of preservation 45, stubborn hat 35, shield 3
 orc great shaman 165, l4 35, scroll 25, ironcurse 5

Black Orc Big Boss 90
Savage Orc Shaman 70, Lucky Shrunken Head 50
Orc Big Boss 55, BSB 25, Charmed Shield 5, Opal Amulet 15

5 Spider riders
27 Orc Boys 162, Full Command 35, Shields 27 -  Loyal Followers
23Savage Orcs 184, Big 'Uns 46, Additional Hand Weapons 23, Full Command 35 - loyal followers

6 Trolls -  Loyal Followers
wolf chariot
wolf chariot

2 manglers

again, a scaled down version of my 2400 list, but im happy with it, now ive gotten rid of the issues i had last weekend, mainly revolving round my warboss.
i had to name my general, and give him a little blurb too, that was something new lol.
also, the loyal follower business you see is a campaign thing, where the more they survive, the more rerolls etc the units earn. had to nominate 3 units of loyal followers at the beginning that couldnt change, and couldnt get any smaller than the original size they appear. not a bad idea, but didnt make much difference the first round.

i imagine ill be facing the he player there who seems to know whats what, am interested to see what the lists look like too. more batreps to come!

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