Monday, 10 September 2012

Nec minute: random army edition

so a while ago, because 1: i had a tonne of greenskins spare, id thought itd be funny to write two separate lists that didnt use any of the models i used in my regular ong list, and with minimal model overlap between these two new lists. basically a pure ng one, and an orcish one.
and 2: now when someone came over for a game, i could roll a d6 and take a corresponding list outta the 3 ong ones, or woc, de and lizos. extravagance right? but of course i roll the - what i consider to be - stink orc list the first time i try this.

anywho, that explains why when you look at my debut nec minute warhammer (nmw) below, ive got a - what i consider to be - stink list, especially compared to the dreaded dheneb stone orcs of sammy the conqueror.
disclaimers aside, here is a lol

what do we learn?
never leave home without yer stubborn hat, else its a downtrou

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