Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Monstrous opposites

herezome photos from a game ages ago.
if you recognise this particular skaven army, then you can pick the outcome. although it wasnt as bad as some of the drubbings ive had against this rat king lolol.
victory however, is not the topic of this post. the topic is something i didnt notice until after the tourney when i was batreppin' on dave. if you take a look at the following, youll see the entire game the rok - a loaner from an always top notch j.d - and hpa circle each other, but remain the same distance apart. it was like seeing an ex at a party, and thinking about picking a fight you dont think you would win.
while you watch your sorcbuns get pummeled in the corner
is it magnetism? repulsion? risk management? optical illusion? lolz?

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