Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Delves on shelves

alright, so we've talked about ong, woc and lizo so far, but what about the dark elves? i hear you cry.
here are my dark elves, all lined up nice for an unsuccesful trademe pic. i deliberately highballed the auction, hoping it didnt sell lol. ah ben.
anyway, started this back in 7th, hence the 15 driders, xbowmen and rbts. most of the painting and gsing is quite old, and some of it is shit. you can see the recent unpainted additions of welves, cauldron and corsairs to get more in line with 8th. i never clocked in anywhere as many hours with this army as i did with my ong or woc, but not to say i wont in the future. gotta take some empty model cases back home to grab em, whenever i make it back next.
so lets get our trolley and take a look on the shelves, get some ingredients for a 8th de list.

here some closer pics of the shades. corsairs with xbow arms, gs hoods, scarves, and cloaks, trying to hide the amount of armour on the models. ill take 14!

driders, you say? well i have a bunch, but only use 5 at most. unless you're into that slippery pts denial delf shenanigans. mine are the usual glade rider/corsair/xbow/spearmen kitbash

harpies. if you're harpy and you know it clap your claws. im not a dad, no. 2x5 for me please, never mind the shitty gs wings. the idea was sound, but execution lacked somewhat. this is before plastic 40k gargoyles, given the choice id have totally kitbashed the wings from that.

cauldron. gotta get that. the gw one is old and fugly imo, so i made one. got some old metal welves from a bring and buy table, a reaper mini for the hag, and dreadfire portal. voila. fits on a chariot base. kinda

and then theres welves. who doesnt love a billion s3 poisoned attacks? it was all going well, till it came to the boots. heres a blue tack mock up

and the finished ones. should have gone the hard way and used an armature for the feet, but didnt cos i was all excited, so now some have ugg boots, some have regular boots, some are quite shit. kinda disappointing, given how happy i was with the rest of the model. straight kitbash with corsairs and nettes

and thats my delves. miss you guys, hope uncle sam is letting you out of the box now and again
oh and 505 views now! you voracious nerds you

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