Monday, 10 September 2012

Tournament day!

one of the things i miss most about home is having a great bunch of locals on hand to play against, - partners and sprogs notwithstanding - on the reg.
i was used to playing at least a couple times a week, keeps me sharp and hungry.

since i got to oz, ive signed up to a campaign that plays 3 games one day a month for 6 months. it will do for now, but it is not enough!
there are a lot of tournies here, but problem is i wouldnt have the foggiest where most of them are, or - given the 8am starts - how the bloody hell to get there by then. so im kinda limited, but thanks to the kindness of the native nerds - thanks Greg! - im going to a one dayer 1750 pt 4 game tourney on sat!
Whoop whoop!

heres the link with comp etc:

and heres my 1750 list. bear in mind i only bought my 2400 pt lists over, and am limited to what is in them:

orc great shaman 165, l4 35, scroll 25, ironcurse 5

Black Orc Big Boss 90, Shield 2, Crown of Command 35
Savage Orc Shaman 70, Lucky Shrunken Head 50
Orc Big Boss 55, BSB 25, Charmed Shield 5, Opal Amulet 15

5 Spiders 65
27 Orc Boys 162, Full Command 35, Shields 27 - 
23 Savage Orcs 184, Big 'Uns 46, Additional Hand Weapons 23, Full Command 35

6 trolls
1 troll
wolf chariot

2x manglers

so yeah, nuts and bolts of my 2400 list.
you'll notice no ward save on the blorc general. i thought it was an acceptable risk until the last set of campaign games i played, where i failed a look out sir mid game from a scattering treb game one, and lost my general, and to all intents and purposes, my trolls too. still won.
then game 2, EXACTLY THE SAME THING HAPPENED, except it was t1 or 2. trolls spend all game wandering forward, goodbye 1/3 of my army. still managed to pull that one out of the bag too
batreps to come post sat, thanks iphone camera!

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